New myTouch Slide TV Ad Campaign Kicks off

T-Mobile looks like its ready to finally unleash its television campaign for the myTouch Slide with its Twitter account giving us an early look. This thirty second spot seems to focus on the “Genius” button and how helpful it can be to speak your search. Personally, I always know where the local ice cream place is, but that’s just me. I don’t know if this will sway the tech savvy, but it might score with those who just love hands free options.

Via @TMobile_USA


  • iron

    not to bad as the first commercial…
    could do better…

    • Swatmizer

      Can anyone tell me the name of the song playing in the background on this commercial and who it’s by?

  • 84Gti Guy

    I agree. The 1st G1 commercial was better though.

  • El Guapo

    This only serves as a reminder of TMO’s weak Android lineup… The Galaxy S cannot come soon enough…

    • pjs

      I wish people would STFU about the Slide being “weak”. While it is not a “Super Phone” it hangs with the Droid just fine. The CPU maybe clocked lower than the Droid but its a totally different class than the G1/MyTouch/Hero of years past. Try the phone before dissing it

      • El Guapo

        Thank you for proving my point by attempting to compare it to an old and forgotten phone that has seen the world pass it by.

      • Me

        all I know is that G1 owners are the most stubborn phone owners ever. i don’t get it. all hail your old, awkward G1.

        all these people crying for a super android phone are not a majority, they’re just the most vocal (on the internet anyway).

      • blablabla

        what do you mean the cpu is clocked lower than the droid? the motorola droid runs on a 550 mhz processor…it’s not 800 like everyone was thinking it was. It’s better then the droid both hardware and software and it’s sure as hell better then the iphone 3gs.

      • pimpstrong

        I tried the phone. And I also tried the HD2 for a minute the first time RIGHT before I used the Slide and I must say that the Slide had nothing on the HD2 even though Winmo is a garbage OS. The HD2 was fast and responsive while the Slide wasnt nearly as smooth and hesitated a couple times. After about 30 seconds I was so glad I didnt just buy one when it launched and hoped for the best. Plus the phone was difficult to open one handed unlike my TP2. The top portion is so damn slim and curved that its not easy to grip the side with your thumb. As a TP2 owner this is a HUGE difference. Also c’mon, that 3.4″ screen just screams midrange when compared to the HD2 OR the SGS. The Slide would have been a win if it had a bigger higher res screen and a competetive 1ghz processor(yeah I said it. A 1GHZ PROCESSOR). BUT if you look at that nasty “user friendly” skin TMO slapped over Android then you know this phone was meant for medium people.

      • pimpstrong

        Also people get on my nerves saying us people who are impatiently waiting for an Android superphone are “not the majority”. Sure this may be true and the MAJORITY of people want some rinkydink flip phone to make… what do they call it again? phone calls? Anyway if us not being a majority means “just make them wait cuz they arent making us a bunch of money” then WTH does VZW have so many Android smartphones and are just around the corner of coming out with a phone directly competing with Sprints EVO and F!@# ATT has already announced it will be selling the Super Samsung Android let alone A brand new iSuperPhone… So Me, why is it so hard to understand why we are the most vocal?

      • Woo it hangs with a phone that came out 8 months ago that is being replaced in the next month or so because it’s out of date.

        Oh yeah and let’s not forget (because I sure can’t) that it’s priced right there with the “superphones” with 1Ghz processors and high resolution screens, $429 for a phone that was on the cusp of obsolescence on the day it was released?

        Finally since this is burdened with Sense you are going to be waiting a LONG time for your 2.2 update.

      • wack mode

        thank you pjs thank you

      • beastly

        There’s nothing wrong with the Slide. It’ll work well for most people. It seems we can boil down this recurring (and recurring, and recurring, and recurring) complaint to one simple sentence:

        “I want a discounted Android phone that has a 1 GHz processor, and I want it today.”

        Because this isn’t about what company carries more “superphones.” Every carrier has exactly one (unless you count the Nexus One, in which case T-Mobile and AT&T have two.) AT&T has the iPhone. Verizon has the Incredible. Sprint has the EVO. T-Mobile has the HD2.

        And it’s not about who has more Android phones. T-Mobile has seven. Verizon has five. Sprint has three. AT&T has one. And all the lower-processor-speed Android phones are more or less comparable, with the Slide on top, from what I’ve seen.

