(Updated X2) Hacked T-Mobile Carrier Update Boosts Speed For iPhone 5 1900MHz Refarmed Users


1900MHz speed test before and after

Updated X2: The guide has been updated to fix some of the instructions. 

As the iPhone 5 launched on T-Mobile’s network, existing AT&T unlocked iPhone 5 customers received a carrier update to enable the LTE signal. As it turns out, in some cases the carrier update added something good with LTE, but negatively affected the signal and speeds achieved on the company’s refarmed PCS 1900MHz network.

Well, there’s some good news thanks to our friends @joe012594 and @cooldayr2 who have successfully  “hacked” the carrier update in the hopes of boosting those speeds. As it turns out, their efforts were not in vain and they achieved their goal by “increasing the amount of bandwidth allowing for better throughput of data and data connection.” There’s a “tech talk” section at the tail end of the instructions explaining what was done and why it was necessary. The bottom line is these two guys succeeded in aiding those customers who found their service worse off in a post-carrier update world. The good news is this update works on both the official T-Mobile variants of the iPhone 5 and the AT&T/unlocked model so all iPhone 5 owners on T-Mobile should see speed improvements. 

Follow the instructions below (carefully mind you) and keep in mind this file works for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken users. If you encounter any issues the official carrier update is available below and you can go right back as if nothing had ever happened.

As a quick note to go along with this as @joe012594 is the very some person who provided the list of instructions for jailbroken users to enable LTE on their jailbroken iPhone 5 smartphones at the end of March.

Be sure to send these guys some love on Twitter or in the comments below for their help and hard work in making sure this was something all AT&T unlocked iPhone 5 T-Mobile customers can enjoy.


Since many unlocked iPhone 5 users report weakened signal on the refarmed 4G HSPA+ and many iPhone users (unlocked or official T-Mobile versions) report slower data speeds, I have spent many hours for many days doing research on what could be done to fix the issue. After partnering with @cooldayr, we both have come up with the best possible solution to fix this issue. Below is a fix we have provided for all iPhone 5 users on the T-Mobile network. This will not take away any features added by the official carrier update nor does it require a jailbreak, however, we have made it user friendly for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken users. If you have any issues, please tell Joe at twitter.com/joe012594. Thanks!

Non-jailbroken users:
1.       Plug your iPhone 5 into iTunes and backup the device so you won’t lose anything, just in case. ;)
2.      In the device itself, tap the “Settings” app and navigate to “General >Reset  > Reset Network Settings”
3.      Once you have done that, the iPhone will auto reboot.
4.      Download the hacked carrier update here:http://www.4shared.com/file/WF0uqJL-/TMobile_US_iPhone_Hack.html
5.      Now you’ll to go ahead and enable iTunes to except custom carrier bundles, if it’s not already.
6.      Windows users, you will need to open command prompt and type the following and enter it in:
64 bit: cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes”  then type:  iTunes.exe/setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
32 bitcd “C:\Program Files\iTunes”  then type:  iTunes.exe /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
Mac users you will need to open terminal and type the following and enter it in:
Mac:  defaults write com.apple.iTunes carrier-testing -bool true
7.      After this has successfully been entered in restart iTunes
8.      Click on the tab for your iPhone 5 and click “Update” or “Check For Update” while holding down the Alt / Option key for Mac users and the Shift key for Windows users. Navigate to where you downloaded the hacked carrier update file named “TMobile_US_iPhone.ipcc,” and select it then click Open.
9.      The carrier update should now successfully be installed. Restart your iPhone 5 for any changes to take effect.
10.   If you encounter any problems or wish to revert back just download the file below and repeat the above steps only with the default file instead.
Jailbroken Users:
1.       Download the file to your device through iFile here:
2.      Unarchive the files and copy the file name “overrides_N41_N42.pri” then navigate to var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundles/TMobile_US.bundle and paste it into the folder replacing the original .pri file.
3.      Reboot your device for changes to take effect.
4.      If you encounter any problems or wish to revert back just download the file below and repeat the above steps only with the default file instead.
Tech talk:
This hack enables Release 9 DC-HSPA+ on the iPhone 5. Though T-Mobile has not yet upgraded their network to support these speeds, the device itself becomes more open to an increased amount of bandwidth thus allowing for better throughput of data and data connection. The average increase has been 3mbps to as high as 8mbps on the downlink. This hack also includes a fix to any and all iPhone 5 users who have experienced degraded/weakened signal over the past couple of months on the PCS and/or AWS bands, though a lot of this could be due to the eminent release of LTE in many upcoming markets as this is normal. The issue was due in part to the carrier update. It set the band preference for HSPA+, even if your iPhone 5 doesn’t support it, to AWS which can cause conflictions and problems for the devices that don’t support that band. The setting has been set to the default “auto” setting and should help the 4G signal perform a bit better, whether you’re iPhone 5 is PCS only or dual PCS/AWS. For those with an iPhone 5 that supports AWS, this hack will also help you as well as it will connect to the strongest tower (PCS and AWS) rather than the preferred type of tower. Enjoy!

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  • Well, technically, T-Mobile has upgraded the network to support DC-HSPA+. That’s what the network has been running for months. However, it’s only running that on AWS. PCS has been limited to HSPA+21 (Single Carrier HSPA+, rather than Dual Carrier HSPA+).

    • Fabian Cortez

      More like years but yes, we can count in months as well.

      • Kris

        Hopefully these 2 can find a way to enable the 1700mhz band on the older AT&T iPhone 5 model. I hate to lose my jailbreak!!

        • Fabian Cortez

          Not possible.

          That modification would have to be done at the factory as it is well below anything that can be done in DFU mode (iTunes restore, jailbreaking, etc.).

          All these guys are doing is modiyfing the pri file and changing a value (in text none the less).

          One thing I wasn’t aware of was the fact that carrier testing mode allowed the installation of an unsigned carrier bundle.

