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T-Mobile Set To Introduce “Bridge To Value,” Help Migrate Customers Over To Value Rate Plans

Some big changes coming down the pipe for T-Mobile’s Value Plans as the company begins a major shift in focus with the introduction of “Bridge to Value” beginning November 11th. Make no mistake about it, Value Plans are T-Mobile’s future and we’re even hearing that Classic Plans could start seeing their way out the door as early as the beginning of next year. However, that’s unconfirmed and should be taken with the usual grain of salt, but there’s little question with the introduction of this new tool that T-Mobile continues to shift more focus on their Value Plan rates.

Bridge to Value might sound more complicated and even look more complicated than it really is so bear with me. Simply stated, Bridge to Value plans are a way to allow pooled rate plan customers to a way to migrate to Value Plans without the migration fee that holds up so many of you. The overall feeling toward Value Plans is that they are a fantastic offering, if you can jump on board without paying a hefty migration fee, which usually involves waiting till the last 6 months of your contract. The migration fee tenure or MFT for short is calculated based on the number of months since the last device subsidy on any particular line, and a single line can often affect an entire accounts ability to move on to a Value Plan.

Now, let’s be clear about one thing, these are not new rate plans, this a new option for existing Classic/Legacy pooling plan customers to move toward Value Plans faster than the current system allows. So, as I understand it, Classic and Legacy rate plans can add a new line, or upgrade an existing line, not take a device subsidy on the new or upgrading line and not effect the entire accounts tenure to move to a Value Plan. That means the new or upgraded line is ready to move to Value Plans as soon as the existing lines on the account are as well. This deal won’t have any effect existing Classic/Legacy plans, but it will decrease the wait period for all lines on an account to move over to Value Plans.

In other words, let’s say you have 2 lines an on account and want to add a third but want to move to a Value Plan as well. Line one has 4 months left to before a zero migration, and line 2 has 8 months left. You with me so far? Now, that means for those two lines to move to a Value Plan, both lines would have to wait 8 months, because that’s how long it takes before line 2 can move over to a Value Plan without the fee and all the lines must meet the MFT criteria to move without a fee. Now, let’s say you want to add a third line, if you did so it would take another 18 months to move all three lines over to Value Plan based on the current system. Here’s where Bridge To Value comes into play, the third line could be added as a Value Plan right from the start, in other words it will not take a device subsidy and instead take advantage of the down payment and equipment installment payment options as is the standard Value Plan process. So, instead of waiting another 18 months with the addition of the this line, you’ll only wait the original 8 months before all 3 lines can jump on to a Value Plan. Sounds simple enough right? It is, and in the end it could make for a much easier method to place customers on Value Plans while still allowing them to take advantage of new line and upgrade offers.

If my example is confusing, the image below should help it make more sense. So let’s recap why you should choose Value Plans over Classic Plans?

Let me know if you have any questions below and I’ll do my best to jump into the muck and answer them. Still, we’ll wait for an official breakdown from T-Mobile which hopefully provides an even better explanation than I will provide.

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