Leaked T-Mobile Calender Contains Four Upcoming Devices?

Thanks to my friends over at Phonedog who received a juicy training calendar that contains secrets regarding upcoming products and services.  We can take guesses at some of the information, but for some we are just going to have to inquire a little further.  For instance, both July 21st and July 28th are scheduled for handset launches.  Considering we have been calling for a July 21st launch date for the Samsung Galaxy S, this certainly lends more credence to that rumor.  We have heard the words Motorola Basil tossed around with our sources for a while but are still unable to pinpoint exactly what it is.  However, considering multiple device launches are scheduled for July 21st and July 28th, we could be seeing T-Mobile gearing up for an onslaught of summer device launches.  On another note, there are special offers and promotions scheduled to last until September 7th and given @T-Mobile_USA teaser tweet on Twitter today, they certainly have something up their sleeve.

Also worthy of note is the mention of a 3,000 minute plan in store for customers on both Even More and Even More Plus Family plans. That sounds very very interesting!

It looks like T-Mobile is making some moves with the promise of a number of device launches, new rate plans and a partridge in a pear tree. Seriously, we are hoping that these moves are enough to continue to give T-Mobile the boost it needs to make some movement and catch up on Sprint. We loathe you Sprint…come on Magenta!


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  • bjjoseph

    oh yes definitely sprint got the evo sigh….well this calender looks promising….Galaxy S and possibly the Roi i believe its called…either way yay tmobile

  • Max

    I posted it on the forum or got the link before you David… LOL

    • David

      Well excuse me! haha, sorry…I’m working on keeping up today, but I’ve been out and about!

      • Max

        It’s all good man… Keep up with the good job

      • Super Mario

        No news of a nexus one on tmo yet? That sucks, tmo had fist when it was sold online, amd now they can’t get it to the stores

  • Cupcake

    Tmobile used to have a 3000 min plan back in the day. It was 3000 total mins with no mobile-2-mobile or texts added for 49bucks. I used to have it and it actually worked out good. Had to add a text pkg though.

  • cirrob

    why would an even more and even more plan plus subscriber want 3000 minutes? Hmm lets see: Unlimited minutes, or just 3000….?

    • covert

      If someone uses less than, oh say 3000 minutes, and wants to save a few bucks per month?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s the question I had, maybe it’s less?

    • Dashi

      umm do the math 3000 min is 100 min a day which is an hour and 40 min so… who the F**K Needs To Talk More Than That Except People Who Run Bussinesses?

      • covert

        Close, and I understand where you are going, but your math is off. Both Even More and Even More Plus offer unlimited nights/weekend (and unlimited t-mo to t-mo). The average # of weekdays per month in 2010 is 22. So about 2.27 hours per day split among however many lines you have.

        Nit picking, but like I said, you were on the right track.

      • cirrob

        I did do the math: Unlimited > 3000. If someone signed up for the unlimited, then they obvisouly needed more than 3000. I checked a few mathbooks, wiki, and even called my dad: 3000 is less than unlimited. So, givin the fact that a unlimited plan subscriber was not forced or blackmailed into the plan, it is safe to assume the need for unlimited everything is there. Also givin that 3000 is less than unlimited (according to my sources), it would be fairly safe to assume that 3000 (Again less than unlimited for those slower on the draw) minutes would be of less value to said subscriber.

      • beastly

        The only reason I can think of for getting a 3000 minute plan is that it’s cheaper to add lines that share those minutes than it is to add lines with unlimited minutes to an unlimited plan.

        It’s clearly not for individuals; why would they bother putting a 3000 minute plan right between the 1000 minute plan and the unlimited plan, when the difference there is already only $10? Can you imagine seeing 500 minutes for $30, 1000 for $40, 3000 for $45, and unlimited for $50?

        No, we’ll probably see a new family plan with 3000 minutes for $70, that you can add a line to for $5. That’s actually pretty tempting. 3000 minutes would go a long way for us, especially considering most of us just call each other anyway.

