Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 5.08.06 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 5.08.06 PM

  • eanfoso

    Hey David, where can I get these price tags? I want to show my boss and other people at my store man

  • James

    David why do you have all these Sprint and AT&T ads all over the article when this site is Dedicated to T-Mobile ONLY!!!

  • T. Hawk

    T-mobile is off their rockers if they think people are going to pay for the full price of the phone. If anything I believe this no contract non sense is going to lose them customers when the customers realize they can get the same phone at Verizon or ATT for 200-400 dollars cheaper.

    • aroc

      T hawk your a moron your probably one of those people that will buy the phone. For $200 at at&t Or verizon and get stuck paying $130 plus for one line with about 2gb of data and pay overages when you pass it…your a staight sucker…u realize they put you on the highest bill to make the money back so that $200 to $400 phone that was cheaper came out to be almost 800 too 1000 from the extra money your paying every month…great investment

  • Dewey Cox

    T.Hawk…….and what is the monthly plan they are paying to get the phone at that price?
    A hell of alot more than the 50 a month that we wil be offering.