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Blackberry Curve 9380 Touchscreen Hits The FCC, T-Mobile Bands In Tow

The FCC has just given us our first “glimpse” at another upcoming Blackberry possibly bound for T-Mobile store shelves in the form of the Blackberry Curve 9380. RIM’s first all-screen Curve has revealed itself with support for WCDMA band IV, the band we love seeing noted in FCC passings as that indicates compatibility with T-Mobile’s 3G 4G networks.

We hope that if this does in fact come to T-Mobile store shelves, it arrives with a better price tag than the most recent Blackberry additions to T-Mobile’s lineup. The Blackberry Curve models have typically arrived well priced on the T-Mobile network and we hope the addition of the Blackberry Curve 9380 allows that tradition to continue.

Engadget via FCC

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