      • Dashi

        LOL Covert I Stand Corrected *Bows* You Sir Win TWO Internets And Beastly Thats What It Is Most Likely Going To Be More Math!!!

        (Estimates So :P)

        5 line unlimited talk,txt = $240
        5 line 3000 min unlimited txt ($10 dollar add a lines) = 90(only price that would make cents LOL atm) + 20 (txt) + 30 (add a lines) = $140

        Damn I Wasn’t Expecting THAT Much Cheaper Lol (All Math Was Done With EM)

    • Ktwist

      This is going to be for family plans only. Right now you can only share 750 and 1500 minutes between 2 or more lines. With the Unlimited plans for families, the first two lines are Unlimited but the 3rd 4th and 5th line are an additional 30 to 40 bucks depending on EM or EM+.

      Sooo the 3000 minute plan will let families have more minutes to share and add the 3rd line and more for only 5 or 10 dollars, again depending on EM or EM+. If you have a big family sharing 5 lines at 1500 minutes, it most likely would not be enough minutes. 3000 minutes would help prevent overages and save them from $40 per add a line on Unlimited plans.

      • ian

        …Thank you Twist, took the words right our of my mouth

    • JayDee

      3000 minutes, and the add-a-lines would be only $10 or $5, waay better than $39.99 for unlimited add-a-lines :0)

  • Reece

    Being one on the prowl for better Android devices.. I think TMoNews your team REALLY dropped the ball by NOT noting that the Motorola Milestone XT720 is a VERY likely T-Mobile USA candidate since it’s equipped for T-Mobile’s USA network. :\

    So while much of it is (my) wishful thinking, there is some logical reason to believe that it would be the Motorola “Basil” that’s hinted at. In which case perhaps the handset that’ll kill my bitching of “wah where’s my high powered Android?!”

    • Nokia N900USER

      No Sir, you DROPPED the ball. Here’s the link where they TMONEWS discussed the milestone

      And youre right, motorola basil is moto milestone xt720

      • Reece


        No wait wait, I could’ve SWORE i seen NO mention of this when I searched the front page! REALLY! lol

        Since I’m correct on the Basil = the XT720… I’ll gladly eat my foot over a lovely bonfire since this could possibly stop my whining on no high end Android phones in the horizon :)

    • Bobert

      Nice phone too bad YET AGAIN tmo fails to get a snapdragon powered phone

      • Reece

        Actually, this phone is right on the heels of Snapdragon if not edging it out. Mhz numbers aren’t everything seriously. This uses a different more efficient chip type compared to the Qualcomm stuff you’re adoring thus clocked up to 720mhz this phone is quite possibly faster since the 550mhz droids was right behind the 1Ghz snapdragon phones.

        Mhz numbers aren’t everything in computers and the same applies to phones

      • JaylanPHNX

        I’ll second Reece’s statement. In the same way megapixels aren’t everything when it comes to good pictures, Mhz don’t always add up. A look at the 600Mhz MyTouch Slide will prove that, because the thing is effing fast! I mean, that thing moves quick and snappy and is less than a hundred Mhz more than my Cliq XT which lags if you look at it hard.

  • tmoNeedsAn-iPhone

    I’m not an iPhone fan, but T-Mobile needs it and needs it badly.

    There is no other way that they will be able to make any enroads and be back on the path of netting new customers without it unfortunately.

    They aren’t landing any other spectacular deals with high end phones and as nice as the new Galaxy is it’s already way outspecced by other Android phones to launch on Verizon next month.

    We’ll always be playing catchup unless they get the iPhone and keep Verizon/Sprint off of it.

