Samsung Galaxy S III Android 4.1.2 Software Update Now Rolling Out

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Listen up Samsung Galaxy S III owners as a software update is headed your way in the form of Android 4.1.2. There’s no hints as to what kind of changes the update brings outside of multi-window support and T-Mobile has yet to update their support page for the update. However, at least one person receiving the update noticed the inclusion of two more apps: Paper Artist and Group Play and T-Mobile’s new “4G” logo.

The update weighs in around 187MB and customers began receiving update notifications as early as 3am this morning. Let us know what else you can find contained within this release and I’ll continue updating the post as more information becomes available.

T-Mobile has finally updated their support document with the full of changes:

New Features:

  • Multi-Window
  • Auto-pairing via NFC
  • enhanced Camera options
  • Sound Balance
  • Paper Artist
  • Samsung Gallery
  • Blocking Mode
  • Easy Mode

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  • sgs3user

    just now received the update myself going to load it and then I will report back

  • Jose Hernandez

    I just manually checked for it and it is downloading now. I have to say that even feeling we could always get the updates a little faster, Samsung has done a great job with their phones (GS2 and GS3) and keeping them updated.

  • sgs3user

    My “4G” logo is different…prettier…

  • sg3dee

    We have portrait keyboard in multi view. Multi-view/split screen. Updated photo gallery. We do not have the custom notification panel feature or smart rotation. Its there, but grayed out. We have photo tagging. Page buddy. That fb ticker was always on my phone, I just never used it. 2 new apps I see are paper art and group play. That’s all i’ve seen so far. I love it!

    • Jose Hernandez

      Thanks for the fast reply!!!!

    • shack180

      Where do u see the group play ?nvm found it along with buddy page.

    • Chris

      You have to have Auto-rotate checked in order for the Smart Rotation feature to kick in.

  • sleepyyazo

    yup, just did a software update and its downloading as we speak =)

  • DennisLee

    I’m seeing some sort of swipe keyboard, and there was a notice about the ability to use burst shots on the camera (or was that feature there before and I never noticed it?)

    • febzz

      It’s been there. But you have to activate it. Not sure how the implementation is now after the update. But on my S4, now you just simply press and hold the capture button without having to going to the Settings and activate it first.

  • SkaFan

    Looks like we now have Font Customization now for our phones! Go to Settings > Display > Font. You can also download fonts too!

    • Cool, I’m a sucker for custom fonts. Downloading the update now

    • Support for custom fonts (i.e. FlipFont) has always been there…

  • mdosu

    Multi-window is a great concept, but takes too many keystrokes to use. I very rarely use it on my GN2. Most of my muti-tasking functions are web browser related which cannot be used with multi-window function. YMMV.

  • mdosu

    new TMo 4G logo huh? it’s not like your S3 can receive 4G LTE anyways. Just another way for T-Mobile to remind you to buy a new LTE phone.

    • Jose Hernandez

      The 4G logo would be for the 4G HSPA+. 4G LTE has its own logo.

      • mdosu

        Thanks for the clarification. David didn’t provide a screenshot, so I assumed it was the standard 4GLTE logo on the GN2 updates. I don’t have a S3, so obviously, I wouldn’t know what it looks like.

  • toomyhuynh

    that’s suck for some one wait for the update have “LTE” on samsung galaxy s3.

  • Jose Hernandez

    I don’t know what is going on here in Detroit, but I have been on edge ever since I started to download this update. It is taking for ever!!!

    • I recommend updating over
      WiFi. I would never update over a cellular connection

      • Jose Hernandez

        Hey, thanks for the tip. I actually was able to finally update. 4G Finally came back and the download just went really fast. The phone was a little slow, but after a second restart it is working great.

    • Leslie Curtis

      I had no problem updating I’m in Detroit also

  • mmeyer4663

    Group play is also added with this release

  • MiamiDroid

    4.1.2 Gallery update is a bust. Albums used to list in order of most recently used. and sharing used to remember the most often used and position it on the top of list. Now you have to do more scrolling in every area inside the gallery. It is also sluggish and slow to load. A disappointing update. Wish I could roll it back. I am disappointed with Android’s tendency to take some steps back with new updates.

    • MiamiDroid

      BTW I have a Galaxy S3

      • Jose Hernandez

        I understand what you are saying, but keep in mind that you can always say no to the update, wait to see what others think or if there are any issues and then update at a later time if you want. You don’t have to update right away. Just saying…….

