T-Mobile Buy One Get One Extended Through September 7th

T-Mobile’s Buy One Get One promotion feels like its been going on forever, and for good reason as its been extended yet again through September 7th. This smartphone offering has surely attracted more than a few of you and we welcome the continued offering from T-Mobile. Just remember, not every device, like the Samsung Vibrant qualifies as the “free” or “second” device, just the first phone. Something to keep in mind if you haven’t heard or read about the buy one get one promotion until now. Happy bogo’ing!

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  • craig

    T-Mobile you have good service and good phones in my opinion, but Im here to tell people simple mobile unlimited data is not unlimited. trying to go cheap is not always the answer.

    • Longcat

      Depends on your definition of unlimited. There are no restrictions up to 10gb and after that amount you do not pay overages but rather are speed capped. Now if there was an option to pay more for another 10gb at full speed that would be cool but how tmobile does it is the reason I switched from my great service (no lie) with AT&T since they changed their policy. And you, Tmobile, don’t deviate on this policy for the worse of the customers or I will have no reservations on looking elsewhere.

      • JakeMG

        And, for the record, 10gb is a really tough cap to hit. I tried one month and did about 7 gb with very very heavy usage.

      • Farhan Ahmed

        There is only one definition of unlimited and any cap or restriction is in violation of that definition.

      • Brad

        Farhan Ahmed said:
        “There is only one definition of unlimited and any cap or restriction is in violation of that definition.”

        And there is no restriction on the amount of data you can download, so yes the unlimited data they advertise is truly unlimited.

        You’re confusing “unlimited data” with “unlimited speed”. Unlimited speed does not exist on this planet, so you’ll have to look outside the solar system for that one.

    • watbetch

      Just because you can’t use your phone as your home’s High Speed Internet connection 24/7 downloading god knows what after you’re throttled down to help with network congestion doesn’t mean it’s not unlimited.

  • Oman774

    I took advantage of the BOGO deal when I got my Vibrant and I got my wife the Mytouch Slide. I have been with Verizon, AT&T and Sprint and so far T-mobile has been the best customer service experience I have ever had with any cell provider.

  • Jose

    I just called tmobile to verify the sale and its true. but they are telling me that the vibrant is not part of the BOGO sale. So in other words I cannot buy the Vibrant and get a slide free.

    can someone please shed some light on this.

    • Chris

      This is not true. The vibrant IS eligible as the first device in the BOGO. So, you could upgrade or activate a vibrate and then get a slide, HD2, etc. for free. You just can’t get 2 vibrants as part of the BOGO.

    • NiiDiddy

      Jose, I agree that is not true. They told me the same thing the night before the Vibrant came out. But I was able to take advantage of the BOGO and got the Vibrant as my first phone and Slide as free phone.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You cannot rely on what CSRs tell you. If you call back you may get an entirely different answer. A lot of CSRs are foreigners who don’t know anything except the script in front of them on the display.

      (My last three calls to custo service sound like women with German accents. I can figure out where they are at. Interestingly, if I call in the morning I get the east coast. If I call in late evening, PDT, I get “Europe.” that would be in comport with time zones taking over depending on the time).

      In any event, when the Vibrant debuted a number of T-Mobile employees in here said that the Vibrant had to be the Buy phone and the lesser phone could be the free one, such as the Slide.

  • When I called, I was told I wasn’t elegibile until Jul 23rd. so glad to see the extension, but I too was told I couldn’t buy a vibrant and get a slide for free. They said bogo was only for buy one phone get the same model for free. I can’t find any info on the T-mobile web site.

    • TMO_GIL

      I went to the store and they told me I can get the vibrant and get a slide for free as part of the BOGO. T-mobile website doesn’t do it the same which is weird. I confirmed it by going to another t-mobile store and they told me I can get the vibrant and get a slide for free.