    • keele8

      I totally agree. I would never get an iPhone but if Tmobile had one lots of ATT people would make the switch. Especially where I live, ATT has horrible service and Tmobile has awesome service here. I know most people in this area would go to Tmobile in a heartbeat if they had the iPhone. I truly think that the more customers Tmo gets the better phones they will get, and they will get them faster. Imagine Tmobile coverage, Tmobile customer service, Tmobile prices, and new super phones every time we turn around like some of the other carriers. That would be heaven for me. As tmoNeedsAn-iPhone said, it is the only way to make this happen.

    • soon2TMO

      galaxy S outspecced by verizon’s droids?? hmmmm..

      what are the specs of these devices anyway?

      CPU = 750 mhz TI OMAP 3630?
      GPU = powerVR SGX530?

      is that supposed to be more powerful than galaxy S’??

    • Frank

      Almost everyone I know has an unlocked on Iphone on T-Mobile, than crappy pricey AT&T

      • Aaron

        Haha…and almost everyone I know with an unlocked iphone relies on me to use my HD2 or my N1 as a hotspot so they arent stuck on crappy EDGE data while we are out.

        I do agree though, its about time apple releases an iPhone with TmoUS 3G bands. I would never own another one, but I am sure it would bring in a lot of new customer base.

  • alex32

    i hope the motorola basil would be a high end android phone like that motorola droid x for verizon, but i am pretty sure its that xt720. The xt720 is alright, but it would be nice for tmo to get a 4 inch screen android device (not a big fan of samsung so i’m counting that out).
    it would be nice for htc to get a 4 inch scrren phone with android out as well, its only a matter of time. i love tmobile so i dont mind waiting..its aggrevating that other carriers are getting phones like the evo and droid x though…but no biggie

    • mad dog

      The evo is htc’s 4 inch android phone. Who do you think is its manufacturer?

      • pimpstrong

        obviously he meant on TMO

      • alex32

        yup i meant on tmobile

    • jake

      dude that droid X is gonna sport a 4.4in screen, the evo has a 4.3in, not much difference, but hey more screen is more screen, I wish TMO would get a nice equal to sokme of these other phones, I am waiting to see if that HTC sidekick turns out to be a 4.3 amoled, but that might not happen till august, damn TMO always behind everyone else. PS for those who need the big screen you could just wait for the DELL Streak, 5in bad boy with a snapdragon and then pretty much crappy specs after that. that will be a iffy phone, its like they almost made a cool phone but then cheaped out on some pretty obvious features. If I didnt like GSM phones so much I would have jumped to version. but I hate CDMA, THey should just change all phones to GSM universally, then we could have any phone on any network..freedom for all.

  • whyhellomichael

    3000 minute add a lines are alot cheaper than unlimited. 5/10 dollars vs. 30/40 or so. 600 minutes per line when you have 5 lines plus m2m nifhts and weekends is a great deal!

  • keele8

    So here is a thought. In the FCC article there is a comment that itsmichaelnotmike put that stated Samsung is most likely going to try and get the Galaxy S on as many carriers that will take it. He also makes a point that just because there are leaked photo’s of Galaxy S Pro on Sprint doesn’t mean it will be just on Sprint. What is the “headsets” the calendar is talking about is actually the Galaxy S and the Galaxy S Pro. Basically the same headset but one with keyboard and one without. That would actually make a lot sense because Tmobile could sell phones to those that prefer touch keyboard only and also get those that like the physical keyboard. It also makes sense that they would just lump two headsets together in one calendar event if they are essentially the same phone with different options. The training would have the same technical info and then what the differences would be between the two phones. Curious what everyone else thinks, but if they get the Pro I will get this phone for sure!!

  • Broke

    Not liking the 500 minutes one bit. Can’t afford to go a tier up though. However, I am saving $5 with this plan over my grandfathered plans. So, that is good.

    Looking forward to the new rates!

  • redman12

    More Android goodness please! =)

  • Broski

    well now i really dont know what to do. my blackberry is falling apart and ive been waiting it out till the 19th to get the mts, but the promotion wont apply for me since im already on family plan and dont have an upgrade, and now that there are 2 phones coming out in july i know im going to have buyers remorse and want those phones. what should i do?

