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T-Mobile G2x Gingerbread Update List Of Improvements, Retail Stores Receiving Inventory

I am almost prepared to shed a tear as we’ve been receiving word all day that retail stores are on alert for shipments of the T-Mobile G2x that are alleged to contain brand new devices arriving with Gingerbread already installed. While we can’t confirm the installation of Gingerbread on these new devices we’ve heard from multiple sources that inventory is being replenished early this week. Things are looking very very good that we could see a total re-launch of the device this week as T-Mobile and LG prepare to alert customers on how to update their device and fix a lot of those nagging problems that have plagued the phone and caused this whole brouhaha.

While we wouldn’t say the update is “official” as of yet, we don’t see T-Mobile or LG doing much to stand in the way of people taking advantage of the LG Mobile Update updater and getting Gingerbread now. In fact, you should do that right now if you haven’t already done so. If you aren’t comfortable using that method bookmark the link at the end of this post as that is where we believe (according to this leaked shot we’ve obtained) LG will release the G2x Gingerbread update. From what we are hearing there might be a forced OTA but rumor has it you’ll have to do it from a desktop and the link provided below.

G2x Gingerbread

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