Samsung Gravity 3, Gravity T, And Smiley Launch A Day Early

We’ve known of Samsung’s tri-fecta of upcoming devices for some time now, but it looks like Magenta has decided to release them a bit early — one day to be exact. Thanks to the tremendous success of T-Mobile’s Father’s Day All Phones Free promotion, T-Mobile has decided to release the the Samsung Gravity 3, Gravity T, and “Smiley” today, June 22nd. The three devices are now available in T-Mobile Retail and Premium Retail locations for both new customers and existing customers willing to upgrade. As for pricing, the Samsung Smiley will cost you $20 with a 2 year contract, and $149.99 retail. The Gravity 3 will run you $49.99 with a 2 year contract agreement, and $179.99 sans contract. And last, but certainly not least, the Gravity T will cost $74.99 with a 2 year contract, and $219.99 retail price. Check out the hands-on review of the Gravity 3, courtesy of below!

Anyone pick one of these “bad boys” up yet?

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  • phonegeek

    well for whatever crowd wants a phone like this here ya go lol

  • raymond

    ummmmm so you could release the galaxy s 2morrow if you decided nice to know you make us wait :)

    i mean these are some nice low end phones i guess >.>

    • Socalfrank

      They prefer to play Twitter guessing games over selling new phones.

  • imgunnaeatu722

    So these crap phones+lg’s crap phones+the crap phones they already have= a crap load of crap phones.

    • ChingaTomadre

      I have to agree with that. T-mobile needs to get back in the game. They should get HTC to make them some Droids or something.

      • Davidohio

        Nice username

      • jeffrey

        hey chingatomadre tmobile does have androids out

      • EhhrunDF

        it should be ChingaTuMadre ;)

  • Oh, great, another not-even-mid-tier phone nobody wants!

    The Galaxy better be awesome or I’m jumping to AT&T for an iPhone 4. There’s loyalty and then there’s stupid.

    • saywhat

      I work for t-mob, and im STILL considering getting an iphone4 with ATT….i want an amazing phone, not just a good one.

      • Jb

        So do I thats why I have a nexus

      • Dashi

        @will & Saywhat

        On Behalf Of All T-mobile I Was Elected To Tell You GTFO

    • This is a phone more for teenagers, or people who cant afford Droids and Iphones.

    • This is a phone more for teenagers, or people who cant afford Droids and Iphones. Like me

  • BronxBebe

    Why do people complain? Yes they’re low end phones for the one who don’t want a high end phone like others do. Some can’t afford the high ones as well Tmobile is trying to be balanced and fair to all their customers. I don’t think Tmobile is stopping with the Galaxy-Vibrant as well.

    • saywhat

      i think you missed the point of a balance…

      tmo has 50 low end/mid range phones

      and exactly how many superphones?…really im curious

      • BronxBebe

        No I didn’t, like I said some people can’t afford or want to use the superphones and the Galaxy is the next 1 and Tmobile still has more superphones coming.
        If you(not you many I’ve seen) wanna leave Tmobile then leave and deal with the high prices of the other carriers. I’ve compared them all with smartphones and it would cost me more to what I’m paying now especially being a loyalty customer.

        The Motorola Xt72 Roi?, lol to many damn names is suppose to come to tmo, there’s another Samsung floating out there as well. Then the new Blackberries are coming out for the 2nd half qtrs. Thing is ATT got the slide/touch bb exclusively for 6 mos, VZ’s getting the clamshell bb. There’s new bold and curves coming out that can arrive on tmo and they look good.

        I agree Tmobile is really slow of bringing the high end phones out while VZ is beating everyone in the Android dept. The My Touch Slide is a good product but it can’t be the only Android in it’s lineup and more is coming. It won’t make me leave Tmobile though and I sure don’t want a KIN, lol.. MS really failed with that one should of stayed with the Sidekick and open the os, and be like the My Touch slide.

      • mratx512

        Seriously has BronxBebe seen TMO’s prices lately?

        Newsflash buddy; they’re not as low as you would think anymore!!!

      • BronxBebe

        Actually yeah I have and from many people outside of Tmobile who went to other carriers regret leaving Tmobile just for a phone.

      • Dashi

        @ mratx512

        The Only One Thats Even CLOSE Is GC400397915rint And Go Ahead Go Check Out There Unlimited Plan And Im Not Just Talking Cell To Cell Which Is The Crap They’ll Try And Cell You

  • Chris

    So that’s what project emerald is…

    • Tony

      Nooo.. the project emerald is the Samsung Galaxy s ..

  • Ya know, I have to admit, there are times when I forget that there are still “dumb”phones out there. Well done, Magenta. This will probably take our minds off the guessing game for…..oh wait….well now that’s over with we can get back to business…………

  • vinny

    The funny thing is T-Mobile sells many of these kind of phones. They sell them for just about nothing and they get the most important thing done, sell a plan. I am waiting patiently for my kick ass power phone. I am getting very anxious with all these great new devices popping up every day. What I really would love to get my hands on is the HTC DESIRE. What a beauty that is.

