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MetroPCS Thinks They Can Steal Carly Away From Magenta

This MetroPCS “attack” ad is hardly the first time we’ve seen a small regional carrier attempt to poke fun at T-Mobile’s sorrows but this time, they’re trying to steal Carly. I’m not having any of that. Nobody steals Carly. So listen up Ranjit and Chat, you can make fun of T-Mobile all you want but when you try and steal our most valuable player, you better bring more than a phone-in”tech and talk” help show.

On a more serious note we’re dismayed that the smaller, regional players find T-Mobile in such a vulnerable position that these ads are the result. Sure this is marketing and advertising at work and we’re not opposed to that, but when they think it’s ok to steal our marketing MVP, it’s war. So bring it on Chad and Ranjit…bring it on.


Hat tip to @germanevy for the find.

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