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Look! A leather holster… with no clip


Fans of leather holsters and the Touch Pro2 rejoice because exclusive pictures of the device and the holster that it ships with have just hit our inbox. While it looks like a pretty solid, standard case in which to hold the phone, it’s actually missing one major component to what makes a holster a REAL holster… a clip! While that makes this great for those who want to protect your phone while it’s busy being bulky in your pocket (or purse, for you ladies), those of you who keep your phone clipped on your belt or top of your pants will be fairly disappointed in this one. I am personally still rocking the awesome leather holster that came with the original Dash, so this is quite a disappointment to me. Crazy Glue + makeshift clip FTW??

To sweeten the deal, this photo provides a dual purpose: the best up close and personal look at the buttons showing on the face of the phone that we’ve seen. Need a better look at it? We’ve got you covered…


One final picture (of the back of the case) remains…

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