T-Mobile Posts iPhone 4S Versus HTC Amaze 4G Camera Showdown

We always take videos made by carriers and manufacturers with a grain of salt as they tend to be a little subjective. That being said, we dig what T-Mobile has done here as it tries to show the iPhone 4S user that the HTC Amaze 4G has some amazing camera features that the iPhone 4S user doesn’t get to experience. For what it’s worth, this video has a total nerd feel and I’m digging that.

That being said, plenty of non-subjective material is available where you will find that the HTC Amaze4G and iPhone 4S are both clear winners on the market now for smartphone shooters. Here are some alternative reviews to get a little more hands-on with both cameras.

Remember, this is a T-Mobile made video about which camera is better, not which phone or operating system is the better choice. Keep the comments clean and on topic please!


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  • iPhoneW/Tmobile

    funny my iphone does all of that

    • Xandersun

      Yes, but you have to download third party apps. Isn’t that the refrain iPhone users always use when someone says the same thing about how “my android phone can do that, too”.

      • iPhoneW/Tmobile

        nope my stock camera app already does all that! with any 3rd party stuff! 

        • iPhoneW/Tmobile


        • Bfbfdnd


        • mrmiddl

           right there is where you went south of the loco border buddy. no iphone does that right out of the box. try again with another tall tale

        • iPhoneW/Tmobile

          sorry nope mine does it’s called having future part of ios5 not shown to public go right ahead and youtube it!

        • iPhoneW/Tmobile

          Oh also didn’t say it was right out of the box! said it’s not jailbroken and it does all that! why is so hard for people just face the fact both android and iphone are good! and neither of them are better! its a phone does what people want! the fanboys fandroids are stupid! 

        • Anonymous

          You are so full of it. 

    • Anonymous

      Pretty sure you have to use an app mostly after its already shot to edit it..with the HTC Amaze its as easy as just adding the effect before the shot without the app

  • Average Tmo Loyalist


    • BigMixxx

      Most definitely…

  • Androidwins

    its true iPhone (not jailbroken or using another camera app) has none of that

    • iPhoneW/Tmobile

      wrong! cause my iphone does all that without being jailbroken and not using another camera app! 

      • Kahlayoh


        • iPhoneW/Tmobile

          go youtube it! not that hard!

      • Anonymous

        Prove it then. 

  • Bfbfdnd

    pretty stupid since the iphones camera rapes any android camera

    • Androidwins

      do you have an HTC Amaze 4g or a Samsung Galaxy S2? didnt think so

      • Bfbfdnd

        actually yea, i got a galaxy s2 from tmo. my friends iphone has better quality than my my phone but atleast i can admit the truth and not be in denial like most people

        • iphonewins

           i admit. android is actually better. the htc amaze 4g is very very good!

        • Tmoguy1

          I agree Amaze camera is fantastic, But in truth, neither camera can really beat a good point and shoot camera yet.

          But Amaze does take excellent pics. And I judge on my computer screen not the phone screen.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah but do you really expect cell phone cameras to surpass the quality of SLRs DSLRs and all that really? 

    • Xandersun

      I would say that iPhone generally dominates Android ones, but in this case, iPhone is a eunuch trying to dry hump an Amaze. It has to attach a third app dildo to get the job done…

    • famished
    • Anonymous

      Android doesn’t make cameras, phone manufacturers do.

  • Tmoguy1

    IPhone has apps that let the camera do more, but out of the box, Amaze has the Best with most advanced features. Plus, the ability to re-focus by touch while shooting video rocks and the video is super sharp. I really haven’t seen better on a phone. Now that Tmo is attacking Iphone again… Does that mean AT&T gave up?

    • Kahlayoh

      maybe 1 day Iphone will stand up and retaliate against android! Android versus Iphone!! Epic battle!

      • Anonymous

        iPhone will always lose against an evolving android. Its like it beats you at your game and then evolves into a whole nother monster. From Nexus1 to Galaxy Nexus a whole new monster.

        • Littlesis1774

          and yet iphones are outselling androids phones.

  • 4G

    This debate will go on for days on end. Their both cell phone cams its not like your going to record a wedding on it.

    • Anonymous

      But… you could *nudge nudge* 

  • Hrose1965

    lol i can take better pics then you. but i have no service with network outages 

    • Seanmmvi

      taking the ignorance route… thats cool bro, i heard it was bliss…

      • Hrose1965

        look at the facts. there experiencing and outage right now in fla

        • guest

          “there experiencing and outage right now in fla”?

        • Anonymous

          Hmm, one state. Funny the countries largest carrier was experience outages last week country wide… who cares? Technology breaks some times, get over it.

        • Tbyrne

          Facts are FPL cut into fiber optic line and are repairing it. Get your facts straight.

  • Anonymous

    That commercial was great!  I love the classic 8 bit music.  Had a great nostalgic feel to it.  Now I think I’ll have to download a Nintendo emulator and get River City Ransom, Mega Man, or Double Dragon. 

    Any recommendations for a good Nintendo emulator for my G2?

  • Tmoguy1

    Cool. Lumix Rocks. But Tmo won’t get it.

    • Anonymous

      Sadly, I would agree

  • Guest

    Kind of a dumb ad, but the girl at the end is beautiful…

    • Tbyrne

      Yes, she is!

    • Anonymous

      Its funny kinda, serves its purpose, to inform the consumer that the iPhone can’t match a high end android.

  • Bfbfdnd

    wow seriously, that would be a downgrade from my gs2 tard

    • Anonymous

      Yea but your initial statement was that Android doesn’t have a camera on a phone that’s better than an iPhone… he proved you wrong, so move on.

      • Bfbfdnd

        i bet you havnt even seen the camera quality on that phone, megapixels dont mean shit anyways.

