Dish Network Looking To Partner With T-Mobile If AT&T Deal Fails

Dish Network, the second largest US satellite-TV provider will look to partner with T-Mobile if the AT&T bid fails, Chief Executive Officer Joseph Clayton said. Dish acquired spectrum earlier this year as part of a deal for bankrupt DBSD North America Inc. and Terrestar Networks and would look to merge those spectrum assets with T-Mobile and create a stronger competitor against AT&T and Verizon.

Dish also remains interested in buying assets from AT&T and T-mobile if the companies divest customers and spectrum as they look to achieve regulator approval, Clayton said. Dish has publicly opposed the T-Mobile buyout, saying it will hurt competition.

“We’re not interested in making money on selling our spectrum,” said Clayton in the interview. “We want to use it to create a national wireless network, video, voice and data. We’ve got expertise in satellite-TV, and we will in satellite broadband. The voice part, we’ll need some help with.”


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  • From one evil to another… AT&T and Dish are one the top of my “Won’t Ever Do Business With Again” list

    • AfroLogic

      why is dish terrible? I have never had dish, so please share your experiences. 

      • Poor customer service that lied to me several times over my 2 year tenure, consistently raised my bill with out me changing my account & couldn’t tell me why, & they just are a bad value – what you get for you money just isn’t worth it (like most/all cable providers).  I cut the cord a year ago and couldn’t be happier and more entertained with alternative options.

        • Anonymous

          Your full of $hit. You agreed to the deal and Dish RECORDS your acknowledgement. SOOOO many a$$wipes sign up and than get pissed when the NEW CUSTOMER promotion wears off 
          Your use of the words, “lied” is BS. YOU JUST DIDNT UNDERSTAND. That doesn’t mean Dish lied. 
          BULL$HIT they didnt tell you! Your bill is sooooo easily explained in a numerous amount of ways it isnt even funny. 
          YA RIGHT, “ALTERNATE OPTIONS”. You sound like you didnt pay your bill and now you have no choice because your garbage credit requires @0e8d5053cf1e67edd8e37fd12d98c0d7:disqus $$ deposit. 
          typical consumer who blames a company instead of taking any personal responsibility. 

        • Dpro

          What you write could be about just about any Telecom or T.V. provider. Most likely they raised your bill at the end of the agreed contract at which point the bill reverts to regular rates.  This happens with DirectTV, Time Warner Cable ,Charter, Cox.etc….
          I had Dish they were not bad, I have DirectTV because of the options. I have looked into the whole cut the cord thing and use internet TV its not what its cracked up to be, If you want stuff current and immediately.

          When all is said and done Dish purchasing T Mobile would be a fantastic idea and oh having had both AT&T cough cough err SBC!!  and Dish. I can tell personally Dish is nowhere near the level of bad that AT&T is.

          I hope the DOJ officially puts the knife in the deal of AT&T  T Mobile with anymore extensions.

          Let DT sell T Mobile to DISH and we will have 4 wireless players in the market and T Mobile will live on.

        • Anonymous

          A cnet reporter tired cutting cable and a month later was back. All the effort he had to go through with these, “alternate methods” wasnt worth it. 
          DISH i s one of the lowest cost providers out there.

        • At least until the “New Customer” promotion wears off on your “alternative options.” Then they “lied” too.

          I prefer DirecTV over Dish, but Dish isn’t terrible. They’re like the quality carrier of the satellite TV industry. Combined with T-Mobile, that would be one deadly combination that I’d be happy to be a part of.

        • AfroLogic

          wow, so many neg rxns in such a small amount of time. Thanks again walker for your feedback. it is appreciated. 

          whether or not dish is a good network or not, i still think it is a better alternative than att. 

        • Realcool2000

          Totally agree

      • Scarfacemario

        Dish has been great to me for 7 years now there customer service is great from my experiences

      • NotaG1

        Dish is ok…as long as you have a view to their south western satellite(s).