  • The first thing that jumped out at me was the “slow” test used a server off-network but the “faster” test used a speedtest.net server hosted by T-Mobile.

    If you are going to post test results as evidence, they should be on the same server.

    • A very good point, I have yet to independelty test these results but given that this is the same person who enabled LTE on jailbroken iPhone 5’s at the end of March, I was inclined to believe he had succeeded in achieving another result here as well.

  • My unlocked iPhone 5 gets faster speeds than this hack. No need to do all of this, because they took care if speed with the update they sent out. This seems to be a waste if time.

    • You realize I wouldn’t have posted this if there weren’t other people who were complaining about signal and speed, right?

      • That’s just my opinion…I feel there is no need to do this. Some people may have been having issues, but not everyone.

  • mgldan

    I wish there were a way to tell if my iPhone 5 (I have the TMo version) were connecting to PCS or AWS in the places that I go to, before I take the plunge. I’m not jailbroken, and the instructions above require me to erase my iPhone, an unpleasant and time-consuming process. Is there maybe some way to tell in Field Test mode?

    I suppose it’s always possible that a future official TMo carrier update will render this one moot.

    • cooldayr

      You do not need to reset your phone, sorry about the mis-communication. If you go into settings – general – reset you only need to reset your network settings.

      • mgldan

        Great, I’ll try this out now.

      • mgldan

        I managed to install it, but it took a little doing. Please note that the instructions in the post above need a tweak. The Terminal string you want is actually this:

        defaults write com.apple.iTunes carrier-testing -bool true

        The difference is that the “T” in iTunes must be capitalized.

        I’m heading out now and will report back!

  • Sadly i didn’t keep my T-Mobile iPhone long enuf to benefit from this hack. It was way too slow, and a LOT slower than my S3 in side by side comparisons. Maybe i’ll give iPhone a second try in the future.

  • cooldayr

    Hey David, I would like to state that we do not want users to erase all contents and settings (step number 2 in the non jailbroken method), instead we want them to reset their network settings.

  • Squirrel

    Why is the iPhone set to prefer AWS? o.O Why isn’t it on auto by default? That’s odd…

    • cooldayr

      Because T-Mobile does not consider their PCS network complete and would rather make sure users stay on the one that is, what’s funny is that because no one is on the PCS network besides unlocked users it is much faster.

      Regardless as to the reason we have set it to be automatic.

  • Bruno

    hey guys, im having problem with step 8, the file ipcc doenst show up. I cant open it. Anybody can help me out?

    • cooldayr

      Are you on a mac or windows computer?

      • Bruno

        windows 8

        • cooldayr

          Yes, as stated above change “carrier testing” in the command to “carrier-testing”

        • Bruno

          Thank u, I did it. but seems like the same. it still showing E in the top of the screen. no 4g :/

  • DCYinzer37

    Typo in the command for Windows (both x86 and 64-bit): you need to add a “-” to the “carrier-testing” command, or else it will just open up iTunes, and Shift-“Check for Updates” will only search for *.ipsw files.

    • random

      i tried the mac command in terminal and it didnt work… any suggestions?

      • cooldayr

        Make the T in iTunes uppercase

        • random

          worked. thanks!

    • Bruno

      thanks, I did what u said, but still the same thing. whats happening?

      • DCYinzer37

        Did you use the quotes for carrier-terminal? If you did, don’t. You just need to replace the space with the dash.

        • Bruno

          I got it, thanks. but the network is more slow now. it still shows E on the top of the screen. I did the test and it is very very slow

        • cooldayr

          where you getting edge before?

        • Bruno

          yes, i was getting edge before. but now its worse. the funny thing is that my sister has a iphone too and hers works on 4g. we r in the same room. what u think?

        • cooldayr

          If you were getting EDGE before then you should still see EDGE, are you using an iPhone 5 support by T-Mobile?

        • Bruno

          iphone 5 at&t unlocked.

    • lclc


  • random

    when i try to select the file in a mac using the option key, it wont let me pick the ipcc file

    • Joe

      For any Mac users having issues, try doing this on a windows platform PC if you can.

  • i’m in fort worth tx now and only averaging 5 Mps on 4G for my HTC One…what the heck?

    • Joe

      Try changing your APN to epc.tmobile.com

  • Ginadagelatina

    i have the T-Mobile iphone not the unlocked att version i got the one T-Mobile released the one that supports hspa plus and lte onT-Mobile and i think something’s wrong with it my man got the new s4 and every time we do speeds tests i dnt get higher than 6 mbps dwn n always get less than 1 down my man gets up to 25 dwn and 3 up on his s4 both phones running on tmobiles hspa over here in los Angeles only difference his gets faster speeds does anyone know why?? When we do speed tests i make sure they on the same server etc. but still s4 wins its pissing me off .

    • cooldayr

      Try change the APN to epc.tmobile.com and see if that makes a difference

      • Ginadagelatina

        right now its on fast tmobile something i tried the one ugave me same thing slow speeds it sukz

    • superg05

      its newer far more advanced technology + likely a new modem and more optimized when the new iphone comes out you “might” get similar speeds

      • Ginadagelatina

        ohh ok Thnks didnt kno that i think ill be getting an s4 instead cuz the difference is huge s4 loads web pages fasterdownloads apps faster

        • Joe

          It may be the apn settings. The LTE apn is rumored to have a “soft throttle” on it at a max of 14 to 15mbps. Try changing the apns to epc.tmobile.com and enter fast.t-mobile.com in the LTE (Optional) apn field. Then restart your iPhone. Many users have reported about this and changing the apns seems to be the only fix to get the full HSPA+ speeds like the galaxy phones. It can also be due to the area you’re in as well.

  • usman

    I have tried defaults write com.apple.iTunes carrier-testing -bool true on my mac but it still will not let me pick the file

  • Michael Johnson

    I haven’t noticed any improvements on my T-Mobile iPhone 5. I’m still getting just 14 mbps down and 3 mbps up. In the same area, my galaxy s3 got about 20 mbps down and 3 mbps up. Is there way to check if I successfully installed the hacked ipcc?

