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G1 email troubles plaguing early adopters??

For the G1, word on the street and in the hands of the users has been a fairly positive user experience, until they tried the email. Recent reports have pop3/imap accounts on the G1 plagued with troubles, while gmail is of course working just peachy. Between connection errors, messages not sending/receiving and other errors, email problems are plaguing users everywhere.

While early reports focus on comcast users, the troubles don’t seem to be specific to any email provider and don’t differ depending on the email account While the “official” word from T-mobile shows this problem being researched with the highest priority, that doesn’t do much in the way to solve the immediate problem. Early adopters are the bread and butter of phone launches now and as word leaks out about such early difficulties especially something so monumentally wrong as email usage it could turn off those who had planned to pick up the phone in the near future. I suppose the flip side to all this is to get the problems out of the way quickly and let future buyers, the less geeky and the less savvy enjoy the phones without the early buying headaches.

Via the official T-mobile forums, no relation to us of course, the Administrator had this to say:

“We used to see similar errors and symptoms with the old MyEmail service and the new Consumer Email Client.  Those are found on regular phones, but do encounter issues when there are more than 100 e-mails on the POP server or when there are emails with relatively large attachments.””

They are asking for anyone with troubles to report the nature of their problem in an effort to help T-mobile solve this problem sooner rather than later. Users report that deleting and re-adding the account has not worked nor has dropping the email count below 100 on the server. So for the moment, thou must endure and hopefully a fix is right around the corner.

Sound off in the comments…how is your email working?

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