T-Mobile To Introduce The Nokia Lumia 710 In January, Codename: Sword?

Having just seen the Nokia Lumia 710 pass through the FCC with T-Mobile ready AWS bands we started inquiring about a possible Magenta arrival. As it turns out, our inquiries were not in vain as the Lumia 710 was discovered ready for a T-Mobile unveiling this January. The internal codename is “Sword” and is listed as coming in both black and white colors.

As a quick recap the Lumia 710 has a 3.7? WVGA 800×480 TFT touchscreen, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, 5 megapixel camera, 512MB RAM, 8GB internal storage, 1.4GHz Single Core MSM8255 processor and a 1300mAh battery.

We’ve got a hands-on video below and a link to the Nokia Lumia 710 product page at the end of the post. Who is down for taking a Nokia Windows Phone 7 device for a test drive next year?

Nokia Product Page

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  • NokiaAAFAN

    be happier if the add their amoled clear black on this model … but what can I say better than nothing. 

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t it have been code named “whore”?

    • Ummmm no?!

      • Lumia means whore in Spanish, David. In Spain, prostitutes are referred to as “lumias.”

        • No they don’t.  No one in Spain uses that word.

        • Farhan
        • juan

          Totalmente de acuerdo. Nadie en España usa la palabra Lumia. (I’m totally agree. Nobody in Spain uses Lumia. It is NOT a common word even it is not rare common used) Nokia Lumia will be a big hit here in Spain!! 

        • Anonymous

          WTF are you talking about? They don’t use that word in any Spanish speaking country let alone Spain.

        • Not necessarily. There was a big thread about this on Engadget and a lot of Spaniards chimed in that it doesn’t really mean anything. Unless you’re a Spaniard I guess…

  • CJ

    Yuck Why not the 800. MS needs better devices than that.

    • Agreed. This phone is terrible looking while the 800 is gorgeous enough to make me switch to wp7 if it becomes available.

      • Foxeh

        By the looks of things, the Lumia 800 is off to a good start among the French. Nokia, either boldly or desperately, is tripling their usual budget to push their very own Meego killer, I do hope it works out well for them.

  • we need the 800!

  • guest101

    looks like an underperformer to me!

  • Xjt Computers

    i will never understand why tmobile keeps focusing so much on these small underperforming devices… shit is ridiculous… we missed out on the titan (dumb move tmobile), missed out on iphone (idiotic), nokia 800 (dumb)… my goodness get it right tmobile

    • Anonymous

      If we don’t get a Galaxy Nexus add that to the list :/

    • IN fairness, T-Mo tried to get iPhone but they sounds like there isn’t a chipset version with 1700Mhz. Would like T-Mo to get the 800 though as well. In most of the rest of t-mobiles operations worldwide, i bet they have both devices. Not saying other US carriers shouldn’t also get the 800, but yeah, would be nice if T-Mo had it.

  • Moi

    T-mobile been sucking lately, go windows phone devices. taking my business to sorry at&t. the titan or any of samsung would have been nice. I guess at&t told them they could only get mid-range phone. 

  • Wtf, why does t-mobile keep grabbing these mid range phones for windows phone? AT&T has 2 flagship devices and t-mobile keeps passing on the goods! First they choose the radar over the titan and now they choose the 710 over the 800.. WTF???

    • Kha

      Yo I ask myself the same question. Can’t wait til Sprint starts rolling out their LTE network. By then my contract should be done and time to jump ship.

    • Anonymous

      T-mobile’s main product is Android what do you expect?

  • This is a huge fail and a slap in the face of T-Mobiles WP customers.  I had been against the takeover.  Now I hope it happens.  Atleast then I’ll be able to get a good high end WP device.

    • Anonymous

      Why not just go and switch now? why wait?

      • Anonymous

        Probably hoping his low cost TMobile plan will be grandfathered in as an FCC requirement of the merger.

        • Philosoraptor

          Same here.  My contract isn’t up until next summer and I’m hoping the merger will be settled (one way or another).  If it’s not then I’m leaving to where the Nokia Ace is.

  • I dont get it? Wtf is wrong with tmobile getting this phone? so what att gets the focus and the titan. We have the hd7, radar, and getting a 710. thats more than sprint and verizon. Dont forget, Att is wp7’s premier partner so they get all the good things. I think for a company that was cut off from funding, and operating on thier own, releasing new products and still maintaining lower prices than the rest of the big four shouldn’t be considered a fail, i say its good management.

    • Digdeeperandmoreoften

      T-Mobile / DT has been a LONG and FAITHFUL channel for Nokia. The ATT “premier partner” thing isn’t material here. 

      I think the intro of the 710 is an attempt to address the need to flood the market with price competitive WP7 phones ASAP vs an attempt to trump the Android high end phones. 

      This may suggest that T-Mobile knows they aren’t going to introduce the 800 with a healthy subsidy.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    >:(   (Anybody that knows me well enough from this site, knows what that face is for regarding Nokia).

  • Anonymous

    I agree the 800 would be nice. However the price point on this will probably be $50 on contract maybe $250-300 on a no contract. Nokia has stated before they want to attack the mid range Android market. This will be a good device to get people into Window devices. I would look for them to announce a higher end one as well.  

  • Anonymous

    I want to upgrade my HTC HD7 but T-MO doesn’t have anything to upgrade too only downgrade. Oh thats right I forgot only Android devices.

