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MetroPCS Announces Bring-Your-Own-Device Program Opening Up Network To T-Mobile Devices

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Looks like those rumors on T-Mobile supported devices heading to MetroPCS shelves on June 12th were spot on as the company launched a bring-your-own-device service this morning. The service, which supports GSM-based Android phones and specific versions of Apple’s iPhone. The news, which had leaked back on June 4th but was already confirmed by both T-Mobile and MetroPCS execs highlights T-Mobile’s plan to offer more than MetroPCS’ current line of CDMA/LTE hardware with those from its own GSM-based network. The service is now offered in Boston, Dallas, Hartford, and Las Vegas. Plans to expand to more cities will happen in the future.

The program supports AT&T and T-Mobile iPhones, and the iPhone 5 from Verizon and Sprint. Also supported are GSM-based Android phones and Windows Phone devices, but not BlackBerry smartphones, or any tablets/mobile hotspots. MetroPCS customers will choose from the company’s current offering of $40/$50/$60 rate plans to use with the devices. In the end, the program is basically a way for T-Mobile devices to activate on the Metro network.

There are some limitations to the bring-your-own-device program including: “MetroPCS does not assume any liability for the lack of effectiveness for non-MetroPCS devices,” the carrier wrote on its website.

The full list of details is available at the MetroPCS link below.

MetroPCS via FierceWireless

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