New Software Update Incoming For The myTouch 4G Slide

Not to be outdone by its myTouch counterpart, the myTouch 4G Slide is also scheduled for a software update beginning tomorrow, December 20th and continuing as an OTA rollout through January 16th. The update will bring the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • Google security fix
  • Improvements to Wi-Fi Calling
  • Improvements to Genius Button
  • Improvements to Netflix app experience

If you want to see if the update is already available without waiting for the OTA, hit Menu > Settings > About phone > HTC software updates > Check now and follow the on-screen prompts.

Additional Info: T-Mobile


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  • Are they switching to IMS Wi-Fi Calling on the myTouch 4G Slide?

    • Anonymous

      I’ve never heard of IMS wi-fi calling.  What is that version of it?

      • T-Mobile deployed the same IMS technology that is used in LTE for HSPA+, and they’ve engineered a Wi-Fi Calling solution that uses it. The Galaxy S II and the Amaze 4G use it, so far.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m waiting for the magic words from T-mo & HTC saying “and for you G2 users, here’s Ice Cream Sandwich.  Enjoy it in March 2012.”

    A guy can always dream, right?

  • Just got it. If you check manually you cab definitely get it .

    • Edit

      Just got it. If you check manually you can definitely get it .

  • Cashman

    Can the BB 9900 get an update please?????? And where’s the white one at???????

  • Haters on the rocks please

    That’s not kook how can my touch 4g slide get software update and my g2x still don’t have a one haha I’m guessing I’ll stick with htc devices for now on. Ha

  • Youngt82

    Im waiting for T-Mobile and HTC announce the G3 with stock Android 4.0 goodness :)

  • Att deal is dead

    EEmployees just got email saying tmo at.t deal is dead and terminated!!!! They r paying the 3 bil breakup fee n roaming agreements!

  • JJ

    AT&T T-Mobile deal DEAD………:)

  • me

    The at&t and Tmobile deal is now officially over. They are both stepping away!!

  • Kev30591

    A&T takeover of t-mobile is officially dead!! yay! :)

  • Danieljusa2001

    I just received the OTA update.

  • Paul

    Just got it in Los Angeles

  • Anonymous

    got my ota update in chicago

  • dan paller

    ya they said a update (2.3) for my “samsung galaxy s 4g” but kies mini says my “samsung galaxy s 4g” is not compatible with kies mini…… :(

  •  It’s good to see this information in your post, i was looking the same but there was not any proper resource.

  • Tmo_employee

    the updates really to stop free tethering 

  • Bemi713

    Does it stop free tethering like Tmo_employee says?

  • Anthony Boss15

    no usb disk drive

  • Bemi713

    The stock themes are missing from my phone after the update. I don’t know how to get them back or if it has happened to anyone else.

    • Ahmad_duker

      Rest the phone I did

  • Jsalatto79

    Yeah same thing happen to me too

  • J2

    To my htc mytouch 4g slide users with the new update there seems to be a different logging app under the name of “smith”. More info on update here

  • Demolishking

    My issue with t mobile is the way they think I think if they had a real leader they would be number one they need to get over fear and stick there necks out of there I really would like to see them do better as a die hard fan and prior working for a t mobile dealier I have always notice the t m o ideals falling short coming from a front lines man there other way to promte and there not beging used so something best to get done if they want to stay in the good fight if I were in the hire ups we would be number one that I can bet limitless should never be caped