  • Doug

    we may know more soon. TMO’s twitter account said they’re going to start giving clues beginning thursday as to what the big announcements for this summer will be. so when we read some really cheesy comment like “It’s out of this world”, you can start saving up for the galaxy…

    • J-Hop2o6


  • Reuben

    I have right now a grandfathered 1500 minutes family plan with myfav. If I would switch to the 1500 plans they have now it wouldn’t be enough. If I would switch to unlimited it would cost too much.
    Don’t know the pricing, but 3000 minutes family plan is very much needed.

  • Barry

    sounds good. can’t see them releasing both galaxy devices so close together but I can’t wait. so anybody have insight on this Motorola Basil?

    • Reece

      It seems like it’ll be the Motorola Milestone (aka Droid) minus the keyboard, clock speed turned up to 700-somethin Mhz (possibly as fast as a Snapdragon if not faster since the 550Mhz Droids was right behind it while those who overclocked it to 1Ghz seen Snapdragon eating performance) and a 720p video recording with… XENON FLASH!

      The Samsung would still be faster by a Milestone but probably not by much as both will give high end performance. IMO the gamechanger is Samsung’s awful omission of a flash on a camera which would be the difference maker for me personally.

  • rolo

    r they really gonna release the SGS w/o a flash???!!!

    • Reece

      If so then the Basil is probably where I’ll be going since it’ll be one of THE few phones available that’ll have Xenon flash. Plus it’ll give performance comparable to snapdragon phones so I’d be content for 2 years with it.

      Such a weird oddity though, T-Mobile will get the first Android phone equipped WITH a Xenon flash… and the first HIGH END Android phone without ANY flash to speak of lol.

  • pimpstrong

    I’m lost… Four upcoming devices? SGS, Motoroi(Basil),________, and _______?

  • going_home

    Woohoo just got my email invite to download Swype !

    Awesome keyboard app for Android !

    If you have Android go sign up now and they will email you the invite.
    They just opened it back up for download !



    • tortionist

      Congrats. You’re going to love SWYPE. I downloaded it awhile back on a MT3G and I have never looked back.So glad my MTS has it as well. Enjoy it.

  • If you like the Iphone it is easier to buy on from canada unlocked. If you want a better Adroid compaired to the EVO just wait. I spoke to a Clear Mobile (Sprint Partner) he told me that Clear mobile will have an EVO August or September. I am on the fence between the EVO and the Iphone. Anything by comparison seems to fall short. Why is TMO pushing phones that lack the tools and have slower processors?

    • Reece


      The Galaxy S takes a huge crap on the EVO speedwise since Hummingbird > Snapdragon while the 720Mhz in the Motorola xt720 is quite possibly on par with a Snapdragon if not slightly edging it out (mhz numbers isn’t everything).

  • soon2TMO

    so is everybody happy now??

    tmobile in finally getting more high-end devices (hoping that motorola basil is another high-end phone).. are we smiling or what? :)

    • pimpstrong

      we won’t be truely happy until we get a big ass EVO contender. SGS is max size whereas the EVO and and Droid X is that Oversize I’m looking for if I’m gonna buy big phone with no Hardware Keyboard.

    • wasup

      apparently not, some are now wanting a galaxy s with a keyboard, even thought they would like be able to get the new iphone to work with tmo, some are bitching about not having a camera flash, even thought they loved the previous iphones( that sold many millions) without flash (and no one was bitching), some are even saying they want to see the evo come to tmo, but might say that it is too big, thick and too heavy (might as well get a notebook, if you ask me), tmo should introduce, “make your own phone option” ,so yeah :D, but if you ask me, hellll yeah, I can’t wait for the “S”. cheers

