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Rover Previewed, Loved

After a bunch of speculation, and well, confirmation, we can assume that T-Mobile will be seeing the Nokia N900 sometime in the future.  Some lucky people, however, have had time to extensively preview this monster of an internet tablet, and luckily they documented everything.  The staff over at Mobile Review took the time to preview the Rover and give first impressions, giving some more clues on what to expect come launch time, including a great look at Maemo 5.  They are teasing a few of the specs and keeping the rest until launch day, just to keep our mouths watering.  They have confirmed, though, that the Rover will have a 5 mp camera with Carl Zeiss lens, TV out, a 1500 mAh battery (though the pictures show a 1320), an 800×480 pixel resistive screen (supposedly quite responsive), and just may have 32 GB of internal memory with a hot swappable microSD card up to another 32 GB.  They are also saying that this will be landing sometime later this year, or early next year, so stay tuned.  Choice pictures after the break and hit up the link for the extensive preview.


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