Garminfone Gets Its Very Own Commercial

The Garminfone is likely going to fall under the niche category and may not have the mass appeal of say, the myTouch Slide. However, its still an incredibly unique device and worthy in its own right of a little thirty-second advertising spot. With full on board Garmin navigation system, this phone is perfect for the traveler, the out of town visitor and anyone who just manages to get lost. It’s been out for just two days now, were there any takers? Report your thoughts on the device in the comments!


  • watbetch

    Gotta admit, I like the way the name sounds. Gotta get me a GARMINFONE.

    Way better than Nuvifone.

  • Spencer

    I still don’t see the point of having ‘Garmin Maps’ or whatever its called on the phone if we already have Google Navigation for free…Sorry if there’s a few Garmin lovers out there I’m insulting, I just don’t see the point

    • ian

      The garmin phone will work w/o coverage since all the maps of the us are downloaded to the device and all in all garmin maps are quite a bit more accurate and more user friendly

    • Ktwist

      Here is the difference between GOOGLE MAPS and GARMINPHONE MAPS. When you live in an urban city like I do (chicago downtown). high rise building are a BI@#$$. On my Mytouch slide, gps thru google is basically spin the bottle. I took the Garminphone out and had no such problem, my TOMTOM doesn’t even get signal downtown! The android 1.6 is a bit of a bummer but I highly recommend this to someone already looking to spend 200 dollars on a Real GPS. This is far better technology if you live in a urban city like San Francisco, Newyork, Chicago ect…

    • hegemon13

      Once upon a time, people were excited about options and competition within a market? Why another phone-nav option besides Google? Because Garmin does it better. Google Nav is a great product, but there are definitely holes if you are trying to replace a dedicated Nav device. The Garminfone is a full replacement for a nav device, which takes navigation into account for all aspects of the phone: hardware and form factor, included accessories (auto mount + car charger), data services, GPS integration with other apps, pre-loaded maps, and better, faster, smoother nav software. It is definitely GPS-centric, and if that’s what you’re looking for, it’s the best at what it does.

    • Malcolm

      As a Garmin gps user and Google maps user, Garmin is much better. There is no question about that.

    • Allen

      The big difference is when you are out of range, say in the mountains or whatever, the google has to have a connection…the Garmin doesn’t.

  • fujitsujeff

    It benefits those who go outside of data coverage. Google Navigation does not work correctly if you do not have data connection. I agree with you, if you’re not driving in the boondocks, Google Navigation is just fine.

  • Robert

    Its possible to buy it outright for use it on a plan w/o data to get decent navigation features…

  • Good for T-Mobile. But I think the commercial would have been better if they showed more of the phones features (to help entice those people who are GPS enthusiasts). Just my opinion..

  • JBLmobileG1

    Spencer… like someone said when your out of the coverage zone this could and would still work for you. In fact when I went on a road trip I used Google maps and lost data a few times (thankfully the one driving already knew where and how to get where we were going) but I was just testing it out and showing them how it worked. While this phone maybe a little pricey I am sure it will still sell to some and it was smart of T-Mobile and Garmin to release a commercial for it like they did. I have seen it already a little while ago and it was a pretty good add. If I get them in my store I’ll be happy to sell them…. and hopefully they’d sell for a little less.

  • romantivist

    I don’t know why people keep saying that Google Navigation doesn’t work when the phone loses data. If you set a destination while you have data, and then while you’re driving you leave data coverage, you still have directions to your destination, it just can’t do the “recalculating” thing that gps’s do when you don’t have data. But if you have a route to your destination and leave it, it’s not that difficult to get back on your route, is it? I recently drove across 3 states with only Google Nav to tell me where I was headed, and it worked fine, even on airplane mode.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Romantivist… you may be right as far as the directions go but it does load the map as your moving along the route which requires the data. I know this because I was using it and then it told me that I lost my connection. I am sure the worded directions would have still been there but it needed the data to keep loading what was ahead. And like you said in order to re-route it would also need the data connection.

  • JBLmobileG1

    On an added note. Too bad Tmobile doesn’t let you use the cheaper $10 data plan for this… sorta like the Nokia Nuron which still offers a smart phone experience on the cheaper end. If they would let you use the $10 data and it being a lower end Android phone… I am sure that would actually help push the sales a bit. Plus, once the customer gets a taste for Android they would probably more than likely be willing to upgrade to a better Android phone in the future which could then require them to pgrade to the $30 plan. This actually could work for phones that won’t be upgraded pass Android 1.6 like the G1 and the Behold II. I haven’t heard if this phone will get anything above 1.6 but as slow as the upgrades have been for the others I highly doubt it… not to mention if it was going to get anything higher they could have already loaded it with say 2.0 or 2.1 since they already were out before this phone launched.