        • shack180

          You took the words right out my mouth lol preach Brotha .just can’t please everyone literally.

        • Jose Hernandez

          lol, I hear you.

    • ang

      did you notice that you can make the pictures bigger or smaller by twisting them.. thought that was pretty cool except for I can’t figure out how to open the folders so I can see the pictures

  • cielomoreno127

    I just updated to 4.1.2. I noticed that the 4G icon looks different also, besides the other changes that everyone has noticed. Will updated later.

  • Lost1

    Yeah, I noticed that the option for Haptic Feedback for each app has returned: Settings>Sound>Auto Haptic.

    • cielomoreno127

      Is that how you turn off the clicking sound when texting. Its getting on my nerves now.

      • Sherri Wilkin

        Yes please advise how to turn it off. I checked the system features and this should not be working unless check on. ANNOYING

      • Leslie Curtis

        No you need to go from the home screen to Settings>Language and Input > Samsung Keyboard (grayed out) > tap the settings gear to the right > Scroll down to Advanced> Scroll don to Key-tap Sound and uncheck

        • cielomoreno127

          Thanks, so much! It worked!

  • S. Ali

    You’re better off rooting and installing the hundred for 4.1.2 ROMS that are updated nearly every week

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Yes finally its here :-) Im loving the update but I want premium sweet upgrade :-( I’m still happy though :-)

  • rocio

    camera changed

  • digitalfreaknyc

    Ugh. In our phone book, you used to be able to slide someone’s name to the right to call them. Now you have to tap it and then tap their number. Why would they get rid of that feature? Or did something just re-set?

    • Eugene

      You can actually still do it, but it’s glitchy. They still let you text the person by sliding to the left, but if you start sliding to the left and then slide to the right it still works. I think it’s just a bug.

      • Andrew Jack

        Slide to the left, then slide to the right?..Sounds like the cha-cha slide to me.. haha

        • Kartheek

          Start sliding to the right after the contact photo.. It works…

        • Eugene

          Thanks, it works. It also works in the SMS app.

        • Eugene

          Yeah pretty much haha. Kind of more like a slingshot actually.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      That feature still works on my galaxy s iii. Try rebooting your device.

      • Eugene

        I rebooted my device and I still have the same problem as Craig. In contacts or call logs the method of sliding left then quickly right works, but inside the SMS app it doesn’t work at all.

        • GSIIIguy

          Having the same problem

      • Jose Hernandez

        The feature is still working on mine as well.

    • shack180

      That feature is still there I just used it .do a battery pull .make do the trick.

  • android dummy

    Too bad I rooted, flashed and bricked my S3 last week……otherwise, this would be neat!

    • Android Rooter

      If you need help un-bricking it, let me know.

      • android dummy

        Thank you sir for the kind offer. I poked around on the internet and reloaded the stock rom including 4.1.2. I don’t feel like such a dummy anymore…..except that my phone is nolonger rooted and Tmo bloatware is in my life again!

        • Android Rooter

          Well if you need any help check out:

          If you don’t know how to get back rooted, drop me an email and I’ll help you out. I know how it sucks to be NOT rooted, LOL

    • How did you brick it? It’s extremely easy to root the S3, using Odin. Know where to get your info/instructions, xda-developers forum. I expect the rooted update to be available in a day or 2

  • Dennis

    Before when you load a page on the internet, it would lt you zoom in and out using the left or right side of the screen. After this update it doesnt let you do hat anymore

    • TMoFan

      That sucks I use that all the time.

      • gs3user

        Is there any way in settings to get it back? Now there’s no good way to zoom in with one hand

        • Dennis

          Sadly there isn’t :(

    • shack180

      That was a feature I used all the time smdh

  • tina

    i have the software widget on one of my screens. there’s a red “n” in the upper right hand corner of this widget. this wasn’t there pre-update. does anyone else see that? what’s going on?

    • tina

      software update widget. opps.

  • BigMama

    What updates to the camera app have you all noticed?

  • Derek

    Anyone having WiFi issues after updates? It says I am connected to WiFi but webpages will not load… I tried restarting and it will work for like 5 minutes and when I pause my use the WiFi goes out again. Any one else having this problem?

    • joshinsobe

      Mine has been doing that for about 2 weeks – before the update. Seems like a network bottleneck because after 15 min, it works fine. I asked a friend with an s3 if his was doing the same thing, One time it was.

