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Shadow II getting closer and closer

If your one of those T-mobile customers that loves Windows Mobile, but needs a Hotspot@Home device, you probably haven’t been too happy with T-mobile since Hotspot@Home was released. Well luckily for you, TmoNews has some good news! You know that Shadow II we told you about a while back? Well it is confirmed, by multiple sources, that the T-mobile Shadow II will be a UMA device, and support the  upcoming T-mobile@Home service. With a V-tech cordless phone, duel-sim T-mobile@Home router, and the new Shadow II, what more could one ask for?! 3G. Anyways, we don’t have a date for you yet, but the picture you see above was taken off of an auction on Ebay, of the supposed Shadow II. It can’t be too far off.


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