        So, let’s break it down again. You want:
        -1 GHz processor
        -Right now

        I’m afraid T-Mobile doesn’t fit all four of these requirements, but you can get any three out of the four:

        -Android, 1 GHz, Right now: Need an Android superphone yesterday, and don’t mind shelling out the full retail price? A phone that can use T-Mobile’s 3G (and HSPA+, incidentally) has been available for the past half a year. Hie thee on over to and pick thee up a Nexus One.

        -Discounted, 1 GHz, Right now: Want a powerhouse at a discount right now, and you’re okay with trying out a non-Android OS? T-Mobile has had the HD2 available for about three months now. (For comparison’s sake, the Incredible has been available for about two months, and the EVO for about two weeks.) Flash that bad boy, install some cooked ROMs, load it up with Windows-friendly games and movies, and have yourself a blast. Heck, install the open market’s Mobile Wi-Fi Router app, and set it up as an HSPA+ hotspot. Plenty of tech geeks are already having a field day with this phone.

        -Discounted, Android, Right now: The Slide is a great Android phone that you could get at a discount, and walk out of the store with today, if you’re cool with no Snapdragon.

        -Discounted, Android, 1 GHz: We all pretty much know this is coming in the next couple months. If you don’t want to pay full price, need the Android OS, and need a 1 GHz processor, you may have to wait a month or two. Phone envy’s no fun, but it’s pretty much guaranteed these days. The way you’re looking at the Incredible is the way Verizon customers were looking at the HD2 and the Nexus One. Well, the Verizon customers who *knew about* those phones, anyway.

        Phones are so darn expensive, and we (well, those of you on contract plans) only really get a good discount once every two years. Once you get your phone, it’s pretty much a guarantee that within the next 3-6 months, something better will be available. People deal with that by buying a new phone every few months, or by getting to know and love the phone they have and being patient. I’m still rocking a seven-month-old 9700, and loving it, even though some of my friends have fancier phones with more capabilities.

      • I’d be fine with the specs of the Slide if it were priced appropriately ($350 or less), what bothers me is the mid-range phone for a superphone price.

      • going_home

        Had my G1 since the day it was released.
        Went and bought off contract a 3g Slide for $429.00.
        Had it for a week and returned it.

        So PJS I have tried it and its a pathetic phone for $429.00.
        Its not a bad $250.00 phone, but $429.00 ? No way.

        Whats so pathetic about it is its been almost two years since the G1
        was released….and this is the best TMO can come up with ?

        The bar has already been set by the Nexus One so comparing the 3G Slide
        to a now 6 month old Nexus One and whats the verdict ?

        Yeah, the Slide is full of F A I L.


    • Tmoloyal

      This is exactly what i was saying before I got the slide. it is an amazing phone. Screw samsung, I’ve never had a good phone from them.

    • Bobert

      Galaxy S is no Superman superphone

  • JP

    Press the “Genius” button. Speak “Why oh why is TMO so lame?” Is it really how families stick together? Don’t kids have phones of their own now on TMO family plans from the best sales day in TMO history last Saturday?

    • Logan

      lol… *imagines them airing a commercial like that*

    • Homer

      I have it and DO not like the espresso skin! It is very underpowered! Minute I got it for my fiancé went to xda and rooted it. Took double the time to load a webpage tethering it to an iPad than the hd2. I would love the hd2 except windows mobile sucks. And actually kinda sad but on this site my cliq was faster loading the page.

    • fujitsujeff

      but doesn’t the genius button do the same thing as Google Maps? I can hit the voice search on Google Maps, and it’ll find the closest ice cream shop or outlet mall as well ..

  • Logan

    Love it.

  • Slide what?

    Wow, with a screen rez of all of 320×240, this phone doesn’t even qualify as a low-end phone on any other carrier. How sad this is really.

    • joel

      It’s 320 x 480, smart guy. 600mhz, 512 megs of RAM/ROM does not equal low end. It’s a mid range device.

      You know, I complained a bit about the specs of this phone but now that I have it I love it. T-Mobile still needs a true high-end Android device, but that doesn’t mean that the MTS is the POS people are making it out to be. F’in try it before spewing your hate.

      • Bobert

        It’s like your bragging about having a small penis

      • RockTripod

        Bobert, you are a douche. To everyone else hating on the phone, STFU. If you want a 1Ghz Android phone on T-Mo, either shell up and get a Nexus or wait til next month and get the Galaxy S. The MTS is a very, very nice phone, even if it isn’t a superphone.
        While a Ferrari would be nice, I don’t really need it to go to work and back.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Spot on Joel.

