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T-Mobile Previews Their Upcoming 42Mbps HSPA+ Upgrade, With Video!

Editor’s Note:  I know the camera work is a little shaky, I had to do a balancing act with my laptop and taking notes so I’m sorry it’s not the best!

T-Mobile showed off a little bit of their upcoming 42Mbps HSPA+ network by doing exactly what I would do to test it and that is to download an album and play a video game.  Honestly, if you’re a computer gaming person, the frame rates in the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit game will most certainly impress you and make you question if that’s really coming out of mobile broadband.  We took not 1, not 2, but 3 videos of T-Mobile testing out the network so watch them, enjoy them and then hope you’re city is at the top of the launch list!

A couple of notes:

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