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Google Unveils Nexus 4 Retail Store Locator, Only Works With T-Mobile Stores Right Now

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If you’re still trying to hunt down a Nexus 4, perhaps Google’s new Retail Store locator will aid in your search. Google just unveiled the new Nexus 4 store locator tool via Twitter and it’s downright simple to use. Just type in your address and find a Nexus 4 retailer. There’s a catch however as the locator only identifies T-Mobile locations where you can pick up the Nexus 4. A second catch is that the store locator doesn’t provide info regarding inventory availability, you’ll still have to call ahead for that.

Our hope is that in the near future, Google will add Best Buy, Walmart, Costco and other third-party retailers that are currently selling the device. Well, Best Buy is only selling it online but the point is the same. Furthermore, we hope that Google ads other devices in the future such as the Nexus 7, which is also available at Staples, Office Depot and other third-party retailers.

So far, this looks to be a US only feature, but pretty nice if limited addition to the Nexus 4 hunt.

Nexus 4 Search via @googlenexus


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