  • Miro

    Dish is value oriented much like Tmobile so why not, maybe it could work although Dish’ specturm is S-Band much like LIghtSquared I think

  • Tuliom Mesa

    Dish would be a good addition to Tmobile especially since DT are throwing Tmo into the dust

  • This could be good…I have Dish right now.

  • Scarfacemario

    Dish really aint bad I like this better than At&t

  • This actually might work out, the part I like about it most is that they know and  they admit that they need help in entering the wireless arena so they would be willing to help more than hurt T-Mobile in which case they actually want to see T-Mobile thrive and become stronger and not just  kill it and swallow it up

    • TiredofwaitingforyouNokia

      That’s EXACTLY RIGHT….. let the Dish be good at the bird TV and the T-Mobile be good at cellular….and let the two share their best practices on Customer Service.

      Presto….. I’m in.   This seems like EXACTLY the kinda thing ATT would have liked to have prevented. Competition for Uverse.  Yeah, I know…technically Uverse has broadband advantages that a Dish would not be able to match from the birds…but around cities T-Mobile might just be able to provide with further 4g expansion?

      But there are a WHOLE lotta customers that wouldn’t know the difference and would be more than happy with a “NICE” company serving them TV and Cellular.


  • I’m open to it. Anything to save T-Mobile, that doesn’t put them in AT&T’s hands.

  • Minioninnc

    Will this come with HD for life? LOL!

  • inspector magnet

    FCC to AT&T “Dish and Tmobile I hearby declare you merged” AT&T I’m sorry but I declare you, your plans, & your service a waste of our time. Take your application and merge with cricket wireless then we can talk business” hahahhahaha Kablam!

  • Anonymous

    @  ChadBroChillz It looks like you called this one.  

    “Tmobile will need to find a wholesaler to partner with. Dish is probably the perfect partner, since they have not partnered with anyone yet and have a lot of satellite spectrum.”

    This is sounding like a good plan.

    • Anonymous

      Lol, I guess I was.  IMO, this is a great plan. Dish has spectrum and capital, which are two things tmobile needs right now, plus if Tmobile does sign a deal to handle Dish’s backhaul and network build out, it will force tmobile to switch to multimode base stations, like sprint, which will mean improved coverage and more efficient network, since one tower can handle mutli bands and technology( HSPA+ and LTE on one tower). 

      DT would be crazy not to jump on this. Lightsquared plan with sprint was a 15yr deal and sprint got 9 billion in cash, plus 4.5 billion in LTE credits and ability to buy 50% of Lightsquared capacity. If DT can swing a similar deal, Tmobile would probably become self sufficient.  I also would not be surprised if after this deal sprint and tmobile started swapping redundant towers so they can both increase coverage to new areas.

      • gman thebrave

        I read that LTE is expected to be more economical than the
        Clearwire technology which Sprint, Comcast and Time-Warner have invested
        in.  T-Mobile is a great company and they
        offer more economical plans and extras which is what has made them
        popular.  I also read (like you PimpStrong) that Joe Clayton
        CEO of DISH announced he is interested in developing internet TV which would be
        a great addition to their services.  I
        have the Sling Adapter connected to my DISH employee HD DVR and I get streaming
        HD already on my iPhone and Galaxy Tab. 
        Bundling services is key right now and if DISH could get a viable
        wireless internet (could be satellite if the technology advances) like an LTE
        network everyone would be happy to leave their cable internet provider and keep
        saving money.

  • Anonymous

    I’d hit it.

  • TMoFan

    This partnership would really be a win-win for everybody, especially consumers. It would retain an important national competitor and allow T-Mobile access to spectrum. A partnership such as this is really the best outcome.

  • Jaygqitalia

    Dish has horrible TV service. They sell it for 20 bucks a month. I can only imagine what they would do with a phone carrier. No thanks

    • Jeff Munson

      I’ve had Dish for 3 years. Better than DirecTV (had that for 10 years), better than Comcast (as is, well, having nothing at all), and way better than any other TV provider I’ve ever had. Service is excellent, HD is awesome, customer service is great. This would be a fantastic merger, IMHO.