        The myTouch Slide is an excellent handset. It’s as Joel says, a mid-range device, to compete with other carriers’ mid-range offerings.

        Before buying a red Slide for my GF (just yesterday) I reviewed every article on the Net (or so it seems it was every article), I talked to two HTC reps, and I used the phone twice.

        The decision to buy was made because the Slide is a handset that exudes the quality, design, features and latest technology that one demands from the hottest handset maker on the planet, HTC. Quite frankly, it has reached the point that if the phone is made by HTC it’s a safe bet that it is an excellent product.

        Sidenote: Yes, that “Genius” button was a bit slow in working. And when I asked an HTC rep from Taiwan why they called it the “Genius” button, he had trouble justifying that corny name (at least I think it is). But that is what it is, the Genius button and feature does not detract from the “best in show” nature of this phone.

        And “Slide what?”… if you are going to diss the product at least know what the hell you are talking about. Your comment is what “does not even qualify” as low-level BS. What’s next, you gonna say that battery life sucks on the Slide because it uses only two instead of three AA batteries? ;)

      • Jabombardier

        +1 I have it also and I am loving every bit of it. It has proven very stable super quick. For what it does and how it performs, it is worth the 429 bucks. So far it has proven to stand up to those “super phones” with its speed in running applications and surfing the web. Low resolution screen still has excellent visuals. Haters are nothing to listen to.

  • JP

    Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been with TMO and don’t really plan on leaving them. However, that doesn’t stop me from complaining and calling them names. With that said, I wonder where the family is camping, cuz for them to get a result that quickly, they must be on 3.5G. Have a hard enough time finding strong 3G. I want to go camping there…

  • kershon

    I just gotta git me one. Find the nearest tavern. roflmao!!

  • FILA

    Is the father white?

    • Logan

      Honestly? Out of all the things you point…THAT out?

      • phonegeek

        ignorance dont mind it

    • Jose G

      Its ok, he’s never met his biological father.

    • A_O

      lmfaooo that was funny

      tmobile should atleast use a real family when it comes to “sticking together”

  • En2Mente

    It’s a good phone I have one hasn’t given me any problems, but I need something with a little more kick. There are a lot of people who want a superphone, but probably will never use it to its full capability. To those people I recommend they get the slide its fun, easy to use, and has great features. You don’t need a superphone to browse the internet, and post what you had for lunch on twitter.

  • Herinel

    Well I’ve had one since launch day june 2nd and I cannot complain about the 3G here in upstate NY, and the phone flys it loads this webpage faster than my cousin’s nexus one on froyo, so idk why people are complaining, Processor power doesn’t mean everything, Software optimization and the right coding make a big difference, look at the HD2, which I had, this phone flys past the HD2 and its almost half the processor speed.

    • vinny

      Herinel is absolutely right, processor speed isn’t everything. It is the complete layout and design of all software and hardware. The mytouch slide is a very, very fast phone, loads web pages very quick, the thing I consider makes a power phone is how you can modify it.

  • vinny

    T-Mobile will sell many phones with that ad. My favorite app for my blackberry 9700 is Vlingo pro. You can speak into every possible place to enter data. I very rarely type with my keyboard. The more you use Vlingo the better it recognizes your voice pattern. IMO the best app for either blackberry or Android devices.

  • NoMoMoney

    T-Mobile is spending millions and millions on advertising the myTouch Slide.

    There won’t be any more money left to advertise the Samsung Galaxy.

    • wack mode

      is that why u called your self the nomomoney guy cuz ur worrired about the money dude tmobile has enough money relax relax

  • ummm that commercial only shows one aspect of the phone…what the x is T-Mobile advertising department smoking?

  • She She

    I really am not feelin that comercial at all…

  • Deadtime

    The slide was the last straw for me, I held out for tmobile and used my G1 for as long as I could. Id go to a tmo store and they would tell me how great the new slide was going to be, to me its a rehashed G1 it cant hold a candle to the high end android phones the other carriers have.

  • jose

    i used it in the store and every thing was sooo much faster then the original my touch. the whole expresso/sense ui is nice but i prefer stock android. is there a way to turn it off like on the EVO?

  • Jesus

    This Phone is super fast i tested it at tmobile and the camera is beautiful!! :D

  • randy lee

    I got to see one tonight at tmobile unfortunitly it was just a fake display phone but it looks amazing! Can’t wait to play with a real one def thinking about upgrading from the cliq

  • Jake

    With the outrageous amount of money T-Mobile is charging for the phone, no wonder the family is forced to drive a 15+ year old Taurus…

  • slide champ

    I have had the slide for a month now and the only thing is dislike about this device is the genious button.its too slow.

