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T-Mobile Taking Over Radio Airwaves Today, Simple Choice Is Everywhere


A small but notable post here as I’ve discovered that T-Mobile has completely taken over the airwaves of a number of radio stations in South Florida, Seattle, Philadelphia, Denver, Orlando, Dallas, New York City, Portland and more. On 96.5 in South Florida, the “Next hour of music is sponsored by T-Mobile” and every ad prior to that hours worth of music was Simple Choice, Simple Choice and more Simple Choice.

This is definitely a more aggressive T-Mobile than I have seen in recent marketing years and it has me thinking there might really be something to the rumor that T-Mobile made a major ad buy on television tonight. According to my source, between 834-840 local time this evening, T-Mobile bought out major ad space for the iPhone 5 launch happening tomorrow morning. I’m still skeptical that T-Mobile would make such an aggressive move, but the volume of radio ads has me thinking there just might be something to this television ad buy. I guess we’ll find out when T-Mobile’s new iPhone 5 ads premier and cycle over the next few days.

Have you heard anything on you local radio stations? Sound off and let us know.

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