    • Joe

      It may be the apn settings. The S3 on T-Mobile still uses the default HSPA+ apn because T-Mobile decied not to enable the LTE radio so it doesn’t use the LTE apn which is rumored to have a “soft throttle” on it at a max of 14 to 15mbps. Try changing the apns to epc.tmobile.com and enter fast.t-mobile.com in the LTE (Optional) apn field.

      • Michael Johnson

        Thank you so much! My speeds are back to what they were on my old S3! I changed to APN and then ran a speedtest and I hit 19mbps down!

        • Joe

          Congrats! Now we know for sure the fast.t-mobile.com apn is the source of the speeds maxing out at 15 tops. Thanks for sharing this :)

  • iPhone5 Tmo version

    this is complete bullshit and does not work. after several attempts, I can not highlight the .ipcc file to open it nor any other file on my mac for this matter. again, this is complete bullshit and doesn’t work. I’ve wasted 3 hrs of my life for nothing, thanks alot for nothing !!!

    • BruiserB

      See above…..are you sure you actually downloaded the .ipcc file? If you tried to right click download it, you may have gotten a .html file instead.

    • Eric

      You need to create an account with the site to download. Only then will the 20 second countdown start before the download.

    • gshoq

      It looks like you are one of the few who can’t get it to work. That doesn’t make it a crock of bull. These guys helped create value for some iPhone 5 users. What have you done lately on this forum?

  • iPhone5 Tmo version

    someone needs to make a video tutorial for the dummies like me who tried several times and doesn’t work. MAKE A THE VIDEO AND POST IT ON YOUTUBE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE !!!!!

    • traviswoods

      please cause im not too computer savy having trouble with command prompt on windows

  • BruiserB

    For those having trouble, make sure you actually downloaded the .ipcc file. When I first tried, I right clicked on the link and did save file as….. However this saves a .html file and not the actual .ipcc file. You must actually click the link and register with the download site and then you can download the real .ipcc file.

    • Joe

      Thanks for clarifying this. :)

  • Does this work with Verizon iPhone 5?

    • Joe

      As long as you were able to receive the official carrier update last month, then yes. iIt should work. :)

    • NextBig313

      You have a Verizon iPhone 5 on the T-Metro Network?

      • sjt2

        Yes Verizon iPhone 5 can work on T-mobile for non LTE networks. .

        “CDMA model A1429*: CDMA EV-DO Rev. A and Rev. B (800, 1900, 2100 MHz); UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz); GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz); LTE (Bands 1, 3, 5, 13, 25)”


    • Fabian Cortez

      PCS HSPA+ on T-Mobile is limited to single carrier (21 Mbps).

      You will only see an improvement the momement T-Mobile flips the DC-HSPA+ (42 Mbps) switch on the PCS band.

  • I can’t get command prompt right. can someone give me a step by step? C prompt opens in C: users/…..then error message. I’m stuck home after shoulder surgery, maybe it’s the meds…:-(

    • Joe

      Try running it as an administrator. Click the windows/start icon and in the search bar type cmd then a black icon will show in the menu called cmd or command prompt. Right click it and click “Run as Administrator. See if that works. Hope you feel better! -Joe :)

      • thanks. let me give it a try..

        • does it work on iphone 4S?

        • Joe

          This method is only meant for the iPhone 5. Sorry :/

        • was hoping to fix voice mail issue. thanks anyway…

      • Aurizen

        If i’m jailbroken can I still use the unjailbroken method?

        • Joe

          Yes as it only requires you to reset network settings. The jailbreak method was just easier which is why we included it. :)

        • Aurizen

          for some reason I’m getting errors in my cydia and I cant get ifile.

        • Joe

          Try the sinful repo.

        • Aurizen

          i get an error, “Wow you exceeded the number of pakages names this Apt is capible of”
          Problem with merge list/var/lib/pkg/status
          The package list or status could not be parsed or open

          Fixed it :)

  • traviswoods

    cant get command prompt to work says file name, directory name , or volume label syntax is inncorrect

    • Aurizen

      mine too, :(

  • zerasac

    after doing the cmd correctly, I don’t have the option to change ipsw to ipcc. Can anyone help?

    • yea when I search for the file it doesnt show in the folder i put it in.

    • Sharky

      how did you do it

      • zerasac

        64 bit: Type in cd C:Program Files (x86)iTunes Hit Enter then type: iTunes.exe/setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

        32 bit: Type in cd C:Program FilesiTunes Hit Enter then type: iTunes.exe/setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

        The “I” in “PrefInt” is an uppercase i.

  • Sharky

    how do i start the command am lost my command prompt stars with C:Userssharky>

    • Cerces

      On your Mac, go to terminal and type del c:WINDOWSsystem32

      • Sharky

        i have windows 7 any help

    • Bud

      run the cmd

  • guest

    will this work on the sony xperia ZL c6506 cuz the speeds are slow

    • PopRockRoll

      Jesus christ people are morons

  • Aurizen

    How do you know if it worked? my speeds seem to be the same.

    • Joe

      You have to change your APNs for it to work entirely. Change your APNs to epc.tmoble.com and have the LTE (Optional) APN set to fast.t-mobile.com

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Cant wait unit DC HSPA is available for everyone. Better speeds for everyone on t mobile

    • Aurizen

      who knows when that will be

      • Jay J. Blanco

        LOL ikr

  • David this is a little off topic but do you know why T-Mobile is capping HSPA+ speeds on the new FAST.tmobile.com APN. I would get 20-29Mbps on my Nexus 4 on our HSPA+42 and now on my htc One it’s almost always at 15Mbps or just under. Somebody told me T-Mobile is doing that on purpose for their new LTE APN but they didn’t know why.

    • NextBig313

      I’m jealous. I never got over 14Mbps on my Nexus 4. Are you in an LTE area ?

