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Dell Streak 7, Motorola Cliq2 Launching January 19th?

For anyone patiently waiting for Motorola to drop the Motorola Cliq 2 or Dell fans hoping to grab the upcoming Dell Streak 7 pencil January 19th onto your calendar. We urge the use of the pencil, as our ninja was pretty clear this date is tentative and with CES right around the bend anything and everything is subject to change.  Either way I’m eagerly awaiting some images of the Cliq2 to see if Motorola and T-Mobile have partnered (finally) to bring a powerhouse device ala Droid X to the T-Mobile side of things.

The Dell Streak will be a closely watched launch with the recent spate of problems Dell has suffered with the Venue Pro. I believe Dell needs something successful, lif they hope to really gain a foothold in the mobile space right now. Call me crazy but I just don’t see Dell growing into a player without something wildly successful, and a tablet would do just that.

For the moment, let’s keep an eye on the 19th of January as a day we just might see two big launches but as always, file this firmly in the rumor category for now

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