  • Andrew Marty

    I noticed something. Its minor but I’m curious. Anyone here use T-Mobile’s Name ID feature? Well I do and i opened it up and saw that it had an update. It said “Get Update” Downloading it failed and when I hit Update Now it failed again. Curious on how I can get the update lol. Besides that, LOVING 4.1.2 :)

    • Mike

      Having the same problem with updates. NONE of the Play Store updates I’ve tried since the 4.1.2 Update downloaded have actually worked. Progress bar cycles incessantly and that’s all. Hope TMo monitors the thread and fixes.

  • Sherri Wilkin

    I just noticed a new feature, you can assign a ringtone to each contact for text messages where as before this was not an option. Dont like the click noise for the texting and I cant figure out how to turn it off

    • Android Rooter

      Ah…I was thinking of going back to a 3rd party SMS prg because I didn’t have this…good to know they’ve improved the stock one!

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      you can turn it off..

      • taron19119

        No u can’t

        • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

          I can on my GN2.

        • Yes, *you can. I just did it.

    • djclove007

      make sure u have the sounds disabled in the settings on the keyboard

  • Leslie Curtis

    I’ve been waiting so patiently for this update and now to be honest I’m not impressed at all. T-Mobile put us through this excruciating waiting period only to give us a blah blah update…LOL

    • Jose Hernandez

      T-Mobile did not create the update. Samsung did. T-Mobile was just testing to make sure it would play nice with their network.

      • Leslie Curtis

        Jose that’s not true…T-Mobile sets the scope as to what they want or don’t want in the updates …The only reason it’s tested is to make sure there’s no compatibility issues afterwards

  • shack180

    I noticed a buddy page option when you plug your gs3 headphones in your apps on your dock changes also .

  • eddideb

    I just updated and now my phone won’t respond to nothing??

  • Roar

    Anyone else having issues with their SD card? After the update, my phone is acting like it’s not mounted or even there.. did a restart, pulled it out and put it back and still nothing

    • Eugene

      Mine seems to be fine.

    • chris

      not me. mine works fine still

    • LuvTMO

      Do you have a Sandisk Ultra 32G, if so it might be a corrupted card (which is very common). You may need to send it to SD for replacement.

  • maciejkoziol

    You can finally use your camera while on call.

    My turn over to mute/pause feature doesnt work properly( works only sometimes)

  • GS3

    i love the update!

  • Galaxy

    does anyone know how to get rid of the sound when a text message is received while the phone is on vibrate. Its pissing me off because after this update even though my gs3 is on vibrate the phone says for example (message from Sarah) in a weird voice. I want to remove that but have no idea how to do it

    • Greg

      Turn off driving mode

      • Eugene

        So driving mode actually works now? I know whenever I tried to use when I was on 4.1.1 it would not work. It wouldn’t read the text nor read the body text.

        • Galaxy

          I guess so lol

        • Eugene

          I checked by calling myself and it works in that regard. I use the chatheads for facebook messenger though so I don’t know if it reads the text body for the SMS app.

      • Galaxy

        Thank you!! That removed it

  • RonJeezy

    Ugh they got rid of the edge scroll zoom in I loved that. Now I have to use two fingers to zoom or do one huge zoom by double tapping.

    • They did? That is one of the most annoying unable to turn off features ever. I didn’t want to update but now knowing this actually makes me tempted.

      • Kennetht

        yeah i hated that. i would always accidentally zoom it. it sucked.

  • RobertG

    Did they update the radio?

  • kevin

    got the update this morning. love the multi-window feature.

  • jodie chris

    my phone has gotten very very hot since the upgrade:(

    • pikachu

      Maybe because youre holding it a lot more wondering what’s making
      It so hot?

  • BigMama

    did anyone copy the unlock sg3 instructions someone posted? I can not find it now.

  • I got my update notice at like 1am, yesterday. Haven’t installed it. Waiting fir the reviews of it, and I’m rooted, so waiting for the updated Stock root file.

    • Sean

      its on xda already

  • Since installing the update, I noticed that my picasa photos are no longer showing in the gallery, even though they have been synced. Any ideas how to correct this?

    • febzz

      You may wanna go to your Gallery, then Content to Display, then select Picasa.

  • DiiPo

    since this upgrade my keyboard doesn’t show up immediately, it takes a few seconds just to pop up…. however the multi-window capability is pretty awesome. no more jumping back and forth between two apps

  • Rpg

    How do you turn the sound off for text messages? I turned my driving mode off, also went to settings and turned off sounds, but nada….any suggestions?

