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T-Mobile FAQ Talks Apple Partnership, iPhone, And 100% Value Plans

Today is barely half over and it’s already one of the most eventful days in recent T-Mobile memory and we’re working hard to keep the information flowing and believe me, there’s plenty more coming today. First things first, let’s talk iPhone, Apple and the move to 100% Value Plans. It looks like employees are just receiving a fairly lengthy FAQ guide to better help them in the coming days as customers start asking about the future. There’s little question that both the iPhone and the move to Value Plans represent a definitive change in T-Mobile’s thinking and we expect some shock value while it begins to play itself out.

First things first, as the very last question below answers, for current Classic/Legacy Plan subscribers, the change to Value Plans won’t affect you. Value Plans will “simply be the primary plans T-Mobile will offer.” In other words, you’ll continue with a business as usual approach. It’s possible that T-Mobile, like other carriers will work to move you over to Value Plans with your next upgrade, but there doesn’t seem to be any indication they will force you to switch.

Read the guide blow and if you’d like a look at todays full Investor presentation for T-Mobile USA, you can grab the full PDF (where I grabbed the picture above) at the link below.


T-Mobile & Apple Partnership

On December 6 at a Deutsche Telekom (DT) investor conference in Germany, T-Mobile publically disclosed that it has entered into an agreement with Apple to bring products to market together next year. Specific Apple products and retail availability were not announced. This was a public disclosure to provide 2013 financial guidance as investors evaluate the proposed combined company of T-Mobile and MetroPCS.

The agreement with Apple has generated significant media coverage. While the news is creating customer excitement, it’s important to not speculate about specific Apple products, timing or pricing. These details will be announced at later date in 2013.

Key Talking Points:


iPhone Questions

What news was announced regarding the iPhone?

When will the iPhone be available?

Can I order/reserve an iPhone now?

What pricing/plans will T-Mobile offer for the iPhone?

Should I wait to get the iPhone next year?

Will you continue carrying other smartphones or will the iPhone replace an existing device or partnership?

What have you done to ensure that the customer experience will be as good as with other carriers?

Will your network support a 4G and/or LTE iPhone? (

What about the BYOD program? Any changes?

Will I get a good network experience with an unlocked iPhone?

100% Value Questions

Is T-Mobile moving to 100% Value in 2013?

When will T-Mobile shift to only offering Value Plans?

What are the benefits of Value Plans?

I am on a Classic plan. Will I have to change to a Value plan?

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