  • Ash

    This deal is much better than with ATT.

  • YES..  Sprints comment in 3..2..1..

  • Tbyrne

    This is more like it. Wireless & Satellite for all! It would seem like a great fit. DishMobile, T-Dish Network or keep them separate. Any of these would be better than AT&T-Mobile!

  • IchbenEinberliner

    This would be great.  Both companies have good product for the price.  Been with both for many years and much less problems than some of the other “Big Names”

    I’ve had both Dish and Direct, will never go back to Direct.  Much like I’ve had Att, Cingular, Verizon, Sprint etc.  Having finally found Tmobile years ago i will fight hard against returning to any of the others. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m all for this if they do bundled discounts.  I have dish and think they’re pretty good.  I went through the 2 years with them and was about to cancel.  I talked to their loyalty department and they took $10 off my bill and threw in blockbuster movie pass for free for a year.  No contract extension either.  Plus, everytime I call in about something, it seems, I get a couple of free pay-per-view movies.

    That, combined with the best DVR (IMO) makes them a good satellite company.  Their customer service is good, too.  I think this would be a good partnership.

  • waiting for DirecTV or some other stupid entity to cry foul over this.  i’m not a fan of Dish Network at all though so whatever … TMO’s best bet is anyone’s guess at this point.

  • Havoktek

    I’d buy that for 2 dollars! Let’s hope for this to come pass…..

  • Anonymous

    I have Dish and love it,”HD for life”,oh yeah HD on NFL Network is the shiznit. Id be all over it. I have had both for like 7 years. They are both freaking awesome. Imagine TMobile Satellite phones for just as cheap as a regular cell phone. Dude!!!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    D-Mobile, I can Dish it.  LOL!!!  The New Slogan is coined by Me!!!  LOL!!  Anyway, I like this idea MUCH better than AT&Takeover.  I also like the use of their word Partnership.  This could be good.

  • Tmobile_employee

    You think your signal sucks now.  Just wait till you have to do this via satelite/cell site/base station. 

    Higher latency for data, MMS will take much longer to send/recieve and more rings till your calls are connected. 

    What a mess!  Getting my popcorn ready now.  This ought to be good. 

    • DC to Daylight

      You need to understand that DishNetwork (Echostar) does not have mobile spectrum licensed for mobile satellite services, it is for terrestrial mobile services.
      This means that both Dish and TMO can combine their spectrum and create a very impressive 4G network and cross-market each other’s services, which is a very good thing!

    • Getmore

      They would not try to do voice over DISH’s satellite network. The great synergy in a DISH+T-Mobile USA deal is that DISH has spectrum and more service bundling options and T-Mobile USA has cell site leases for their land based network and existing spectrum. The leases and back haul connectivity are the main barriers to new entry into cellular networks. Core networks are comparatively quick and cheap to deploy.  I think it would be a great combination.

  • T-Mobile can use the spectrum, Dish needs help with entering the business… Why not? It will strengthen the competition between Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. This is exactly what the wireless market needs, fierce competition! I think this is Dish’s way of waving at T-Mobile, saying, “Hey we’re here let’s join!”. Let’s hope T-Mobile waves back.

  • Visitor

    Dish… I mean are ou searious?

  • Alarican

    I love this!  Dish is the TMobile of Visiual Media providers

  • Anonymous

    glad someone is willing to partner but dish network is annoying. we have them and they are very confusing. everything is set up in a very unuser friendly and i hate it. hopefully that doesnt carry over

  • Andy

    If DT wants to get out of the phone business in the US, and Dish Network wants to partner up, just wonder how this is going to play out?

    • Frank

      You bring up a good point here that many people seem to have overlooked. This might have been something DT would have looked at a couple years ago, but at this point, it doesn’t seem to fit in with their plan.

      Does dish network have enough to buy TM outright? As others have said, they don’t know anything about running a wireless company.

      Unless I’m missing something, DT still wants out, and Dish Network wants to partner with someone to be part of T-Mobile. For that to happen, we still need someone else to factor into that equation.