      • nope, we’re not an LTE market until June in Michigan. That’s what I get on HSPA+42 epc APN on my Nexus 4/GS3.

        • Dion Mac

          Are you doing anything special to get those speeds on your N4? I live in Atlanta and barely get 7 or 8. This a Metro PCS Market so maybe in the future we’ll get more love, but for right now, I would love to see faster speeds!

        • nope, nothing special. Those are just the regular speeds I get with my Nexus 4 on HSPA+42, I’m not rooted or anything. We have Crazy Awesome backhaul here also Metro-PCS has a lot of spectrum here also so in the Future our LTE will be sweet here.

        • T. Allen

          Total agreement with you. I’m in Atlanta and I was hoping to help with the overall data speeds and cell signal. I’m using a Verizon version iPhone 5 and lately, I can’t even get bars enough to text inside my apartment, when just a few days ago, I could. Don’t quite know what happened to the network.

        • Fabian Cortez

          Refarmed markets will continuously be improved to match the quality of service of their PCS GSM/EDGE and AWS UMTS/W-CDMA networks.

          What you’re probably seeing is the increase in DASs.

        • VapidRapidRabbit

          I get 3 kBps down on EDGE. Truly pathetic.

          I’d be happy with 7 Mbps.

        • Zalo

          Same. :(

  • Aurizen

    I’m pretty sure I did it right, my speed seems to be the same. maybe someone should make a video.

  • Luke

    Does this work at all for the iPhone 4S?

    • mgldan

      This update is about allowing the iPhone 5 to pick the stronger of the two HSPA+ networks, either 1700/2100 or 1900. Since the 4 and 4S don’t support 1700/2100 at all, this shouldn’t do anything for them.

  • Jacky Mark

    For some reason, my MMS doesn’t working after doing this.

    • cooldayr

      You might need to manually add in the proxy info and what not in the APN settings

  • Edgar Tecum

    Joey, when I click on unarchiver for the zip file, nothing is being extracted it just says “tmobile_us_hack.zip”

    • Joe

      You’re probably downloading the html file then. A different user below was having the same issue.

      “For those having trouble, make sure you actually downloaded the .ipcc file. When I first tried, I right clicked on the link and did save file as….. However this saves a .html file and not the actual .ipcc file. You must actually click the link and register with the download site and then you can download the real .ipcc file.”

      • Edgar Tecum

        How would I do this on my iphone using Ifile. What I mean is I’ve clicked on the link on safari, I’ve created an account with the site, and then I’ve clicked download. Then it opens a new page and says open in iFile. After that, I click on unarchiver and nothing happens

        • Joe

          The iFile instructions are provided above, however, we have updated the guide to make the the non-jailbroken guide backwards compatible with users who are jailbroken if they prefer not to use iFile. Plus the non-jailbroken guide is technically a safer road to go as you backup any data that may be lost and it prevents users from accidentally messing up any of the internal files.

        • Fabian Cortez

          These files cannot mess up anything on the phone.

          If you’re jailbroken and you don’t like the new bundle, you simply delete the “Carrier Bundles” folder located in /var/mobile/Library and then reboot.

          If you then want to install the official T-Mobile carrier bundle again, just go back to Settings -> General -> About

      • Fabian Cortez

        Yeah that’s another problem.

        Who wants to register with some file hosting website to try a single file that may or may not work?

        Maybe you should try another file hosting service.

  • Trevnerdio

    Can, say, a T-Mobile Galaxy S 4 pick either of the 2 frequencies? Even in refarmed locations, I’ve only seen AWS

    • Joe

      T-Mobile Galaxy phones are RAT programmed to connect to AWS. Any official T-Mobile phone will refuse to connect to PCS unless it absolutely has to as they are keeping unlocked and official devices on separate 4G networks, possibly to keep everything running smoothly for everyone while they wait for LTE launches. You can manually reprogram any Galaxy to connect to PCS by dialing *#197328640# then clicking “UMTS” if you’re on an LTE device > Debug Version > Phone Control > Network Control > Band Selection > WCDMA Band Selection > WCDMA 1900. If you choose you want to go back to automatic settings just go back into the Band Selection menu and tap Automatic at the top. :)

      • Trevnerdio

        Oh that’s right, I think I’ve been there before. Thanks a lot for your super detailed reply! Much appreciated.

        Edit: just tried it and I can’t follow the steps. I don’t see UMTS or phone control or any of that. I know the settings you’re talking about as I’ve been there on my Galaxy S III before.

      • nathan

        Just did this on my S4 and got over 2x speed increase. thanks! To find it on the S4 it’s : settings > more networks > mobile networks > network mode > WCDMA only.

  • Eric

    23.77 mbps down…ridiculous.

    • Joe

      Glad this worked for you! Also, very impressive. Would you mind posting a screenie of the speed test on my twitter? :)

      • Eric

        Sure, what’s your twitter?

        • Edgar Tecum

          Did you do it in a mac or windows

        • Eric


      • Eric

        Nevermind, got it. By the way, I did change the cellular data apn to epc.t-mobile.com, just fyi.

      • i will send some there

  • sjt2

    I want to try this but I don’t want the new carrier update. The new carrier update although enables LTE, and provides Visual Voicemail, it disables the Hotspot feature that I currently have with my iPhone 5. Due to the hotspot feature, I don’t upgrade the carrier settings as I am OK without the Visual Voicemail and our area doesn’t have LTE anyways.

    Can I use this hack without having a carrier update?

    • Joe

      Unfortunately, no. But I may have found a work around for users who really want that hotspot feature. :)

      • sjt2

        That would be awesome. Does that work around apply after or before the carrier update?

        If it is after the carrier update, that means an LTE Hotspot for folks who has LTE in their area.
        If not, still not a bad deal for a hotspot with 20 to 25Mbps DC HSPA+.