  • El Guapo


    • Jesus

      Wth ? :O

  • Brian


  • Johny

    I asked on twitter if the clues are about the galaxy s nd they replied I can’t says with a smiley face

    • BronxBebe

      Use the link they posted here about the Galaxy S to Samsung it tells you everything about what it can do. Honestly I like what does it has on it that can be used in many ways.

  • Jshin


  • Mohammad

    $75 is too much for gravity T. Why would this cost more than the nokia nuron?

    • pjs

      only $5 more, and it has a Webkit based browser (according to spec sheet). Physical keyboard, better browser, I would pay $5 more.

  • TMO has never had a shortage of average devices. What people are waiting for is a high end Android device. We see the other carriers selling them in the store where you can touch them and decide which one you like the best that fits your budget. Here we have a boatload of mid grade to low end devices in the stores. We wait and they put out more mediocre devices. The best is available on line. That is the frustration. Have you seen the droid does tv ads? Hello! Where o where can it be?

  • Xsster

    Are we back in the 90’s???, sad sad sad

    • what??

      What touch screen/qwerty phone came out in the 90s jag off?

  • Logan

    Complaining won’t do much… So, get over it! Just wait patiently for your high end device or switch carriers, I’m sure T-Mobile won’t miss you. I think the Samsung Gravity T looks decent, I don’t care for the other phones though… I sure hope the Samsung Galaxy S Pro comes to T-Mobile…

  • sux

  • Wilma Flintstone

    What no complaints from anyone about Samsung being crappy because they didn’t update that ONE phone the behold 2? I must say I’m shocked. Come on somebody, I know there will be at least one person to say “I’ll never trust Samsung again because they didn’t update the Behold 2” (which does suck for Behold 2 owners mind you, so it’s good reason for them not to trust Samsung but alot of people just say that and don’t even have a behold 2).

    On topic, Yay for the people that these phones target towards. Tomorrow’s the big day for somebody.

    I want Project Emerald HTC Twist. Tomorrow’s unveiling of the answer of these stupid clues couldn’t come sooner.

    • Logan

      I asked T-Mobile where are our high-end Android devices and what about the Sidekick Twist, they said: “We definitely are working on some awesome phones right now! No word on the Sidekick Twist, though. Sorry! ^AT” via Twitter. :)

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Thanks for the notice. I’ll try to look for more info on that.

        I REALLY hope that tomorrow’s BIG announcement isn’t the Galaxy S. I will be one REALLY unhappy camper if so. Preparing huge mad face just in case.

  • going_home

    I almost cant contain myself I’m so excited


  • JP

    Press the Genius button…
    Say, “Why is TMO in 4th and lame?”
    Genius: Because their phones are lame.

    Hey…Maybe the Genius button is not a bad thing at all…Haaaaa. What the hell does this have anything to do with the Father’s Day promo?


  • mingkee

    No more Samsh*t phone for me whatsoever, any carrier.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      is this because of the Behold 2 situation?

  • TMoFan

    These look like they will be great additions to T-Mobile’s lineup. I’m sure these phones will draw in more people who are just as budget conscience as I am.

  • Cody

    Protip: You aren’t the target demographic for these phones. Quit complaining.

  • JoshL

    Yeah, these phones kinda suck.. but I get that they need some cheaper phones for the people that are looking for a budget-friendly good-old-fashioned-phone. But come on T-Mobile! Where are the amazing phones? (Honestly, I wouldn’t even consider the Samsung Galaxy an amazing phone)

  • MxPxFan

    OK, i understand t-mobile needs to cater to the low end demographic (lets face it, old people and kids getting their 1st phone). But man they are stupid, all these phone are crap and should have came out before last weekend so that they would all be free that day.

    Having these come out after a free weekend is just totally dumb. Cause they won’t sell and will just become free phones in 2 months anyway. This is why you have over stock of crappy phones T-Mobile.

    Guess these crap phones are a easy way to sucker people into joining t-mobile. Old People should just stick to pay as you go phones.

  • rev2redlineguy

    Okay so I’m an avid Android fan patiently waiting for a high-end device to come. But c’mon…this story is about these new Samsung phones so why are you posting all this nonsense about “TMO needs to step up with a high end Android device instead of these lame phones?” Sure, I would love to get my hands on an HTC Desire or even the Samsung Galaxy S but really….these phones are targeted for a very large customer base of those that aren’t like us and savvy with technology and having the “best.” Honestly, the next time you are out in public take a good around and count how many people have smartphones and how many have just regular…as some refer to them as “dumbphones” then you’ll be surprised. So stop you’re whining and let the people who are actually excited for these phones have their moment of glory for a chance.

  • tmojoe

    Well Qualcomm did just ship their 1.2Ghz out today to manufactures I hear. 2 differ versions. One of witch is for HSPA+ Lets Just hope we see some of that goodness real soon. All though we have all been left feeling high and dry for quite some time. I feel as if our beloved magenta might finally have their head in the game. Time will tell….

  • NiiDiddy

    father’s day sale – progress/priceless! selling gravity 3, gravity t, and smiley due to direct or indirect or no correlation to father’s day sale – regress = fail! these phones shouldn’t exist anywhere, imo!!