    • Anonymous

      Wp7/7.5 is a dead OS, its so behind the times anything is considered an upgrade from the first wp7 

      • Digdeeperandmoreoften

        So little understanding of what entrenched branding and huge piles of money can do once the ball is rolling.  History lesson: IBM took FOREVER to be unseated from their throne in the computer industry and they STILL survived through re-invention of themselves.

        Microsoft will be able to set a course in any computer related business (EVEN LATE) and still buy/work their way into a reasonable slice of the pie that folks will buy into.

        It won’t matter if they aren’t on the absolute BLEEDING EDGE.

      • Dave

        I disagree, the marketing strategy that Microsoft is taking with windows phone 7 is not the best, most people don’t know about the is but wait until windows 8 comes out it might help boost the mobile counterpart since they both have the same interface. As the os itself I find it solid and pretty good compared to IOS. BLACKBERY 7 can be considered a death os since rim is transitioning to qnx and we don’t know if they will support os7 or not.

      • Guest

        The only thing is dead here is your knowledge and your comment. Window sPhone OS actually not behind and it ha sfeatures that others don’t or recently copying from Windows Phone.

        So stop trolling and go educate yourself before posting nonsense on web. Thank you!

      • Philosoraptor

        This guy still trolling WP7 posts?  I remember a while ago this same guy was saying Mango didn’t support custom ringtones (which it does). 

        The way I see it, he must be insecure about his phone choice so he has to come here and hate.

        Go read any of the Andriod posts and all you see are comments complaining about bugs and lack of updates.  And it’s crazy to see them in denial about it (ex – don’t blame Google, blame the phone makers!!!).  Yeah… right.

        • Anonymous

          I dont troll post and you must have me mistaken with someone else but oh well you know what they say about people who just assume. Dont troll me for stating a opinion.

        • Philosoraptor

          Come on, check out your posts here – https://www.tmonews.com/2011/08/htc-omega-spotted-hanging-out-in-the-wild/

          If you only defense is that it’s your opinion then state it as such (“In my opinion, windows phone is dead” vs “Windows Phone is dead”). 

          At least back up your opinion with something, and you know what they say about opinions.  Haha, anyway point is at least contribute or save your dumb (IMO) opinion to yourself.

    • The Nokia is an upgrade in processor from 1 to 1.4 GHz.  The display is an upgrade, as the HD7 display is horrible and the Nokia has ClearBlack technology.  However if you need 16GB you are screwed.  The strategy is correct though. People buying Android aren’t buying the top of the line exclusively, in fact I would bet the higher end is still iPhone on those networks that have it.  Most people with Android have it as a salesperson recommendation when they go in looking for a budget smartphone.  I know several people who got Android that way and most of them have a less than perfect experience.  WP7 will give them a perfect experience even at the lower price point because of the hardware optimization and minimum specs.  Some Android devices come with 2GB SD and depending on the OS version had restrictions on where you could install Apps.  People aren’t yet paying a premium for WP7.  Sure the Lumia 800 might convince some, but it doesn’t have dual core etc.. Nokia will bring that in time, especially with the chip deal it signed.  For now the Lumia 710 can be given away which together with the attractive colors will help WP7 marketplace which in return will allow carriers to push premium devices.

  • Jordan Zielin

    more low end crap. come on t-mobile!

  • This is cute for the kiddies but I’m gonna need that 800 to drop on Magenta if they expect me to take a serious look at WP

  • Anonymous

    I guess they just had  to give us the cheapest one, huh?  I mean no disrespect, T-Mobile, but if you want us to remain excited about your lineup, you should bring more high end phones to the market.  AT&T is getting the Samsung Galaxy II Skyrocket and the HTC Vivid, Verizon is getting the HTC Vigor with beats audio, and all you had to bring was the LG Double play?  Why not the Nokia 800?  Do you really think that can compete with any of the phones the other guys are offering?  You didn’t get the iPhone so don’t you think you should bring something good enough to make us excited and want to stay?  Come on, Magenta, I’ve been here for over six years, but you’re making me ask myself whether or not the grass is greener on the other side.  Loyalty has kept me here, but at the end of the day, I’ll need some real toys.  

    • Digdeeperandmoreoften

      Spot on.  This is a joke.

      I’ve been wanting a “good” WP7 phone for months and the Nokia 800 is the closest I’m likely to get through T-Mobile. But alas they are going to make us wait even longer and screw around with the 710.  

      As this T-Mobile insanity continues I am more and more apt to just put up the money for an unlocked phone. That means my contracts remain UNRENEWED.  They won’t loose me as a customer yet because the economics work out for me …for now.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not T-Mobile’s fault. It’s Nokia. They tend to keep their high end smartphones in Europe. The Nokia 800 is not coming to America just yet.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not T-Mobile’s fault. It’s Nokia. They tend to keep their high end smartphones in Europe.The Nokia 800 is not coming to America just yet.

  • Anonymous

    This phone is horribly fat!

  • SaSa

    The Lumia 710 is the only Nokia phone with WP7 available in the US at this moment and I think it is good that T-Mobile is the one bringing it.

  • Vic

    Who’s the marketing genius at Nokia that decides to release one of the phones that’s suppose to help them enter the US market a month after the biggest US shopping season of the year?

  • Are there any rumors about any other Window phones? Nokia Lumia 800? I understand that the software platform is actually quite stable as long as you keep within Windows app world. 

  • S18sport

    looks good just needs a few tweaks a front facing camera good size screen but could be bigger an built or design more premium