BlackBerry Bold 9780 Has T-Mobile Launch Screen?

Update: And just moments after we posted the video…its been removed for TOS from YouTube. Suffice to say and you’ll just have to go on my word here, based on the launch screen in the first few seconds of the video, we believe this device will end up on T-Mobile in the near future.

Update 2: The guys over at BBLeaks have re-uploaded the BlackBerry Bold 9780 video! Check it out above!

Blackberry has certainly made a concentrated effort to remain in the news this week, both directly and indirectly. While AT&T drew the short or long stick (depending on how you view it) to be the launch carrier for the BlackBerry Bold 9800, it appears as though T-Mobile just might get the 9780 very soon. Of course I’m basing most of this “theory” on the first few seconds of the video, which contains a T-Mobile launch screen. That usually makes for a pretty solid guesstimate of a Magenta arrival though admittedly no other T-Mobile features are spotted through the rest of the video, at least none that I saw.

As it stands, I really hope BlackBerry doesn’t go down for the count, I’ve shared some found memories with their devices over the years and while they may not have the most visually pleasing interface these days, you can’t knock their reliability and the beauty with which they handle email. For that reason alone, I’m pulling for you BlackBerry!

CrackBerry via BBLeaks


  • john

    Well, that and the launch of the 9300 coming in september, since they are not ordering any more 8520’s, should at least have a couple. For those who complain about the 9300, think it’s another 3g phone, more cards in your hand, the better chance of getting a royal flush

  • Brian

    john does have a point.

    keep in mind, not everyone wants a high end blackberry phone. i dont know why and it doesn’t make a lick of sense to be, but for some people, its good enough for them.

  • JC

    Took them all of 5min to pull the video for Terms Of Use Violation.. Any other copies?

    • David

      Wow, that didn’t take long at all!!

  • Patrick

    This video already showed that T-Mobile is the carrier:

    See the “Welcome to T-Mobile” Message at 0:11.

  • I noticed in the 9780 About screen had the T-Mo 3G bands of 1,4, & 8.

  • killerinstinct24

    i know the storm was kind of an awful phone, but why doesn’t blackberry try another touch screen edition for t-mobile? i don’t wanna sound cliche and say BB’s are “outdated” because they are good for people who send/receive a lot of emails, etc. and other more business related applications. But the average person would prefer an iphone or android os phone over the blackberry standard.

    • Monicoo

      Well, The blackberry 9800 is coming out. It is very appealing to all, with a touchscreen on screen keyboard and a qwerty keyboard. Also, The 9900 or pluto may be released, a touch screen qwerty keyboard bar phone, but not much info on that. Blackberries are sturdy and easy to understand. Andriods are so confusing.

      • Davidohio

        I found my android to be easier than my blackberry 8900

      • B

        The hell is confusing about Android?

      • monicooo

        There is just to many home pages and icons plus i hate the scrolling on them

      • flannery

        I’ve been a BB person the last 4 years. I bought the G2 and returned and am now back to my 8900.

        I hated that there was no unified inbox! What is up with that! Also the LED indicator was terrible.

        BB got it right with the large LED. BerryBuzz is a huge selling point for me – a different LED blink for work email, personal email, facebook, BBM, etc…. I am a computer programmer for a living and actually might program that for Android if someone doesn’t come out with it in the next few months – it’s such a pain having to turn on the screen and check!

        As for the unified inbox – what is so hard about putting Facebook, MMS, SMS, emails, all in one place on android? The notification bar is just not the same.

        Maybe I am old fashioned, but this “there’s an app for that” philosophy is so inconvenient!

  • Jazz

    The 9700s are currently Buy One Get One @ $99 w/ 2 Yr Contract. They are possibly looking to sell out of that model to make way for this new one.

  • Brent

    I think AT&T definitely got the long end of the stick with the 9800. Touch screen and QWERTY. Hopefully it isn’t a long exclusive. The 9780 will be hard to pass up though.

  • En2Mente
  • jmts80

    I just can’t get excited for upcoming Blackberry phones anymore nothing innovating just minor software improvements and the same old hardware with minor changes…

    • Green Robot

      Exactly, there is absolutely nothing exciting here – it’s just another blackberry whatever number you slap on it: 9780, 8372,-2832,0154,2345,7463, just another blackberry with nothing new, blah, blah, blah…

      • bizantino

        Go change your diaper.

  • remixfa


    all smart phones are buy one get one. curves are what.. 20 bux after rebates BOGO? The garmin phone is down to 100 on bogo as well and the new nokia smartphone is only 50. Its a good time to buy :)

  • Roger

    this is great and all, especially if it actually supports hspa 7.2(doubt it’ll support hspa+), but honestly with blackberries it really matters very little whether you have a cheap curve or a more expensive bold, as they’re not very technology intensive. If we were getting a touchscreen blackberry that would be a little better because that’s the variety we’re currently lacking, but thats really about it.

