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(Updated) New T-Mobile Roadmap Shows Possible Release Dates For Windows Phone 8X, LG Optimus L9

With T-Mobile’s pre-holiday smartphone lineup pretty well-known at this point, all that;s left to discover are actual release dates. Well, we’re back with another look at T-Mobile’s upcoming roadmap and a few anticipated devices are visibly marked including the LG Optimus L9, and the HTC Windows Phone 8X. Absent is the Galaxy Note II, but that’s not surprising, nor alarming given that it’s a flagship device and may not be on the calendar for a number of reasons. I’m not 100% certain on what the Samsung Toba is, and I don’t think it’s the Note II, but I can’t be sure. It could be something else completely, such as a new prepaid device or something along those lines, or it could be a new tablet.  As for the rest of the intel:

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