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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note II Pricing Revealed In New Image

We’re hopefully starting to narrow down the list of unknowns regarding T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note II launch as a newly leaked documents provides some possible insight into rumored price points. Keeping in mind that like all good rumors, these prices are subject to change, it looks as if T-Mobile will launch the Galaxy Note II for $299.99 on Value Plans. Classic plan customers seem to be looking at a $419.99 price tag before a $50 mail-in rebate. Assuming that’s $379.99 after rebate, that’s still $80 ahead of where Sprint is pricing their own Note II and this could appear to be a similar-style launch to the Galaxy S III. T-Mobile’s Galaxy S III launch was met by a bunch of frustrated customers as T-Mobile priced their own model $80 higher than the competition.

We’ll have to wait and see if these prices are in fact the real deal, or if they change between now and the official launch. Speaking of the launch, we’re back to two different possible timeframes as the October 24th/25th date is still appearing on our radar — along with the middle of November. Regardless of when it launches, if T-Mobile does ultimately decide to launch the Note II for $419 prior to rebate, you’ve always got Walmart and their $299 price to keep your wallet happy.

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