  • HavokTEK

    Crap phones, my daughter’s speed……Kid worthy IMHO

  • Awatt

    Did anyone else find it weird that this was sent to us mid day… like the day is partially over and we have to put new phones out? Not to mention there were no price cards or feature cards. Those jokers aren’t going out till tomorrow…

  • Stillwaiting

    Well I just picked up the Gravity T and I think it is great!!! Let me qualify that I’m giving the phone to my kid as her first phone. I also like that I have the option of getting a data plan with the phone, so my kid gets a great phone and she can text away on our unlimited texting plan.

    I think for what it is, it probably is the best T-mobile has to offer. I thought the price was a bit high at 75 after a 75 mail in rebate, but then I looked at the Neuron, and I think this phone is far more advance and it is really fast on the web as well, and certainly worth the six extra dollars.

    I really think this phone will do it all for the person that wants a phone first, may like to send text messages enough to want a phyiscal keyboard, and may occasionally access the web.

    Is this the smartphone people have been waiting for, of course not, but it certainly is a great phone for those who don’t want/need that. It’s all about what you are comparing it to, and I have to believe it compares well in its class of phone.

    • spongebob

      Thanks SW, I wanted to hear from someone about this phone. I am looking for a phone for my wife that doesn’t need the Galaxy or anything that advanced. So what does it have installed?

  • Holiday

    T-mobile needs to work with, FUJITSU,SHARP,NEC and TOSHIBA..and i garuntee you things will be different.

  • raymond

    i cant take it if i hear one more stupid comment like “these phones aren’t for tech geeks” or “not all people can afford a nice high end device” ok get this thru your little brain t mobile usa is packed to the brim with medium to low end devices

    1 high end phone will not kill them. . it is about balance t mobile is not in balance

  • raymond

    soooo if the large customer base wants low end phones why is t mobile n last place? i guess low end isnt the largest anymore -_-

  • Newman Jones

    T-mobile caters to 3 main kinds of consumers, #1 POOR #2 People who are struggling financially and #3 People who just need cheap quick phone service from a company who will approve anyone with a pulse without a deposit needed for 90% of their phones.
    The other consumers are just happy the bill is not that pricey but gave up hope in any high end phones. (do not tell me the mytouch slide is a high end phone especially with a kiddie name like that) I can imagine a business person in a meeting pulling out a mytouch LMAOOOO.

    • TMOsucks

      ***(do not tell me the mytouch slide is a high end phone especially with a kiddie name like that) I can imagine a business person in a meeting pulling out a mytouch LMAOOOO.***

      I’m not defending the mytouch at all here, but really – A kiddie name? Come on, iPhone 4 doesn’t sound much better. What do you want your phone to be called?

      HTC Destroyer, Samsung Steriod, LG Death Glare, Nokia Boner??

      What’s an “adult” name for a phone?

  • Housetek

    for phone first devices, these are actually really good. I played with all 3 and from a RSA stand point these will be great for sales.

    10 a month plus web browsing, email, gps, youtube.

    i know every one posting here is all about the high end androids, but for the average consumer who doesnt want to spend a lot, these are great phones with low data plans.

    totally destroys the nuron.

  • Stevo

    Use the slide than complain because it’s great. Quit crying!

    • adam

      People stop complaining t-mobile usa doesn’t have htc desire if u want that go to t-mobile uk and buy from there website and stop complaining…. they have htc desire there buy it without contract and there u go .. now if u want a good android phone get motorola cliq or mytouch slide and stop complaing. Because both of them getting android 2.2 os which allow u to store the app in sd now. Shhhh for real you guys whine worst then high school girls.

  • adam
  • Newman Jones

    How about something simple like t-mobile (slide) The whole “my touch” is extremly tween sounding. Im sure the mytouch slide is a great phone but put it like this… of course if the biggest dick in your area is 5 inches you will also think its the best because that is all you can use or have, now watch as your neighbors sway in the breeze with their 10 inchers and envy!

  • Richlo

    As cool as the new phones are, I have a old phone that will out do anything new one as far as pure phone and dependability that I got from cool as they are, they all suck because they have short battery life, you pay way too much for them and generally the call quality are weak..Its a damn phone, I getting one of these possibly but for now I stay away from all this Smart dumb phones that really crap out early…I like that TMO brings out these phones for those who are parents and cash strapped..

    just my personal opinion..I like TMO for their budget conscience mind in an budget crisis world

  • Danny

    The ‘samsung gravity t’ is great but i can’t find any covers or screen protectors…

  • The samsung gravity t rocks. Watt better than the iPhone!!!

    • Rosenwald123

      no its not it sux!

  • gravityt?

    okay, i didn’t take the time to read this whole page so i may sound ignorant when i ask this question, but do you absolutely HAVE to have/pay for a data plan for the gravity t? my dad refuses to pay for one of those, because he says, “we have computers at home.” also, anyone who has a reasonable estimate to when tmobile will most likely reduce the price of this phone please try and reply to this comment–my contract is about to be up and im dying for this gravity t! but anyways, thanks”)

  • elephanta

    im getting a samsung smiley!!!! i cant wait!!!!!