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T-Mobile No Longer The Official Wireless Service Partner For The NBA

Sprint and the National Basketball Association announced a multi-year deal making Sprint the new official wireless service sponsor of the NBA. Sprint and the NBA didn’t disclose any terms of the deal though it’s rumored to be “in the millions.” Sprint will replace T-Mobile, who had been the leagues sponsor since 2005 until the end of last season.

A few of you have already emailed me and asked if this has anything to do with a potential AT&T deal, no matter how dead that deal may seem. My honest response is no, they have nothing to do with one another. Perhaps Sprint offered more money, or perhaps T-Mobile didn’t want to pony up the money to renew. There are any number of reasons that could have led T-Mobile and the NBA to part ways that have nothing to do with any potential AT&T deal.

C’est la vie


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