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Some fun T-Mobile updates (10 new UMA phones!)

We just received a tip that the TalkForever II, which was previously delayed, has been set for launch on April 15th. Although this date isn’t set in stone, its as good as your gonna get for now.

As long as we’re on the subject, we’ll let you in on another little secret. By the time Back To School rolls around, T-mobile plans on having 10 NEW UMA (Hotspot@Home) phones out. Sounds like a stretch to us, but we’re rooting for ya T-mobile! We definitely wont complain about 10 new H@H phones.

T-mobile’s higher-ups are plaining on releasing an Iphone killer in the Q3 of 2008. Most likely (although still a guess) is the Blackberry 9000. No matter what it is, it WILL be a touch screen with BB power.

The Shadow MKII should be out during the summer also. T-mobile put pretty tight cost-restrictions on HTC while making the Shadow, which annoyed some HTC employees who stuck them with the same processor as the Dash. The good news, however, is that the Shadow MKII should see all-around improvements. A slimmer and more round shape for sure. Thats all for now folks, but keep your eyes open (especially for the pictures of the new Shadow), we have some more fun information coming soon.

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