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Galaxy Update

With all this android talk recently, I have heard read a bunch of questions regarding the Samsung Android.  Well, I have been listening but haven’t found it entirely appropriate to comment on all the goings on in the tech world.  I warn you, what you are about to read is everything you need to know, and is known, about the Samsung Galaxy.  Some of what is to follow is made up of rumors, others facts, and maybe some personal opinion.  With that being said, head on past the break for all the information and then share your opinions, thoughts and beliefs in the comments.

So, I see you made it past the break safely, you must share a love for this phone with me.   It has definitely been a while since we have talked about any Samsung Android phone, and well, not much has actually happened on the confirmed end.  As expected, the Samsung Galaxy landed in Europe and has been enjoyed by all.  In fact, you can drool over an unboxing video (Thanks Tracy and Matt) and even a short review (courtesy of PhoneArena)!

There has even been an interesting, umm, confusing, AMAZING promo video.

Aside from that, the only other news regarding the Samsung Galaxy is that it has a white variant (thanks to The Unwired), which in my opinion is absolutely beautiful.

Now, this is where Samsung Android news takes a turn.  I will leave it to you to decide if its a good or bad turn.  About a month ago a new phone passed its wifi certificate test.  Its name?  The Samsung Galaxy Lite (cue dramatic music).  Not much was known, or is known, about the Galaxy Lite (or the I5700) but it has wifi! (Engadget)

Then, not too long ago, the Samsung Hub uncovered the FCC filing for the Galaxy Lite.  The only thing it conformed was that it will have GSM bands (but whos?) and its an actual phone with a 1000 mA battery.

But wait, there’s more!  Someone at FrAndroid decided to out the Galaxy Lite by leaking an image of this Samsung Android phone.  From what it appears, the Galaxy Lite is indeed a cheaper version (if you can call it that a variant) of the Samsung Galaxy and may be a head on competitor to the HTC Click.  All the recent rumors have this pegged for Wifi (well that looks real), possible 3G, touch screen (did you expect anything else), android and a trackball (YAY!). (Engadget)

Okay, I promised some opinion so here it is (and I am fully aware that this could come back to me negatively).  The Galaxy Lite may not be an Android phone and it may not be for T-Mobile USA.  Lets start with it being an Android phone (or not).  If you notice, the picture does not have a home button, and that happens to be required for Android phones.  Maybe Samsung hid it on the side, or made its a long click function, but who knows?  I would say it is still an Android phone though, so I’m not throwing that out.  It just seems odd.  Now, the problem with it coming to T-Mobile USA.  There has been no confirmation that this will be coming to T-Mobile USA, we don’t even know what bands it supports.  Sure, the jump from previous Galaxy rumors is easy, but is it the right assumption?  Call it a hunch, a dream, a fantasy, whatever you want but I’m still holding out for the I7500 until something definite comes out.

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