    • D.C.

      Use Vlingo. ……ok so I own this phone before I got it I was reading the ignorance I’m reading now and was a little drawn back to purchasing it ,but I said what the hell can’t knock it till you try it . People the only reason why you called this phone mid range is cause of a screen size that’s a little pathetic . All together the phone is powerful from personal experience not to mention it doesn’t even have the froyo yet , sure other carriers have better phone but they are all garbage but verizon is good though , sprint and att can jump ship I have been with them all and they suck so bad especially customer care and verizon is pricey too so people don’t complain . My friends own the high ends and when we did tests with the screens look speed and all that we barely could tell the difference . Question do you really want a big rectangle in your pocket (not knocking the phones they are nice as hell) just making a point ,you shouldn’t knock the phones cause they are all nice noah said it himself . Mind you tmobile started with android so don’t knock them either . The slide is real nice and people with G1’s who said this phone is a gloss over are being ignorant cause its a choker and that samsung nice but keyword (samsung) . This isn’t to diss or sway comments just wanted to make some points people should consider ,I just typed this with my Slide by the way ….=)

      • Tmoloyal

        Ya thats my only problem with the phone so far. The genius button is sooo slow. Every time I open it it has to activate my contacts for it. Im thinking theres some sort of bug.

  • MTS Owner

    Got the phone when it came out man I completely love the thing no problems so far but on edge it loads this website really slow

  • BoomBoomBang

    I really want to see a making of a commercial like this because I want to see how they do the illusion of letting the phone go and it floats there =/ lol.

  • D.M.

    Ok so I just gotta get this off my chest……..please FANBOYS……STFU……(and u types know who u are)……..everyday I read on one of these sites in the comments section people just asking a simple question or making a comment and some hardcore phone fan gets all religious about it, leading to fights and really stupid ***t……u guys get so worked up over the type of processor your phone has….the screen size and pixelation……the camera…..the keyboard…….the carriers lineup sux….no its great……..this is better than that….mine is better than yours…..OMG u guys sound like a bunch of F****ing whiney dorks…… is the reality…..a phone is a phone, u can debate it all u want…..but that’s it……the droid, the nexus one, the evo, and hell even the iphone 4………..will all be obsolete when the next great phone comes out in 2 days, 6 months, or a year…then those new phones will be as well….there is always something better…….look at the droid not even out a year and 2 more models coming in the next month or so………..u guys just get so worked up and its really kinda of sad……let’s see some of u guys talk s**t like that in the real word away from ur labtop…….and I really mean that……..u can debate…..its cool, but take a valium and chill out…..leave the debates to the pros like the phonedog crew, or the guys at android central, and the additcs at crackberry…… please shut up FANBOYS – its just a phone…..I know what u fellas need…they are called GIRLS, way better than phones trust me………..and maybe getting with a girl will help with your anger issues twordes processor speeds and such……..and I know this is spelled bad……but honestly….do u really think I care.

    • HowdyDoody

      Don’t read the site then, you will only get ulcers LOL. Remember, its country where free speech is allowed and your frustration wont stop it, though it may encourage it.


    • If it’s “just a phone” why is it priced like the second coming of Android Jesus?

      • Jabombardier

        get over it already. It is priced that way because it is feature heavy and fast.

  • HowdyDoody

    My Touch Blah, when will TMobile learn. They need a competitive phone. Not a phone that forcloses all the time. Give up the MyTouch, its a waste of time and money.

    • D.C.

      Have you used it…………..obviosly not why don’t you go to the other carriers then , I had the phone almost a month bogged down with ny stuff and hasent choked what is wrong with you people knocking a phone you have not even used

  • iloveuhate

    that waste of money as you call it has sold out the last 3 shipments in my store and i don’t get baby shipments at all. i also have seen less returns/complaints than the g1 and hd2. hmmm we have alot of people bashing tmobile on a tmo blog thats so funny. if the phone had a snap dragon you would say its not a super phone because it only has 1 camera and the screen is too small.

    • RockTripod

      They would only call it a superphone if it made them less “virgin”

  • reddmann

    I LOVE my mytouch slide…I never thought I would like it as much as I do, but I really do, and I don’t miss my BlackBerry(5 year blackberry user) at all!

    On another note….why do they have that old behind Taurus/Sable wagon as a prop?? I mean couldnt they use something a little more modern?? At least 2009/2010?? Instead of a 1992 Taurus/Sable wagon?? LOL…I dont know…it’s just an observation I made.