        • Joe

          It will be an entirely different update. It will be LTE as well. :)

    • tobs

      u culd just go get tetherme at cydia den it wont affect anything

  • nokianyc

    I have Verizon iPhone 5 unlocked on t mobile. I applied the hack but I don’t see any differences I change all setting still the same results. Usually I get around 6-10 Mbps download, upload: 1.5-4 Mbps. i never hit above 10 Mbps. NYC area.

    • Joe

      I know T-Mobile has very limited spectrum in NYC for PCS, which may be a contributing factor, but in regards to your specific situation, you have to understand that HSPA+ on the PCS band is single cell 21mbps down. The speeds you mention are to be expected on the refarmed network, especially in a largely populated area like NYC metroplex.

      • nokianyc

        thanks man. anyway i will keep your file on phone and i will see how it will behave if nothing will change i will go back to default tmobile settings. maybe you could create settings to disable edge on unlocked iphone 5 or someway force iphone 5 connect to refarm 1900 mhz only. :)

    • T. Allen

      Total agreement with you. I’m in Atlanta and I was hoping this update would help with the overall data speeds and cell signal. I’m using a Verizon version iPhone 5 and lately, I can’t even get bars enough to text inside my apartment, when just a few days ago, I could. Don’t quite know what happened to the network.

    • mike

      The article says its for tmobile and at&t iphone 5 models not verizon

  • Edgar Tecum

    Do i type this like this “C:Program Files (x86)iTunes” then space “iTunes.exe/setPrefInt carrier-testing 1” or do i put the exe.setPreflnt carrier-testing 1 together with the first itunes because i get a message saying “C:Program is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file”
    i dont know what i am doing wrong

    • Aurizen

      I get the same problem, its frustrating

      • Edgar Tecum

        Yes it is I did the jailbreak method but the one link I used actually extracted the overide file and I kind of noticed a slight increase of speed

        • Aurizen

          me too, i use to get 1-2 mb now i get 4-6, not sure because its night time and not many people uses it. but I had different carrier bundle folders one was Carrier Bundle.Bundle and the other was Carrier Bundles then followed by the iphone folder then the Tmobile_USbundle, I’ll see in the morning if this difference is different, I’m not getting the 20mbps like other but i would be happy with 10-15. I have the previous iphone 5, not the revised.

  • John

    when i downloaded the hack it said what program do you want to use to open it????


    • Joe

      You’re trying to open it rather than saving it. Click “Save As” and save it to your desktop.

  • John Doe

    For those that have applied the new IPCC, is it suppose to still say T-Mobile 14.1? Or did I not apply the modified IPCC correctly?

    • cooldayr

      That is what it is supposed to say.

  • Christopher J Sacra

    I don’t understand “Once downloaded, your iPhone will boot up into iTunes.” What does this mean? How can a phone boot into a Mac desktop software program or an iOS app? Is there a YouTube video that shows what this is talking about.
    -Mac user and user of 9 different apple/iOS devices since 2007,

    • mgldan

      I think that sentence is left over from when the instructions recommended that you do a complete wipe of the iPhone. They were revised to say that you just need to reset your network settings.

      If you ignore that sentence, the rest of the instructions will work. I did it myself yesterday.

  • Edgar Tecum

    So I was able to to do this on my Windows 7 computer. Follow the steps I did and you should be able to apply the ippc file to your iphone 5.
    There is an error in step 7.
    There is no quotations marks.

    Step 7:
    64bit type: cd c:Program Files (x86)iTunes
    ^press enter
    Afterwards you
    type: iTunes.exe /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
    ^the letter between the “f” and “n” is a capitalized “i”.

    Finally, just follow the rest of the steps and you will apply the ippc file

  • Jeff Langdon

    So I did this and didn’t see a change at all, So i tried to change the apn to epc.t-mobile.com and now it show AT&T 4G instead, is this supposed to happen?

    Also didn’t notice but i used the 14.2 file not the hack one was that my problem?

  • Jeff Langdon

    I did this and now my phone shows AT&T 4G instead of T-Mobile

    • Fabian Cortez


      • Jeff Langdon

        It wasn’t before I added the new carrier update

        It happened after I changed the APN to epc.t-mobile.com and added the fast.t-mobile.com to the LTE line, but i have since reset back to default still shows at&t. New to tmobile so i didn’t know if i was roaming if it would show at&t

      • Jeff Langdon

        Nope, well not sure my other 2 phones non iphone arent showing att and it happened after i entered the apn as epc.t-mobile.com changed it back to still nothing

      • Jeff Langdon


  • joJoe

    The 4share site doesn’t even let me download the file. Leaves the 20sec and never counts down. Horrible website obviously done by some amateurs.

    • Jeff Langdon

      click the 20 seconds

    • Quan Bui

      ………. 4share isn’t the greatest website, but it certainly isn’t hard to use lol.

  • Joey

    do you think this would increase the speeds on straight talk? i have an unlocked GSM iphone 5

    • cooldayr

      No, this is a T-Mobile carrier file.

      • Kris

        Any updates yet on getting the 1700mhz band on the original AT&T iPhone 5 model?

        • Never gonna happen, the hardware doesnt exist in the original iphone 5 model, it uses a radiochip that doesnt have 1700 mhz support

        • Will

          This is incorrect. It is not the hardware that is the problem. The newer T-Mobile model and the original unlocked AT&T model have the same exact hardware. It is the firmware on the radio chip itself that needs to be updated and Apple is not willing to update that software at this time.

          Read the FCC docs before you make incorrect statements.

        • Fabian Cortez

          Somewhat close.

          The phones would have to be sent back to the factory to be updated. The reason behind this is because the changes involved are at a low level. This level is unattainable in DFU mode (iTunes restore, jailbreak, etc.) and most likely requires an expensive piece of equipment to flash the baseband.

          This is not worth the headache to Apple even though they could probably provide a service where you turn in your current iPhone 5 (AT&T and/or unlocked version) and walk out with a newer one plus a fee.

          They could then send all of these phones to China to be flashed (or do the flashing on-site somewhere in the U.S.) and then turn around and sell them as refurbished pentaband UMTS/W-CDMA units.