  • AgDon

    I’m one who will be getting rid of my BB8900 as soon as my contract is up in november. I liked mine but its to slow (edge) and the screen is to small for my old eyes. I dont want to have to constantly zoom in to read someting. Here I come Emerald or possible iPhone. To bad we did not get a version of the Storm. This just another BB with a small screen.

  • Monicoo

    Duhh. This is not a surprise. When dripther made a video and showed the screen that said it was running on OS6, it specifically showed t-mobile.

  • cellswag05

    Who wants a another boring ass black berry. In nyc bbm is like the new aim. So its takin over for a lot the old sidekick heads. But other then bbm the phone is lame. They need to make a super smart black berry.

  • K Bear

    Maybe this time RIM will have it’s act together and can get their software to work on HSPA 3G w/o 2 OS updates? It’s great that OS6 is progressing so quickly, but it sucks that most likely those of us who have a 9700 are going to get shafted because the 9700 is most likely not getting OS6, but this 9780 is.

  • Connyay

    @rodger: this will probably have the same cheap radio that the 9700 and the 9000 had. Only capable of 3.6mbps.

  • going_home

    You’d be surprised how many people cant do without one.
    The pretender in chief has one so I guess that means something.
    I dont know what, but something.


  • derrickps3

    wtf, i wanted to view the vid :(

  • nerd lust

    This is good news! I hope we get the BB slider too.

  • getreal

    As I said before, too little too late.

    • TMOprophet

      the average consumer doesn’t think that. blackberries have a strong brand and reputation behind them.

  • B

    Could you explain what you mean by at&t drawing the short stick?

  • Sgt. Cell

    It’s the same basic form factor as before. Hey Rim, learn to take chances. I went from a curve 8320 to the HD2. Anyone know why T Mobile never got a version of the Storm?

  • SugarMouth
  • TMOprophet

    Notice at the 2:29 mark, the text message says thank you for purchasing from T-Mobile..etc

    Its only up for a second, but go check. Not that I care really, but its there.

  • Ann

    Looks like a nice upgrade to the 9700, but nothing earth shattering. I had the 9700 & I really loved the phone, but it just got to be too slow & the small screen was killing me. I got the Samsung Vibrant & absolutely love it. Now if only they’d get the GPS situation figured out it would be perfect. That being said, I do miss my blackberry for some things. Of course I miss BBM. I’m thinking about getting a used bb pearl flip for a “playtime” phone.

  • Housetek

    blackberry is like what you said, reliable.

    but boring, uninspired, ugly. Android just kinda cast this huge shadow on bb, and i dunno if it can get out of it.

  • Mike

    Kind of an in-between device (maybe until AT&T Torch exclusive is up(does anyone know how long it is for?) running OS6, which is an big improvement over OS5..might tide you over if buying a Torch and unlocking it is too rich for the wallet…I like it, going to check out my options when it gets here and the prices for the Torch at different retailers come out.

  • tmobile4eveer

    My roommate just got a Vibrant. It’s awesome. I have a Blackberry. I’m still not totally won over by Android or by total touch screen phones. I like my Berry for four reasons:
    1) the ability to type messages quickly and on occasion with one hand (sometimes without looking;
    2) I’m comfortable knowing that all data I send and receive is encrypted and sent through BB servers;
    3) Flawless email, text, and chat messaging integration
    4) support for UMA calling

    Even though I really like the Vibrant, it fails with the 4 features that I need in a phone. I love the whole touch and swipe that Android and Iphone offer, but I have found that touch/swipe is actually slower for business use than using the traditional form factor of Blackberries. I’m not talking about processing speed, I’m talking about the ability to quickly interact between email, text messages, instant messages, browser, address book, and the phone function for making calls. I conduct business on the go and my BB allows me to take info from email or instant messages, paste it into my browser and run a search, copy the contents and place it back in my instant message, then entering that info into the address book when necessary, and then placing a call to the number retrieved from the search. I can then continue to instant message while on the phone. This is effortless on my BB but a complete nightmare to accomplish on Android because it’s impossible to move around that quickly with touch/swipe. The 9800 Torch offers the best of both worlds: large screen with touch/swipe for fun stuff like games & multimedia; slide-out qwerty keyboard for business use. If TMO doesn’t get the Torch, then it looks like the 9780 will be the next best thing.

  • jose zambrano

    verizon has better blackberry. I have to change service