      • Negtne

        It’s not the fac that people wanna bitch about no flash or this or that! They bitch because the company we have stood by is giving us nothing. I was the first guy in line at the big tmobile store here to get the G1 and one of the first to get the mytouch and one of the first to get the cliq. My g1 got upgraded before my cliq which is collecting dust with 1.5 still. My fiancés behold two here collecting dust with 1.5. And verizon has the droids, have you seen that new droid x? What the fuk man for the company who started the android revolution we sure are getting screwed. You answer the droid with the cliq, you answer the droid incredible with the mytouch slide. Don’t get me started with the hd2!!! All I read is cook this rom cook that rom FUK that! We should not have to cook sh*t. We should have a company who freaking keeps up the game they started. It’s not that hard seriously!!! Let’s bring the galaxy, while the iPhone 4, evo and droid x are laughing at it. Let’s bring the xt720 seriously? We need to get that CEO out now and get the other in quick. Gizmodo did a poll what’s more important provider or phone and 70 something percent said phone. That’s a freaking clue that you have good prices you bring top tech you get tons of customers it’s not that freakng hard to figure that out. Hell my six year old daughter asked why does uncle have a cool phone (iPhone) and auntie (evo) and mommy and daddy have dumb ones! If a six year old can figure it out why can’t tmobile? They have till aug And then i’m going to verizon! And if you say good leave then your an idiot 77,000 people have jumped ship how many quarters of that can they take before it goes under?

      • Reece


        Outside of the Galaxy S lacking a flash for the camera (i know it’s the back breaker for me not getting this thing) it pretty much should do a great job of holding it’s own within the “Superphone” elite since it’s very on par with those phones speedwise (possibly pooping on the snapdragon stuff).

        The XT720 is in superphone status believe it or not with the 720Mhz possibly having it dead even with the Snapdragon’s 1ghz performance if not edging it out since it’s a different chip architecture is more efficient then Snapdragon 1Ghz stuff. This is a instance that shows the mhz numbers isn’t everything when comparing different CPU types.

        Thus if you’re still jumping ship after those phones ship then at least that’ll be one less person for me to worry about having the Motorola sell out :)

      • Negtne

        You know the motorola is the only one so far I would think about, but with my cliq still not upgraded (and exchanged four times) and the cliq xt I just have to worry about motorolas focus with tmobile phones. I guess anything could change but it seems there priorities are with verizon. The droid came out with 2.x and got upgraded quick. But the tmobile phones still lack. If it comes out with 2.2 then yes I will get it and be happy but I doubt it will and may never get updated.

      • Negtne

        To me it’s like having lamborghinis everywhere but the only thing you can buy in your area is a aveo, they may come out with a turbo model but it’s still an aveo and your still wanting a lamborghini. Sure it may be cost effective and gas is cheap but you still want that lamborghini in your driveway.

    • Alex

      I have it on good authority this phone is nothing more than a slight upgrade of the cliqXT. The name being floated around is the “MOTOROLA CLIQ rpXt”.

  • Barry

    completely agree with the last post. lets enjoy these two devices we are about to get ppl. and don’t forget sidekick twist *drools*

  • pocholo

    when is the HTC SiDK!CK coming out ? ? soundds really good!

  • Barry

    no one knows yet rumors said Q4 likely holiday season.

  • Reece

    I might be impatient and get the Motorola since the speed is on par with Snapdragon if not edging it out. The HTC Sidekick will be a tempting buy but if that Moto Milestone comes? I’m all over it asap!

  • pimpstrong

    so I’m still lost. is there 2 or 4 phones?

    • 2FR35H

      When I read this article I saw 4

      and there are only 4 devices that should be hitting tmo.

      iPhone 4

      Nexus One

      Galaxy S

      Moto Basil (milestone Xt720)

      • Negtne

        And that would be the lineup to draw in new customers and keep existing customers happy! That would be a lineup to bring tmobile from 4th!!!!

    • pimpstrong

      so I still only see 2 “device launches”. searching for enlightenment.