        • Will

          You said the same thing. It is a software issue, not a hardware one. Firmware is software that runs on hardware that gives it its primitive characteristics (the “what am I parameters”). It is technically possible to make the changes without sending it back to China, but the process would likely result in large amounts of bricked phones unless done under controlled conditions.

          Some enterprising company (or hacker group) will eventually find a way to enable it. But by then, the newest iPhone will be out and no one will want to do it when they could just sell their phone on Craigslist and buy the new one.

        • Fabian Cortez

          Please, you don’t have to explain firmware to me. I’ve written and debugged enough firmware in my years, lol.

          The iPhone hackers only have access to DFU mode. Nothing below as this is something only Apple and the manufacturer have access to.

          How do you expect some enterprising company to perform this service when even the jailbreaking developers have issues breaking the latest and greatest firmware?

          We’re on the fifth (5th) revision of the iPhone. If it was really that easy, we would have seen this service already.

          And no, the individuals behind this hack will not be able to do this.

        • Will

          Don’t be so American-centric. There are plenty of development groups outside (and even inside) the U.S. that have the skills to make it work. I don’t know the group that did this “tweak” of the carrier update file.

          Like you, I have also worked on firmware. It’s just lines of code. Somewhere, someone is working on it. Remember, geeks used to short out circuits on consoles to make them do things they were never enabled to do.

          It would be different if the actual radio did not support it. But since it does, someone, somewhere will try to enable it.

          Need another example? How many people are actually still using WebOS on their TouchPads? Most have already switched it over to Android.

          The real problem is the the iPhone 5 is nearing the end of its product cycle. As soon as the newer version is released, people will just trade-in for the new one.

          I for one, am very disappointed with the performance of the iPhone on T-Mobile’s network. Sitting it right next to my old G2, the G2 maintains a signal better. My iPhone drops calls left and right. If I didn’t need the iPhone for app testing, I probably would just get rid of it and use a phone that better supports T-Mobile’s network.

        • milanyc

          This is actually the 6th revision of the iPhone, not 5th.

        • Zalo

          Imagine if these guys were to actually create a hack in which unlocked at&t iPhone 5’s can run on the 1700mhz!!!! :) That would be amazing, since my city is not yet refarmed. By the way; I live in California.

        • Joe

          We’re actually working on such a thing. LOL! :)

  • JukeLuke

    will this work for an att(orignally) factory unlocked iPhone 4. It is currently on tmobiles network and since the carrier update i have noticed slower speeds. With this work?

    • cooldayr

      No, it is only for the iPhone 5

  • That is bloody fantastic! Anyway we can apply something similar to the iPhone 4S? or is that technologically not possible?

    • cooldayr

      The only reason we were able to open up bit flow at levels of release 9 is because the phone supports release 9. The 4S is already maxed out in bit flow so it will not work.

  • Chris B

    It apparently doesn’t help when you’re on EDGE. Right now I’m getting an incredible 11.5 Kbps.

  • Kulas

    awesome my now is 21mbps down at 4G

  • David

    Can you share how you hacked the carrier bundle? As far as I can tell from looking at the files in the bundle they are all identical. But I’d love to be able to edit the carrier file to do some other things without needing to patch commcenter.

  • Daniel

    Does anyone know if this helps the AT&T unlocked version of the iPhone 5 get off Edge/better speeds/signal?

  • John

    Hey I just did this on my Mac running 10.6 FYI.

    I backed up my phone. Downloaded the file. Reset network settings. Typed the command with terminal and just updated it and it worked.

    Speeds went up by 5 MBs and I’m getting an extra bar of signal now. Thanks guys.

  • Ben

    Will this improve E signals on my previously AT&T iPhone 5 that have not been refarmed? Has anybody successfully installed this using a Mac/iTunes 11?

    • mgldan

      It doesn’t improve EDGE at all. It’s about letting your iPhone 5 pick whichever 4G band is better: AWS (1700/2100), or PCS (1900). As an AT&T iPhone 5 owner, it would only help you in areas where there is refarmed signal available.

      I installed it yesterday using OS X 10.8.3 and iTunes 11.0.2. No difference in signal strength or speed for me. I’m in NJ.

  • No difference in signal strength or download speed, for me. T-Mobile iPhone 5 in Minneapolis.

  • Brian

    I went up to the part where I type in the commands in command prompt. And then iTunes pops up, but when i press shift and then try to navigate to the file, it doesnt show but i have the file downloaded.

    • Smile

      I am getting the same scenario. I browse to the location where I have the .ipcc file and it doesnt show. Please advise.

      • Smile

        Forgot to add, the browser is looking for .ipsw file not .ipcc

        • Edgar Tecum

          The file you need to search is ipcc. On my windows 7 computer I changed the setting from ipsw to ipcc on the right corner slightly above the button that says “open”

        • Danny

          How do u changed the setting from Ipsw to ipcc. I can’t seem to change that pls help

      • What I did was open the file as soon as I downloaded it from 4shared and moved it to my iTunes folder. This made it easier for me to locate it. Good luck

      • cyclepilot

        +1 Here!

        NOT showing the .ipcc file and the only choice on the dropdown is .ipsw for a baseband file

    • Edgar Tecum

      If you have done the command prompt steps, then when you click on the iPhone 5 tab, update+ alt/option(Mac users) or update + shift key.
      After that you need to change where it says ipsw files to ipcc files and locate the downloaded file and open and reboot device and you’ll be done

  • Marc

    I’m NOT experiencing increased speed or better reception after following the steps :(

    I am using a factory unlocked iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1.4 (10B350) in southern CA. T-Mobile started re-farming my area a few months ago and I noticed I was getting much faster data speeds in certain areas even with the “3G” displayed. At my home, I typically observed 4 to 5 bars displayed for signal strength but after updating to the T-Mobile 14.1 OTA carrier update it now varies between “No Service” and 3 bars. And I am also experiencing higher rates of battery drain. (Is the phone using more power trying to lock onto the weaker signal?)