  • tomarone

    I guess TMO has a good ad agency.  Since post ATT they’re getting their act together with wifi and nice phones now if they could just fix that slow ping speed.

  • Anthony in Utah

    LOL I loved this video & the nerd feel is AWESOME! Long Live Thee Nerds! =)

  • TMoFan

    Great ad! The only thing missing is the T-Mobile jingle at the end.

  • Nearmsp

    I must say the Ad was impressive! With AT&T deal falling apart, T-mobile seems to be getting its mojo back. Now we can see and ad for the iPhone 4S speed on AT&T, and an HTC Amaze on T-mobile I might take their ads more seriously:)

  • I think it’s so sad they keep attacking a phone they want so bad.

    • Littlesis1774

      It is sad isn’t it? Well T-mobile can laugh but when iphone 5 comes out with 4g LTE then we will see who is laughing then

      • Kahlayoh

        Wouldn’t you think that by the time iphone 5 comes out that there will be even a better android phone! Don’t get me wrong, both phones here are good and I think it’s up to the customers prefrences when it comes down to it! Iphone 4S might not have a great camera but it does have siri! 

        • OccupyInnovation

          You should say “better android phone(s)”. Open source is something many still don’t grasp it’s importance. It’s the saving grace of iDraconian tech.

          iPhone is fine btw… just will always be closed and locked down and it is stylish in that “you don’t get to define your style” way, it’s not for everyone but by all means, it pairs well with most avenues of corporate culture. Defined by someone else for you to subscribe. Sorry, I’m not trying to be rude about it. Many devices and mass produced consumerism driven products and services follow the same model. Apple is just the best at planned obsolescence or planned failure. They are the only ones.

        • OccupyInnovation

          They are(n’t) the only ones…. *whoops*

      • Anonymous

        By the time that happens which will prolly be never or when the world ends T-Mobile will already have advanced LTE which is the more grown up version of LTE. I hope t-mobile doesn’t go the LTE route though i would rather them continue with HSPA+ as LTE sucks the battery so fast. Apple will probably never put LTE in there for that sole reason. 

        • Littlesis1774

          They probably will since Sprint, Verizon and AT&T all are getting LTE.

      • Juanellobo

        Really come on if att don’t buy tmobile you don’t have 4g when that happen t5g verizon 5gx1000

      • Taylorstadel


    • Anonymous

      They want it because it would bring in so much money from the blind followers of the iphone.

      • Dfireballwow

        bullshit i have an iphone right i traded for it with my girlfriend while i was visiting her over seas. i hate this iphone i do not understand why people think this phone is sooo great. i cant do half the stuff i could do with my LG G2x. I will be buying a new phone as soon as i can then put this phone where it belongs, The f&#$ing trash can!!!!! by the way it is a 3gs unlocked Really though I’m so selling this phone as soon as i can

        • Littlesis1774

          The same thing can be said about android phones and windows phones. I have window phone now and I freakin hate it. It won’t stop freezing and I had to do a hard reset when my password locked up. When I listened to my songs it skips. My phone keeps logging me off of my wifi. I hate my phone

  • Anonymous

    Everyone can hate on T mobile all day long, its okay, but majority of Tmobile customers are happy and that’s all that matters. ;)

    • i agree TMOBILE. 
      i agree. the AMAZE es hermosa. y’ yo tenga I PHONE pero NO COMPARISON at all!
      love it AMAZE ANDROID 4G HTC… lo mejor! adios! y’ Feliz Nuevo Ano 2012!

      Most Beautiful BMW Redhead at facebook

      • Tj

        Sha-Kaarii Bella Melendez, (i see your FB wow.)gorgeous. ma is that your BMW?
        i just sent friend request at MOST BEAUTIFUL BMW Redhead.

        hey ma. i agree. and your so beautiful. hey ma. i am quoting ur comment cause la verdad tu sabe. that is true yep.add me to ur fb. if u r able.thx.

        definitely ! yea T-mobile by far.
        the I PHONE get so many complaints.
        the TMO  amaze look DAMN great,incredible.
        to me it is very nice i got the white back, one and black front wit all nice bright color to it,just a awesome HTC, great text for BIG hands like this latino male,who has long prettie fat fingers but i m not fat lol but i like the key board bring up CORRECT spell if i make a error lol

        very nice fone best TMOBILE so far by far is the AMAZE.

        good weight to it, i like that not too small i hate that. and i love the feature(s)(camera is beyond AWESOME) 
        love it.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously a comment from someone who knows nothing about cameras and barely can argue his point over a phone.  Oh if only this thing was available in the states.

  • Ej

    Wow lol that was awesome…finally a great t-mobile commercial…makes me wanna get an amaze…guess i have to stuck with the sgs2

    • LC

      Luckily for you, the sgs2 can do the same things :)

      • vit

        Ej & LC if you’ll notice the video ends with a continue as a real video game would, but will the story continue?  And who is the girl?  Keep an eye out for the next installment featuring the T-Mobile’s sgs2.  

  • Anonymous

    Thats not a camera phone thats a camera with a phone feature lol

  • lol greatness.

  • Uvasif28

    I didn’t know my Amaze had super awesome robot action suit setting! I should try it to pulverize iPhones! 

    P.S Amaze rocks! 

  • IKnowbutyoudontknowthatIdo

    O David,

    Tell the world you are in love with your iPhone and would never spend you hard on cash on any of this stuff.

  • Kha

    Does the Lego outfit come with the phone. I’ll buy one if it does. :D

  • Poopy Dog

    i love my dog

  • Ohgeez10

    Yesterday, a friend and I spent an hour comparing photos and videos from my Amaze vs her iphone 4S. We sat at Starbucks snapping different pics and shooting video and she commented about how much better mine were.

  • Janephoto

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