  • 2FR35H

    4 Devices you say?

    Samsung Galaxy S

    Motorola Basil (aka xt720)

    Hmm what could the other two be??

    well only two other speculated to be tmo

    iPhone 4

    Nexus One finally hits tmo

    If I am not mistaken that is 4 devices all rumoured tmobile

    • jake

      Galaxy S
      Moto XT720
      ?HTC sidekick twist?? I think people have forgotten this one
      Dell, streak or thunder? these were both rumored to head to TMO or AT&T
      I dont think the N1 will be one of them, cause its already been very available,
      And the Iphone is cool and all, but I would rather not see it come here, I just dont like how apple operates, too controlling and closed, android is more open and more about freedom of choice.

      • Cell Dude

        Yeah the Dell Thunder would be NICE!!!!!!!! That is one very impressive phoen

  • Yeah, imma need that 3000 minute Even More Plus family plan, hopefully it’s like $69.99 or something, that’d be great 1500 is doing it kinda of, but i talk a lot as much as i text & use data. What can I say i’m a all around used :D . I really like the Samsung Galaxy S & what the Motorola Basil will probably be, but I really am more so leaning towards the Nokia N8 & HTC Sidekick “Twist” right now.

  • t-maybe

    Watch the teaser be the samsung on the 19th…and everyone can get any phone!

  • bill

    What’s with the funky extention on the Motorola? It looks like there’s some extra buttons but I can’t tell what they are.

  • WXman

    If I do not get the 2.1 update this Summer, this Cliq XT will be my last T-Mobile phone. Period. I’ve waited patiently for years for TMo to step up to the plate and be competitive, and it’s not happening. They are too slow. I’m tired of waiting.

    • NewGuy

      Is this your first time reading this site? How many more people have to tell you, Tmo has NOTHING to do with the updates? Motorola makes the software, Tmo pushes it out when Motorola gets it done. Same as Samsung, same as Google pushing out the updates for older phones.

      • WXman

        According to a Moto rep, you are wrong. The update is finished, and they are waiting on the carrier to “test” it and deploy it.

    • NewGuy

      Then find yourself a new Moto rep :)

  • joe

    What T-mobile needs to do is get some good freaking phones!!!
    At&t just launched there version of the evo called the aria!
    Now every company except ours has a 4 inch screen device with android 2.1! And a snap dragon.
    We need a freaking something with a snapdragon and just possible the freaking iphone! I dont see why apple hasnt just done the deal with us already seeing as how they already have an agreement with tmobile in europe. Theyre exclusivitycontract ended in april! And maybe tmobile europe should consider bringing some of those badass phones like the g2 or those awsome nokia n series and sonyericssons! Not the crappy ones like tm506 or the equinox. Tmobile is seriously missing out in the USA!

    • NewGuy

      Hey Genius Joe, check your facts before you start bitc…complaining. The Aria is a low end Android phone, 3.2″ crappy screen. Please, PLEASE switch to AT&T for their Evo contender so we don’t have to hear from you anymore.
      The iPhone is under contract with AT&T until 2012.
      The G2 was the Hero. You want an outdated Android phone now?
      Tmo Europe isn’t the same company as Tmo USA. Why don’t you go ask Ford to sell you a Camaro while you’re at it.
      And every complany has a 4″ screen Android now? Really? Name them please. I’ll get you started: Sprint, Verizon….who else?
      I still put my vote in for an IQ test before you can read websites like this one :)

    • bill

      What? The Aria is a mid range device with a 3.2 screen.

    • Reece


      Jeez I knew I did my share of whining but at least I recognize that Snapdragon level phones are when I see them. Both the Basil & the Galaxy are just that if not better.

      Sheesh some people are just bitching just for the sake of it.

  • Patrick

    Apple’s exclusitivity agreement isn’t over with AT&T just yet. point blank….it’s CAN’T be sold on T-Mobile.

  • Ahmed

    Motorola Basil? How about the Motorola Salt n’ Pepper? Or the Motorola Oregano?

