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T-Mobile Pairs Up With Rob Kardashian For A…YouTube Clip

I’ll readily admit that for some unknown reason my wife thinks watching all 23492034234 of the Kardashian shows on E! is entertaining. Me? I look at them as the decay of modern society better known as “celebs” famous for being famous. Please marketing team, don’t bring Khloe in on the next one, I’m begging you.

In all seriousness, I really don’t understand the marketing message T-Mobile is hoping to get across with some of these YouTube only clips. I’d much rather see this marketing budget be spent on avenues that have greater potential, like continuing to publicize Simple Choice. Sure, the company can do both but I just feel these clips aren’t doing what T-Mobile’s marketing team hopes they will accomplish.

If you can get through all 96 seconds of this video I commend you. That’s it, mini-rant over. *Drops mic*


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