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T-Mobile Tops Ookla’s Latest Speedtest Q2 2023 Report

T-Mobile has reason to celebrate once again as it earns the top spot in a new network and 5G performance report gathered by an independent third-party. 

Earlier today, Ookla released the results of its Speedtest Global Index Market Analysis United States Q2 2023 report. And the results of the study reveal that T-Mobile is undefeated in overall network performance and 5G performance. 

In response to the report, T-Mobile’s President of Technology, Ulf Ewaldsson, said:

“The network we’ve built stands as a testament to T-Mobile’s unwavering dedication to our goal of providing customers with the best experience possible. And once again, the reports from Ookla continue to prove exactly that.”

In its announcement, T-Mobile listed down the different awards it won in the report. These include: 

Overall Network Performance

5G Network Performance

You can read the results of the report in more detail here. 

Source: T-Mobile

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