    • pimpstrong

      They should of used the Swagger Wagon

      • reddmann

        hahaha…yeah true. I dont know why they are using that old a** car. LOL…Sienna would have been perfect.

  • Jay

    So I had every phone on tmo line up even the nexus one . I got my mytouch slide about a week ago and I have to say this is the best phone I have ever had . I was concerned about the speed but it runs just as fast as the nexus one and hd2 , and it doesn’t give me any problems like the Hd2 did. I did want a phone with a bigger screen but I got use to this one just fine . I was going to wait for the Samsung phone but I can’t count on them for updates. I’m very happy I got this phone, great job HTC

  • Yuuup

    I have this phone and I love it no complaints here

  • Eddie

    Not a bad ad. Too bad the phone is already obsolete. T-Mobile/HTC was too cheap to put a decent processor in the phone, and it will not be compatible with Flash 10.1. Nice job T-Mobile. There’s a reason why T-Mobile is number four, in a four horse race.

  • yuup

    Everything is obsolete when it comes out they will have 2ghz phones by the end of this year its technology everything gets old after two weeks. What can you do?


    I just sent my mytouch slide back. It is not a great phone and it is supposed to be Tmobile’s flagship phone. It’s junk. The genius button is a joke. It took 30 seconds at least to load my contacts when I hit the genius button. I am heading to ATT after being with Tmobile since Voicestream days. The customer service reps have always been nice at tmobile but your phones suck and suck bad. I never wanted an iphone until I had one and had 3 unlocked. I never thought about buying a mac until I bought my iphones. Apple is so far ahead of the cell phone game. I can’t wait until my #’s officially port over. I got a discount with my ATT business plan and I am still paying more but well worth it for the new Iphone.

  • STP03bluesi

    Where are the darn accessories…I have called Tmo and got no where. They sell the phones with a catalog, and nothing available..

  • Raw7070

    I have been with T-mobile for many years…I have been using android phones since the G1. Currently I have the My Touch Slide.

    Love tmobile phones…love google services…and love the way they both work seamlessly together.

    Some advice…if you all didn’t junk up your phones with all the BS apps you wouldn’t have 1/2 the issues that you do.

  • fidget

    Loving my MTS. Got it the day it launched (June 2 I think). No problems, and its exceeded my expectations. Getting 3G with no problems in Atlanta area and I hear we’re slated for HSPA by end of summer. Just got back from 8 days in London and it compared favorably on 3G and wifi to my family’s/friends’ iphone 3 and 1 ghz androids. I was Blackberry user for years and not missing it a bit. Of course, I haven’t got my bill yet. Int’l data roaming is pricey compared to Blackberry fixed cost email push. This phone is packed with features including Swype (which has made me a convert away from physical keyboard). Not sure why it’s getting so much bad press on the blogs. It performs very well and that seems to be the consensus from those of us that actually own/have used the phone. Smartphones are just a commodity and they’ll always constantly improve. So, I’ll likely keep this a year – 18 months and then buy something better. As for the price, maybe it’s marginally overpriced. I’m off contract and got mine for $379, very fair. $429 may be a bit steep but overall you’ll pay a lot less on TMO than other providers, plus, they’re GSM (a must for me). btw, I have an ipod touch and while there is much to like, there are are few things that are just absymal, including the keyboard. So, I have no desire to buy an iphone. MTS is my first Android phone and I think it’s user interface is actually better than the iphone/ipod touch, and you really can multitask. Not knocking Apple, I think the iphone is a great phone, but I give the edge to Android. I have the 3rd generation ipod touch and its no faster at loading webpages than the MTS and the MTS has a way…way better camera. As many have stated, if you truly need the 1ghz processor, the Nexus One is a viable option. I love the battle between Google and Apple – can only mean more consumer choices which is good for all of us.

  • TmoBully

    I’ve gone from SK2-SK3-G1-Gslide. Sidekick was the flagship but had lots of issues. Great for messaging though. G1 was a natural fit that happened to be the first android powered phone. Tmo is still ahead of the game.. maybe not be the best in the touch screen only business, but in the physical keyboard arena, Tmo is king. G1 has been pretty solid and the Gslide was a perfect upgrade. My big family has all the nice phones from other carriers but I can still shoot off messages faster. Even they love the keyboard. Good job TMO! Thanks for an affordable plan and the best customer service.

  • jason

    Damm that kid father is Italian from Boston.