Samsung Gravity 3 Coming June 23rd

A few weeks back, we revealed to you three upcoming Samsung handsets headed Magenta’s way, one of them being the T479 . The successor to the fairly popular Gravity 2, the Gravity 3, will be housing a 2.0 megapixel camera, and HSDPA 3.6 3G support. Our sources originally pegged the device for a June 23rd release, and we’re happy to say it’s still on track for the 23rd. The Gravity 3 will be availableĀ  in two flavors, Indigo and Rum (pictured above). It’s nice to see Magenta hasn’t forgotten about the people that don’t want all the bells and whistles smartphones come with.

So, who’s getting one?

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  • T

    What is the samsung gravity T? It says it above the picture…

  • Ryan

    I feel sorry for anyone that gets sucked into purchasing a Samsung phone. T-Mobile should do themselves a favor and part ways with Samsung. The recent news of the Behold II never receiving the 2.1 update should be enough to keep people away from the Galaxy S and anything else they release.

    This phone looks like a piece of trash by the way… for what it’s worth.

  • zazou

    I guess the only way to get excited about Tmo’s phone offerings is to be 10 years old again…

    • Max

      you got that right( sarcasm) As if Tmo doesn’t have enough low end phones

  • Vinny

    Frig the Gravity, I want to see the Galaxy, a real phone, not some piece of crap.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    this is good news for people that only buy low end phones.

    I’m hoping for a June Project Emerald HTC Twist Release. Come on Project Emerald, my next phone.

    • Michael Mortimer

      You have that right Wilma. I don’t think many people in here realize how bad the economy sucks, especially for the working masses.

      For them even $200 for a phone is a lot and they are saddened that they can’t get a phone that does not giveaway their dire financial condition. So this phone is great for the majority of users.

      And there’s a lot of people, like my sister, who do not know anything about phones and simply want something that’s easy to make calls with. She has ALS and needs a simple phone with a big keyboard. She thinks “Droid” is from the Star Wars movies. (Of course she is correct just as much as Verizon is aware. Did you all know that Verizon has to pay LucasFilm a license fee to use the word “Droid.” That’s because George Lucas owns that name. LOL).

      I don’t get why geeks can’t understand that most people don’t need or want the latest, greatest and most expensive.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        terribly sorry to hear that about your sis. I hope she grows out of it or a cure is found for it.

        I didn’t know that about the Droid. I guess it makes sense though.

        Yeah it’s true that not everyone can afford super high end devices. I had to break an arm and a leg just to buy this hd2 I’m typing this from.

        I fall into that geek category but I do realize that not everyone wants an “everything” phone and this is a nice touch for them.

        I however am waiting for news on the Project Emerald device as that, to me, just totally overshadowed the Galaxy S and the EVO.

  • Robert B


  • jds

    Seriously. Is Tmobile gonna announce when they are going to get the Galaxy S or whatever emerald is ?

  • Elias

    The Gravity 2 is an excellent feature phone. It’ll be interesting to see what improvements we see in the G3. I hope it includes a 3.5mm jack.

    • Rosii

      I know! This stupid Samsung port stopped me from buying the first Gravity…

  • Sikety

    The Samsungs were in dire need of a refresh and I think these phones will offer a nice selection for the kiddies, now bring on this new Sidekick or Galaxy for Daddy!

  • TehAndroid

    People just need to STFU, the gravity and gravity 2 are extremely popular. Carries don’t just release high end phones and I know its shocking but not everyone wants I super high end phone. And how can people get mad at T-mobile for not releasing a phone that they haven’t even acknowledge having?

  • sami

    yea……that’s great……now where is the galaxy s?????

  • Sweezy

    Hot summer release!

  • Jimi

    TMONEWS — thanks for all the news on the phones… For all the T-mobile complainers out there — PLEASE go to another carrier. Why spend the time bashing a phone ‘regular’ users maywant. Phones like these are needed for kids, etc. Not everyone needs (or can afford) an expensive phone with a data plan. A variety of phones are good!

  • Shine80

    Customers are complaining every where that everyone does not want the hottest smart phone with a 30 dollar data package. We also tend to forget that grandma is not always trying to go on facebook, tweeter and Myspace. She wants to take pics of her grandkids and have a nice phone without all the bells and whistles. Last night I ordered a phone for a man born in 1927 and asked him if he text, and if he would like the web so he can email. He laughed in my face and said no, I want to have a nice camera and answer my phone. And what parent wants to buy a 200 dollar phone on contract for a 13 year old and pay for a data plan? We have to give support to all our customers.

  • Logan

    This is actually GREAT news for me (and for other people who have been waiting for a decent qwerty phone from t-mobile that isn’t expensive as touch or smartphones). The Gravity 1 was good but was kind of outdated, and the Gravity 2, despite having better features, had a lot of functional problems with it.

    Believe it or not, I’ve been waiting for the Samsung Gravity 3 to come out. I really don’t need an expensive smart/touch phone, nor do I need internet access/browser on me all the time.

    With that perspective, I’m sure this’ll be a great phone.

  • Dave Christy

    Michael, soooo sorry to hear about your sister. My mom had ALS, so my thoughts and prayers REALLY are with you and your family. The good news – no pain. Now, I am looking forward to the G3! All I want is a decent phone, texting, and pictures! I don’t need or want all the high end crap that so many of you seem to relish. Maybe that’s because I grew up without cell phones, video games and even home computers. My “new” Motorola crapped out on me, and I am for the time bein, using an OLD Samsung flip. I may or may not wait for the G3, but will definitely get the G2 if not the G3.

  • I got to check out the dummy phones at the tmob store yeserday and was really impressed by the feel of the gravity. the keyboard is much improved. nice rubbery button with more differentiation between buttons than the 2 and a quality feel overall. The smile and T are also nice, but i like the dedicated numerical buttons up front. THe Nuron Suuucccckkks! I returned mine and will wait for the 23rd and get the 3 most likely. Can pay $30+ bucks a month for smartphone service that keeps my attention off the world around me.

  • Stef110

    We just signed up with Tmobile about a week ago. I was having a problem with my Gravity 2. It wouldn’t show me “my account” or “help”. They had to reset my phone and it still wasn’t working. Then after glancing around I saw the Gravity 3 out. She then told me it was coming out tomorrow. I asked her if it came in any other colors and she said no (It’s a new store). But after looking online it comes in 2 colors. I wanted Metallic Pumpkin to begin with but it’s discontinued (for the G2). Anyway according to reviews the G3 camera isn’t that great?? You think it would the same as the G2? My husband has a Nuron and the camera on that is awful! Mine is way better. I noticed the usb port on the G3 is smaller but I couldn’t open it to get a look. I like the design better.
    Oh, after I left the store my phone was working. I have come to the conclusion that after the “reset” it didn’t take effect because there was no reception in that building. I guess. I’m gonna try the G3.