  • George

    Actually on 7 / 15 , I bought the Vibrant, also got the MyTouch Slide, but it costs $ 50 with a $50 mail-in rebate.so the phone is free later down the line not right away

  • Arun

    i spoke to tmobile customer care – they say Vibrant is not part of BOGO.
    i went to Tmobile store and i got a different answer – Vibrant is part of the BOGO as first or first and second(only thing you need to ask for it).

    Customer care cannot issue Sam Vib(as i like call) as part of BOGO but they can get you a good deal on plan which i got. I paid $149 – Sam Vib and $129 for MT3GSlide.
    i got unlimited message for family – $9.99 and Data plan $20 for each phone.
    if you get the free phone from retail store you pay $30 data plan no bargining. just calculate how you want save money.
    by going retail – $199+free+ ($30×2 x 24 months) = $1639
    by customer care – $149+$129 +($20x2x24 months) = $1288 = saving $351 over 2 years.

    Hope this helps.

    • J-Hop2o6

      thx! instead of $40 for Data & Messaging, i could get it for $30 together! thx T-Mobile Customer Care! imma have to do this soon.

    • antonio

      the prices you quoted seem like EMP (Even More Plus) prices.

    • mismot

      I keep call Cust Care and they repeatedly tell me it’s impossible to get the Unlimited Message Plan for Family for $9.99. Could you clarify that it’s $9.99 for all lines? Do you have an Even More Plan?

      Sam Vib $99 (Costco)

      I upgraded to a EM plan 3000 shared minutes $99.99
      Xtra line $5 (promo)
      Preferred Android Plan $20 per line (x 3)
      Unlimited Text $15

      TMo customer since 2001

      I would be so appreciative if you could get back to me soon as I’m sure I have limited time to negotiate. Loyalty Dept told me if you could provide any info to me, ie Where did you upgrade?

      Many thanks, mismot

  • If you want to get the Vibrant as a BOGO you need to go to a store. Some stores can do this. I was also told I could not do this when I I called but was able to get the My Touch 3G Slide as a BOGO deal with the Vibrant.

  • NiiDiddy

    I took advantage of the BOGO the day the Vibrant came out at the store. I got a Vibrant as my first phone and a MT3G Slide as the second free one. Just be reminded that its entirely free ONLY after $50 MIR when pruchased at the store. The Vibrant was $217 ($199+$18 upgrade) + $50 (MIR) = $267 before taxes and MIR. For the MT3G it was $50 before taxes. When you get your MIR in the mail, its $50 each on a visa card = $100 in MIR.

    I did it, no regrets – now enjoying my Vibrant and my wife enjoying her Slide..and we love T-Mobile…


    • Wilma Flintstone

      ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!!! You wore me down NiiDiddy. The Vibrant is a pretty good phone. There I said it, are you happy? Now the little squirrels are going to laugh at me. The monkeys are already flinging away. HAAA!!!!!

      • NiiDiddy

        @Wilma – LMAO! :). Glad I could be of help in getting you to warm up to the Vibrant. Go get you one…

  • Longcat

    Hey I hope they extend it long enough for me to get a hspa+ phone or this deal is meaningless to me!

  • VIBRANT user

    do you have to activate a new line with the second phone

    • NiiDiddy


    • vin

      No, the BOGO can be any combination of activations or upgrades, as long as your upgrade is eligible for a FULL upgrade

  • daymtim

    i have a question…. ok soo if i buy a phone does the second phone have to be a new line? or what? cause i want to upgrade one of my lines and just give the second one to my brother? will he have to upgrade his account? or what? cause hes not elgible yet.

    • NiiDiddy

      you will have to have a second line on your account, be it a new line or an existing line on on your account that is currently eligible for an upgrade

  • Nick

    I tried to get a free vibrant and they said SHUT UP MURDOCK, YOU CRAZY FOOL

  • pablo

    Sounds good…but I can’t help but wonder if this will prolong the Cliq being updated…

  • monicooo

    Does this mean if you buy the vibrant, you CANT get the second one free?

    • Arun

      you can if you walk-in to retail store and ask them.