  • aldo

    Tmobile is ridiculous .
    I own the Nexus One and I am already tired of it and I see some people being excited about the Nexus One .

    I am just waiting for all the new devices from Verizon , ATT and Sprint and I will jump ship after more than 5 years . People need great phones and Tmobile is just ridiculous with their stupid phones . I am not on contract anymore . I have the even more + plan . I am enjoying my N1 but I am already looking for something better and it seems to me that the Tmo executives have their heads up in the A$$$ . People need good phones . Perido.

    • NewGuy

      We’re all glad to see you go :)

  • Joe Buck

    ATTN: T-mobile is not getting the iphone. Keeping dreaming everyone!

    • Reece


      more folks in here is talking android then they are iphone, try again

  • The Dude

    when I get my new t-mobile phone, how long do they give you to try it out and return it. is it month?

    • Robert

      It’s 14 days… unless you’re in CA, you get 30 days.

  • Fujitsujeff

    If it’s the Moto XT720, I wonder when the 2.2 Update will hit it. Specs show internal storage to be: 150 MB storage, 256 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM. This is not a lot of space for installed apps on phone memory. Has anyone seen this? Hate to upgrade from a G1 and still have memory issues on an unrooted phone. The Galaxy S has an internal storage capacity of 8GB.

  • jake

    this moto xt720 seems ok, but I would much rather see the droid X come to TMO. That phone is tight, anyone hear that moto is planning to have a 2Ghz android by the end of the year, I might jump to verzion, they seem to be taking a lot of iniative, and TMO is always lagging behind. COme on TMO lets get it together

  • Cell Dude

    What happened to the rumored Sony Ericsson X10a that was rumored for T-Mo?

  • soon2TMO

    and im now thinking about that motorola xt720 too… hmmm

    a hard decision to make..

    we’ll see come the 29th..

  • Danielinvegas

    Why is everyone hating on the iPhone. I am tired of people saying it has exclusitvity till 2012. That may have been original date but who knows if apple left a clause in there to change it when it wants. Apple is not stupid. They would be shooting themselves in the foot. Look how many iPhones were pre ordered yesterday. You don’t think apple would want to make one for tmobile and verizon to capatalize in more sales. I think that is also why AT&T moved their upgrade window six months.

    • pimpstrong

      “I think that is also why AT&T moved their upgrade window six months.” yeah thats the kicker right there. ATT would only let people get an iPhone faster than they are suposed to if they A) are worried about the competition (Android) and want to suck people in asap or B) they wont be the only ones selling the iPhone relatively soon. If people cant buy an off ATT iPhone for oh lets say 1.5-2 years from now then there is no need to rush them into buying one. On the other hand if an off ATT iPhone is available between june 24th and a year from now then it would make perfect sense to reel people in to squeeze some more months out of them before they jump ship to a Cheaper T-Mobile. Only other reason is ATT was just being nice to loyal customers. Hmmmm

  • upset

    i hope the motorola phone is something good , t-mobile executives are so stupid you’d think that they would look at these sites and see that customers aren’t happy , i got 2 upgrades from a family plan and haven’t used one yet because all the phones suck !

  • DontListen

    The phones of the 21 and 28 are two clamshell LG simple phones. (Dont tell anyone.)

  • JayDee

    This is my idea,

    99.99 for the rate plan
    20 for family text
    10 for the lines 3 to 5

    Broken down, a 5 line family plan gives everyone 600 minutes seperately, and at a cost of only 29.99 per line, in addition the EvenMore Plans have T-Moblile-to-T-Moblie too. Great price. (Even if they 3 – 5 lines were $15, or the rate plan was $20 more its still a deal)

    99.99 Unlimited EvenMore
    +20 Text
    +30 3 – 5
    =210 (42 per line)

    Better than 39.99 for lines 3 to 5

  • Kebanyo

    I think i can make out the name Motorola Basil on the leaked sheet. Anyone have any clue what this might be? perhaps a version of the Motorola Droid X for T-Mo?

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