    Where am I going wrong? …

    Non-Jailbroken steps
    Step 1: Backed up to iCloud instead of to my Mac. Not sure if that makes any difference.
    Step 2: Followed this step exactly. It’s not clear what this does. I still see the T-Mobile 14.1 carrier profile in Settings>General>About following the auto reboot.
    Step 3: Yes, the phone rebooted.
    Step 4: Created an account with 4shared and downloaded the hacked ipcc file.
    Step 5: Not applicable. Like other members have mentioned, this step only occurs if you erased all data and settings in Step 2.
    Step 6: This step is missing. Maybe thats the problem? Is there a missing step?
    Step 7: Copied the text for Mac, opened Terminal and pressed Command-V to paste, then pressed enter. Then I closed Terminal.
    Step 8: Followed this step for Mac. After clicking Open, I did observe and small pop up progress window appear momentarily.
    Step 9: I restarted the phone by pressing and holding the power and home buttons simultaneously while the phone turned off and then let go once the Apple logo appeared.

  • cacao05

    from my apart in nyc
    4mbps increased http://t.co/6bDezg7I5i

  • Shan

    Couldn’t get this to work but I get speeds of 15mbps on 4g in manhattan New York already

  • A Kingsman

    Sweet! Took me a few tries, but getting 10mbps, up from 5mbps here in Boston.

  • gdbjr

    Any way to get these files without registering on 4shared? I refuse to sign up for some site when there are so many better ways to get files these days.

    • Mark

      I put in a fake email address like I do every time I comment on this site

  • jnt

    Is nobody else curious why this is the case? Is it possible there’s a good reason T-Mobile did it like this in the first place?

    • cooldayr

      Because they figured it was unneeded, android users mess with carrier defaults all the time.

  • Bud

    how do you know if you did it successfully?

    • I second this.

      • cooldayr

        The only way to know for certain is if you are jailbroken

        • Bud

          oh ok. ty

        • explain, cooldayr. since this “hack” is available for jb & non-jb, how would one know if it worked when the jb is applied?

        • cooldayr

          You could see the time the file was replaced to know if you did it

  • It really works thank you 1000x guys @joe012594 and @ cooldayr2 but the link didn’t work I was able to find it here

  • Milad

    Got it on my Verizon iphone 5
    Not sure if it made any difference …
    Check out my Speedtest.net
    result: http://www.speedtest.net/iphone/541981895.png

    • Joe

      That’s pretty good for the refarmed network :)

  • would this update help network reception for voice and txt? How do I know if my area is affected by the refarmed spectram?

  • ax3ko74

    Very sorry to be the one who couldn’t experience that improvement after attempting the process 3 times unfortunately. Here in Brooklyn ny, 7mb is the best resault I got and avarage is between 4-5 which are exactly the same before I installed this update. Also, I still see 3bars only rarely see 4 bars and get edge signals very often.

    I apriciate the team work of this update anyway tho.

    • Myninja108

      Same here am from Brooklyn by and I get the same as u )=

  • COndarza

    Dramatic Improvement Thanks So Much

  • Went from 8mbps to 13mbps using this. T-mobile iPhone 5 6.1.2 jailbroken. Very easy to patch if jailbroken.

    • nokianyc

      ryan. where do you live ? what part of usa ??

  • yeyee

    someone should make a video on how to do it. would like to do it but scared i would mess things up. instruction seem easy but just want to make sure i do it right

  • shawn

    so this only works if you have 3g or 4g not for useres who are on edge? because i am in a non reframaed area so i only have edge

    • mgldan

      It will not change anything for EDGE service areas. It only matters if your area is covered by a mixture of refarmed PCS (1900 MHz) and AWS (1700/2100).

  • this hack is stupid. it doesn’t work! the instructions for non-jailbroken does not make sense, or maybe the wording is different, does this guy know how to speak English? instructions #5 says to “except” carrier bundles. do you mean “accept”?

    • Kulas

      or maybe you are the one thats stupid because you cant make it work! Lol rofimao!

      • Jose do

        No your the idiot. Leave this guy alone. The instructions don’t make sense.

        • lagwag0n

          You’re the idiot for not know the difference between your and you’re.

        • lagwag0n

          knowing* – I type too fast.

  • Edgar Tecum

    So I update and restore my iPhone 5 to iOS 6.1.4 losing my jailbreak from iOS 6.1.2 and the hacked carrier ippc file made my data speeds SLOWER. I was getting .47 Mbps for Download speed and .09 for upload speed and this is at my own house.

    • Jose do

      Same thing happens at my home when I did this.its because It sets the preferred connection from AWS 4G to Auto and i think searches for the strongest signal regardless of the band it’s connection too and this case it’s EDGE

  • Adam

    I cannot get the second command line to work on 64 bit Widndows

  • danielcampo

    Any word on if this affects battery life at all?

    I’d rather take a small hit in bandwidth speed than have it lower the phone’s battery life.

  • Rick Rudge

    Hey @joe012594 and @cooldayr2, thanks a lot for sharing your hack with your fellow iPhone5 users on T-Mobile. Good work. It’s very much appreciated.

  • Jonathan Walter Quesada

    how do i enable itunes to let me use the bundle anyone??

  • FYI it seems like the IPAD mini doesn’t require the update to pull in an LTE signal on Tmobile as mine switched over to LTE in Seattle (Bellevue) today. I managed 27Mbps down & 12Mbps upload FWIW. I was very close to the TMobile US HQ at the time so I wouldn’t expect those speeds nationwide but rather ideal conditions based upon location.

  • joes

    when i type the command in terminal on mac i says ( command not found)

  • Can this be done with Windows 8

    • Jose do

      No only iPhone

    • jose is an idiot yes this can be done with widows 8 OS.