  • john

    To kind of shed some light on the mixed signals everyone has been getting from csr’s here is the real answer. Yes, the vibrant is part of the bogo, no you can’t get the vibrant itself for free though. Now, when you call care they can’t mix and match, so to buy a vibrant and get a slide free, you have to go to the store. The csr’s would love to be able to get you the same deal, but there are system limitations in place. Oh yeah, the vibrant is the phone worth buying, got mine yesterday, it hasn’t been put down yet.

  • Brigini

    Maybe the deal is ending on the 7th of September because the “leaked” roadmap shows a new phone possibly dropping on the 9th that may be the HTC Vanguard/Vision. Hope this is a good thing.

    • 2Noob4U

      Yeah I saw that too. I keep wanting the Vibrant, but I do like HTC’s products better.

  • rcprice

    I went in-store to purchase my Vibrant and MT Slide as part of the BOGO offer. Basically told the same things as everyone else – the Vibrant can NOT be the free phone, but can be the first phone. I was also told to call back after 13 days and see if that had changed. You have 14 days to return a phone, with a $10 restock fee. If the Vibrant could be the free phone, I’d return the slide in a heartbeat!

    Vibrant FTW!!

  • ulysses salcido


    • Wilma Flintstone

      I know what you’re doing but there’s a thing called Caps Lock. You may need to Unlock it. :)

      • Dashi


        you guys have to understand coperate stores differ from other dealers so remmber that!

  • scott

    Got my bogo slides this weekend. Dragged my wife kicking and screaming to the smartphone arena. Also got the customer loyalty data packages for $20.

    • FloridaGuy

      what exactly is this $20 data package ? How do i become eligible for it ? Currently i am on customer loyalty family plan of unlimited minutes and 2 lines. I was planning to upgrade to Vibrant + a non-smartphone for the $30 dataplan for one line which the tmo rep told me that i could get it for 24.99.
      So i was wondering, if i could get this $20 data plan (unlimited i hope), i can get the second phone a smartphone too.

      • scott

        they cant do it at the store, you have to call. i have a grandfathered family plan with 4 phones and 2000 anytime with 9.99 unlimited text. i had 2 bb9700 with 24.95 plans. they made the 1 bb plan $20 and the 2 slides $20 as well. we didnt have internet service on the mils dumbphone.

  • matsayswhat

    I got the wife and I Vibrants last Friday via BOGO. So basically we paid $100/ea after rebates and contract renewal.

  • jmugirl

    well since you could return phone after 14 days couldnt i get a phone right b4 the bogo ends and then return and trade for the vanguard on september 9th. will they allow that?

  • Junior

    If i already have a contract with T mobile and want to get so BOGO action how can i?

  • M&M

    So my uncle can buy the Vibrant and get the My Touch Slide free?

  • M&M

    So if my uncle buys the Vibrant he can get the My Touch Slide free?

  • Mark

    I went to a Tmobile store yesterday and was able to get 2 Vibrants on the BOGO. He had to get it cleared by his manager, and they said it was due to the fact that I had been with the carrier for many years.

    If you push for it, you might be able to get 2 Vibrants.

    • raj

      Mark, Where did you got the 2 Vibrants on BOGO ? I have been with T-mobile from while and one store said can’t do it. Can you specify your location ?

  • Henry

    This is not true. I got 2 Vibrants on the BOGO deal on July 16th. I even asked if it was only eligible as the first device only, and my salesperson said “no, ALL smartphones are eligible”. There was no pushing necessary. The salesperson was actually pushing me to get the deal.

    Vibrant #1: $249.99 – $50.00 Rebate
    Vibrant #2: $50.00 – $50.00 Rebate
    TOTAL = $199.99 for Two Samsung Vibrants :)

    It’s on my contract to prove it!

  • raj

    I trust you. But I visited 1 store and called 3 more and they have the same story. Only one Vibrant and any other smart phone but no 2 Vibrants.
    Any suggestions how can I get the same deal ? or location you got it from ?