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T-Mobile Unveils Plans to Expand Presence in North Carolina

T-Mobile is boosting its presence in North Carolina. Earlier today, the Un-carrier revealed its plans to open a total of 12 new retail stores across the state. They are aiming to open these stores by 2024. 

As of this writing, seven of the stores have already opened. The other five stores are expected to open soon. With this new number of stores, T-Mobile is expecting to add 100 new positions throughout the state. 

T-Mobile’s Vice President for Small Markets & Rural Areas, John Stevens, said:

“North Carolina is one of the states where T-Mobile is growing fast and focused on establishing a stronger presence in both smaller and more rural communities. In some of these areas, we’re opening our doors for the first time, which will bring us closer to our customers and businesses and allow us to tap skilled local workforce. We’re excited about our growth in North Carolina and look forward to making a positive impact in the region.”

The Un-carrier has listed down the locations where the new stores will open:

This follows T-Mobile’s expansion in the Tar Heel state after it opened eight retail stores last year. 

You can read more about this announcement here.

Source: T-Mobile

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