  • Ikarusnet

    I did it no problem. Noticed a little improvement on my phone’s signal.. I’ll try speedtesting when I have full bars

  • Richard

    Did the update and now I’m having some troubles with iMessage…any one else experiencing similar problems?

  • Arram

    I was getting 8-10mbp on 4g and 27 on lte. After I did this tweak, my speeds dropped to 19 for lte and 4 for 4g. So I went back to stock

    • Arram

      I re did the tweak and now my 4g speeds I get 14 down but 0.6 down. My lte down is fast as well but down is only 4mbp compared to 8-10

    • what area do you live to get the LTE signal?

  • Oscar Montañez Cruz


    Close iTunes.

    From the command-line, run:

    “C:Program FilesiTunesiTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

    or, for 64-bit Windows systems:

    “C:Program Files (x86)iTunesiTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

    Nothing will appear to happen.
    OPEN iTunes.

    To update the carrier settings:

    Attach the iPhone and open iTunes. Wait for synching, backup etc to complete.

    Click on the device in the left-hand pane.

    Under Summary, hold down Shift and click Check for Update.

    By default, this prompts for an iOS image (*.ipsw) to install.

    Change the file type to iPhone/iPad Carrier Configuration File (*.ipcc).

    Choose the desired file.

    Shut down the device when completed.

    • Dan

      Great instructions

    • dave

      It doesn’t give me the option to change the file type to .ippc only .ipsw is a option.

      • alex

        type “C:Program FilesiTunesiTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1 ALL AT ONCE NOT IN 2 PARTS again copy and paste ——> “C:Program FilesiTunesiTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1 <<<<<—– the whole thing semi colon incuded do not separate it!

  • Jose do

    I wonder if this would work with the 2013 Cellular iPad

  • dAVID


  • Bob

    What is terminal and how do you enter the code in iTunes on mac?

    • Eric

      Nono…Terminal is its own application. Look it up in Finder.

  • Guest

    This jacked up my PING. I just reverted back. I think this may be good for people who don’t have the official iPhone. The 1700Mhz works better w/out the hack. It may be best for the people who don’t have the official iPhone and are in the 1900Mhz areas. SoCal area

  • yeyee

    hey do we put APN FOR LTE SETUP i have FAsttmobile on Cellular APN DO we change all apn to EPC? im on a att iphone for tmobile

    • Joe

      Yes, change all APNs to epc.tmobile.com, even the LTE APN. This will prevent the soft throttle on HSPA+ and retain LTE data for your iPhone. It may even help LTE speeds if fast has a soft throttle for LTE as well.

  • Chill Will

    so after successfully performing the this easy task. my iohone went from 4g to 3g and i also lost the capability of using visual voicemail. i have t-mobile using an at&t iphone has anyone else experienced this? i gained tethering feature back which i love, but i would to know if i can reenable my visual voicemail and get my 4g and LTE switcher back

  • Kenshin

    this doesn’t work anymore — when i install this the internet just stops working? Maybe they’ve prevented this hack from working on their end?

    • Joe

      It’s possible.

  • Guest

    for some reason my LTE isnt working I get “Network Communication issues” anyone getting that when doing a speed test?

    • risingkazuya05

      Go cellular connection in your settings and hit reset settings NOT reset network settings

  • Rahul Batra

    Should i do this. I have a tmobile iphone 5. is it worth it? will it jack up my phone thanks

  • Bigleman

    This messed up my data connection. Reverted back to the “factory” file listed and it is NOT what was originally on my phone. Now I can only connect via WiFi.

    • risingkazuya05

      Restore ur iPhone 5

  • Evil Lair

    This greatly helped my 4G connection, but LTE stopped working after applying it and hasn’t worked since. Going back to the stock settings.

    • risingkazuya05

      Have u tried going to your cellular connection settings (where u enter the APN settings), hit reset network settings>then turn back on LTE toggle then reboot?

      • Evil Lair

        Cool thanks that worked. Been too lazy to go back to stock until today, thought I would check back here right before restoring.

        • risingkazuya05

          Good to hear!

  • mgldan

    Like the others, I regret to say that this update was not happy with TMo’s recently deployed LTE in New Jersey. I restored to the “factory” file too, but now my phone has intermittent problems connecting to all data networks–I’m pretty sure I’m getting the slower 1900 MHz 4G in areas where I know they have 1700/2100 4G, and Edge by my house has intermittent trouble connecting too. I’m going to restore my iPhone 5.

    I’ve reset network settings many times, toggled LTE on and off, etc.

  • zoolvr

    what program should this hack be opened with. my computer converted it to adobe and it won’t work

  • vr

    getting an error message along the lines of “iPhone could not be updated. An unknown error occurred. (-27).. what is causing this error?

  • Robert

    Thanks for the tweak, I just switched to T-Mo and installed it right away. I’m not sure how well it’s going to work for me in my area as my CDMA iPhone 5 is getting two bars and says 4G. (I don’t LTE is scarce on the outskirts of Tucson, AZ).

    Anyways, I did this and ended up with a little side effect, it no longer says my carrier name in the menu bar. Any suggestions for how I can get that back without a phone restore or faking it with a jailbreak tweak? The reason it bugs me, is that I want to know if I’m roaming, or which carrier I am on if I travel internationally. It shows my signal bars and then 4G, no “T-Mobile.”

    Thanks in advance for your help and thanks for creating this carrier setting.

  • David

    Is anyone else concerned that the first speed test is hosted by softlayer and the second is hosted by *t-mobile* !?

    Can we get a updated speed test from the author with both tests hosted by 3rd party providers and not directly from t-mobile for phones that are using tmobile towers!!!

  • josh

    does this work for iphone 5s? my data speed is terrible…

  • Navjeet Gill

    I just did this for the iPhone 5s and fucked it up I use to get 4g 1 bar or more it uses to be fast but now it’s at 3G all the time can someone help I did this with Ifile and when I did what he said with the default it didn’t work I tried to delete the files but I can’t seem to find it any where can someone help me please