    • Leslie Curtis

      Settings, Langauge and input, samsung keyboard setting (the gear to the right), Advanced, and uncheck KEY TAP SOUND and that should kill the key tap sounds

  • 114

    This update SUCKS! My phone has gotten sooo laggy! I cant go to my gallery without my phone getting stuck. The multi-window also gets my screen frozen. Whenever I type the lower keys vibrate harder than the other keys manking it really awkward. Is anybody else’s phone being like this? Or is it just mine? :(

    • frigadroid

      many new bugs with tryin to text and use the keyboard typical bad Samsung t-mobile update :(

      • Eugene

        I don’t see any present problems with mine. The haptic feedback got turned on the keyboard. You could go into keyboard settings and turn it off. Other than that everything seems to be working fine for me. The only thing that’s a bit annoying is that there is no longer a button for sharing using the most frequent app and the apps aren’t listed in order of last used.

        • 114

          Oh my God! Since I cant go to my gallery (or take pictures) -.- I hadnt notice that. That was like one of the most useful things in the phone! I cant believe they took that out :/

  • Ever since the update I’m having trouble with Swpye texting. Its very buggy and almost unable to use. It takes up to 10 seconds before you can start texting and thats after restarting, etc.. Anybody else?

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Cool new feature we can now take pictures inside videos in our video app cool! I remember HTC was braging about that feature a while ago

    • RonJeezy

      You could do that on last update.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        If we did… the i never noticed and I watch videos all the time on my phone.

  • RonJeezy

    Update is poop. Takes a few days to notice Grrr… Looks like the S4 is on the near future. Looks like saving up for my Playstation 4 will have to go on hold.

  • Darrell Thomas

    With all the negative comments I’ve read, I was hesitant to upgrade. But I finally decided to take the plunge after getting tired of seeing the update message in my notifications bar. If there was a way to dismiss the notification permanently, I probably wouldn’t have upgraded. But so far, I’m glad I did. Here are my initial thoughts on the changes that I immediately noticed:

    The Gallery app is MUCH improved imo – much easier to view the photos now. The continuous up and down scrolling through photos is a lot easier than scrolling left and right through a handful of pics at a time. And being able to switch between albums from the same view is also a great addition, instead of having to go back to the Albums page every time.

    You could always capture photos during video recording, but now you can also capture photos during video playback. The photos get saved in your Screenshots album in the Gallery. Not sure if I’ll get much use out of this feature, but still pretty cool.

    Now you can take burst shots just by holding down the shutter button, instead of having to choose the Burst Shot option from the Shooting Mode menu. This was a nice feature in the HTC S & One X that I liked, so I’m glad Samsung finally chose the same approach. The Burst Shot option isn’t even there any more – looks like it’s been replaced by two other options, Best Photo and Best Face. The Best Photo functionality was there before the update, but it was selected a different way – I think the new way is easier. The Best Face feature seems new though, but I’m not completely sure.

    When you review your pics from the Camera app, now you can select multiple items and delete them all at once – you just have to long press on one of the photos. Before the update, you could only do this from the Gallery app – you couldn’t do it while reviewing your pics from the Camera app, which always sucked. The way it works now is a great improvement.

    I read about at least one person complaining about the swiping left/right over a contact name to Message/Call feature not working correctly, but it still seems to be working fine for me. It’s possible that they tweaked it a bit, but no real issues there.

    I still need to play with the phone more to see what other noticeable changes there are (good or bad), but so far I’m surprisingly pleased with the update.

    • shack180

      Man thanks for your report it actually showed me a view features I didn’t catch before . Please post more features if u find any.

    • This totally helped me figure out what was new. I did notice that I an star certain pictures. Anything cool about that? I haven’t quite figure that put of the multi window deal.

  • sheri

    I have TMobile. Both my daughter and I have the Galaxy SIII and just updated a couple of days ago. WHAT A PITA. Neither of our phones will ring now. The option to ring is greyed out. Also, when we try to message, every keystroke makes a noise, even though the option is not checked. AND last, it vibrates for everything now, even though we have it not checked.

  • DiiPo

    Earlier I posted about my keyboard not popping up immediately when I wanted to text. My solution to it ess to download the app for .99 cents. I’m back in action and I have Swype with Dragon software…..

  • just got an update this morning and now I can message/call my contact when i slide left/right. That option completely disappeared. Anyone know how to fix it?

    • rainew

      you have to swipe right to left now