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Android Market Update Shows Off

The Android market has come a long way since its inception and while still considerably behind the Apple App store as far the numbers tell, the market itself may be better all around. I mean out of 70,000 apps in the App Store I’d venture to guess about 12,000 are “pull my finger” apps. Newly added to the Android market are:

Also added according to my bud at HTCSource are sports, health, themes and comic categories. No word on when exactly this 1.6 update will drop, but Motorola is expected to ship their upcoming, as of yet unannounced devices with the update already installed. T-mobile and Verizon are expected to follow suit sometime soon. I hope that everyone will get to take advantage of these features so MyTouch and G1 customers aren’t left waiting in the wings for long.


Android 1.6 The New Android Market from htcsource on Vimeo.

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