    • Tony

      I just played with this phone in the store. It was surprisingly better than I thought. The build quality felt good, and the browser was multitouch enabled. Yes, the Garmin interface is different from stock Android. However, it’s not bad for what it is…a GPS unit that also happens to be an Android phone.

      JBLmobileG1, I totally agree with you…this phone would be a good deal at $199 if it worked with the “phone first” data plans.

  • XpAcErX

    what a waste of time, Google nav is going to kill them.

  • UzukiC

    Tmo knows apps sell, and so I don’t think they can let any android phone out the gate with anything less than smartphone web. People new to GPS technology may not be aware that they don’t get charged for that service monthly on most GPS devices, and so they may think there is an “added value” for that fact.

    Played with it at a store and it’s got both a good form factor and a fairly smooth interface with little lag (though I did see a force close before I left). Think the phone would make for a decent Android device after throwing in a second home system (Sweeter Home 2 comes to mind) to utilize when the Garmin part of the phone isn’t needed – that main screen bunks Android’s best advantage of customizability, at least to the casual user.

  • danimal

    I’ve had the nuvifone for several months now and the only thing I didn’t like was that it ran on Linux , so no apps. The built in maps are a big advantage over google maps or any other, even my son who has the iphone says so. The other feature that is really nice is the windshield cradle. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it really is. When I hop in the car the phone goes in the cradle and charges automatically, so I never really have to charge it at home. Having the phone in the cradle makes it MUCH easier to use without distracting you from driving since the phone is mounted reasonably close to your center field of vision. So if I get a text or whatever, I can hit a single button without taking my eyes off the road. It literally could be a lifesaver. Garmin also makes the buttonology simple. I’ll probably upgrade to the android Garminfone as soon as I can get one unlocked on Ebay or Amazon. It’s too bad that they can’t get a deal with Verizon. Locked phones in the U.S. suck.

  • yoli9098

    i ordered it, cant wait to receive it. im always getn lost

  • J

    We just received 3 GarminFones and we are very impressed..! Much better than I expected, now the question will be battery life..? IF ALL goes well, this could turn out to be a great phone. One more thing.. It needs to be registered with Garmin so you can stay up to date on both software and map update.. Over the air though… Good stuff…

  • This may be an option for some. I know someone who has a Iphone who was asking me to look at a GPS for them. Some people do not know how to work the smartphones they have….

  • iFloss™

    This phone is sex. It looks so hot in the commercial.

    I don’t like the large borders though but hey GO GARMIN! and T-MOBILE! xD

  • Hasaan

    This phone is horrible!!!! Maybe if we had a couple of high end phones, sure there’s nothing wrong with a gimmick phone. But when you have no real phones and you choose to bring out a friggin GPS phone?? Gimme a break Tmobile, you keep breaking my heart!!

  • Kent

    Sending this message from my new Garminfone. Nothing gimmicky about it, it’s a solid android smart phone with all the available apps. Nice size, form, and function and the main screen with side spider makes it easy to access everything, especially while driving. The voice command control is awesome, and the speaker phone is the best I have ever had in a mobile phone. It’s got everthing I need for business, plus it’s a Garmin gps with an awesome touchscreen. The car cradle is included with the phone and not just charges, but greatly improves the functionality. A well thought out device.

  • T

    Garmin devices also have useful subscription options like real-time traffic, safety camera, etc. Once, after returning from a vacation, I received a speeding ticket in the mail. I had been caught speeding by one of those cameras beside the highway. ..wish I had a safety camera subscription that day!

  • Rob

    This phone is great. I have used it on two road trips before and not once has it been wrong. I live in nyc and with my old phone the g1 it would take forever to get a signal because of the tall buildings. With the Garminfone i never have this problem. I am a flight attendant so i travel a bit. I was just in Ireland taking a roadtrip with my friend and the maps feature was a real lifesaver. With my other phone I would have to connect to the internet and have to pay a $100 phone bill for added data charges. Also the ability to find places for food, gas, sports, etc.. was really nice and quick. The Europe map pack was an extra $150 downloaded from the garmin website then loaded on a mini sd card. This phone is not for everyone but if u are always visiting new places this phone will get you there.

  • Jessica

    I just got a garminfone 3 days ago and at first I really loved it. I know I haven’t really had it long enough to fully experience the phone but as I started adding my contacts and downloading a few apps everytims I turn around the force close message pops up on the phone. Even if I try to hit the home button my screen goes blank and then force closes. I also noticed that it seems like its getting slower and slower. I am going to go back to the t-mobile corporate store and see if they can fix this problem for me. Besides the issues listed above I do like the phone and the gps is great! If these problems get fixed I will be 100% happy with this purchase.