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T-Mobile says that calls are back to normal nationwide


Friday afternoon, some folks started having issues making calls over LTE and Wi-Fi. It turns out that T-Mobile was suffering from a rather significant outage affecting customers across the country, but T-Mo says that the issue has now been cleared up.

John Legere and T-Mobile have announced on Twitter that “calls are operating normally nationwide.” Several customers are reporting that their calling is working, though some say that they’re still having issues. If you fall into the latter category, it might be worth turning your phone off and then turning it on again to see if that clears things up.

This outage is significant because of its length and because it caused difficulties for folks trying to make voice calls, one of the most basic functions of cellphones. If there’s any upside here, it’s at least that this happened on the weekend than during the week, when more businesses might’ve been affected. But it was still a significant outage, and a lot of folks are wondering if they’ll be getting any kind of credit for the problems. So far, I haven’t spotted any announcements about service credits.

Now that John Legere and T-Mo say that calling is back to normal, how are things on your end?

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