  • I hope this means a sattelite wireless network, IT’d be kinda cool.

    • Amaze Me

      Good luck with that. Ping times for satellite broadband are at least 500 ms making a big impact on web usage let alone things like wifi calling. Used to have Hughes Sat Broadband at previous job, plus since the satellite bandwidth is limited services is throttled terribly. Just my 2 cents

  • SprintShouldBuyTMobile

    The only reason why some of you guys are so desperate to keep T-Mobile around is probably because your credit is so bad nobody else would accept you. 

    Other than that I don’t understand the hysteria.  T-Mobile has a swiss cheese network with more geographic GPRS coverage than HSPA +

    • Bkidko

      I have zero issues with reception on Tmobile for the past ten years. Sprint doesn’t have 4g in Phoenix. Att has reception once in a while at my house. Verizon is reliable, but they act like Nazis.

      You think paying more for your phone bill is a status symbol? You have the mindset of a poor man.

      • Tbyrne

        I’ll second that!

      • Well said! I think he was high from drinkin cough syrup and sprite

        • Anonymous

          AKA Sizzurp.

    • More like freedom of choice. Americans deserve to have 4 choices, 3 choices would soon lead to only 2 choices. That’s why the government stepped in, 4 is the lowest they’re willing to go.

    • Purenupe1

      My credit is fine you jerk! The reason I want tmobile to stay is because i dont want to overspend on wireless, ive been with att & sprint and they both suck. Before this deal TMO had great customer service and awesome plans. I expect when this is all over they will return to the business model that made the people on this site adore them. The service works fine for me here in chicago, and i had no problems in my travels to LA, Bmore, jacksonville and NYC. But i doubt you can say any provider has 100% service coverage

    • Stephanie29

      GTFOH with your ignorant ass!  Smdh

    • I think you have your own kind of issues. They have a drug for that. You should look in to it.

  • jon

    I am glad Dish is speaking loudly about its desire. Since DT has to continue being at&ts lap dog until the breakup fee has been worked out, I would imagine that means DT cannot pursue any other joint ventures. This news (and not-so subtle smoke signal) is exactly what DT needed..I see a deal that gives T-mobile its much needed spectrum for LTE. In exchange Dish will probably get a percentage of T-Mobile and an agreement that Dish can use T-Mobile as part of a bundled service. The remaining assets of T-Mobile will either be kept by DT or spun off. I imagined and hoped this would happen with Comcast, and the Time Warner family of cable Companies, but we all know Verizon came in a screwed that plan. This would work all the same though.

    • macman37

      Bro, you just posted what I was going to say.  I couldn’t have put it better.  Dish, please save T-Mobile!!

  • 2000jetta

    As a employee will I get free dish services? If yes, bye bye cable and I keep
    my job!

    • Tmo-Emp

      That is a Great Question  :-)

    • Steelevo 222

      As a dish tech …. I will say, u don’t have guys leaning off ladders in zero below temperatures if ur not taking care of them! If not free then a nice discount :-) if this happens T-Mobile /dish instantly become huge plays and both with live on probably forever. To b clear, Charlie has stepped down at dish and is now running this little project! If not yet, you’ll understand soon why this is key!! :-) IV been with dish for years! When u see the big picture you’ll see it includes you!!! Lol dish forever bit%&$s!!! Lmao

  • Michael

    Love t-mobile and I miss my Dish Network Terribly. Two of my favorite providers merging would be great. Both have excellent customer service, both have a great value. To bundle them together on one bill would be exceptional. I have friends that work for att, and the stories they share are amazing. They treat there employees like crap. It’s a wonder there service is terrible. Treat your most valuable assets like crap, and see how they treat your customers
    . On a side note I picked up the HTC Radar windows phone and it is awsome. Wife has Galaxy SII, with some cool features, but with better hardware, it does not seem as smooth and quick as my Radar. Hopefully the Ice Cream sandwhich update fixes the performance.

  • Aaron Tant

    I would love to know if there is any update to this rumor.  Nothing that I can find on to point me in a direction.