T-Mobile webConnect Dell Mini 10 In The Wild


The Dell Mini 10 has finally found Mr. Blurrycam and he has been kind enough to grace us with four shots of the first T-Mobile 3G netbook.  There is nothing earth shattering or out of the ordinary here except for the T-Mobile branded stickers and T-Mobile branded box.  I am definitely digging that white and black color combination.  Expected to drop March 24th at a sub-$200 price, this puppy packs a 10.1 inch LED screen, 1024 x 600 resolution, Windows 7 Starter Edition, an Intel ATOM N450 processor and 1 GB DDR2 ram.

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  • Ahh Yo!

    Dell is a crappy computer. And to that, I would buy a netbook rather than buy one with a contract. If T-Mobile gave the netbook free plus contract, then it would be worth it.

  • do not want

    I want the Streak aka the Mini 5! Maybe Dell said they’d give Tmo the Streak if they released this netbook turkey. I can dream can’t I?

  • ahanix

    We don’t care about the mini 10, give us more HD2! Damnit, I want that phone so bad :( right now!

    • just some d?de

      That HD2 has WM on it, yuk. No thanks. Android all the way.

      • john

        pointless comment, I love my android personally, but am retiring it for the HD2. Amazing devices are not for everyone, and if you are too closed minded to get yours, as well as fanboyish enough to swear off the most powerful handset on the us market, have fun…you may want to go get an iphone, it’d suit your attitude towards other os’s


    Forget about the mini10 just get the HD2 released. The 24th can’t happen fast enough Xmas in March!!

  • Davidohio

    Dell sucks! Besides, who needs this when we have the HD2 coming?? This mini is not going to sell well at all, but I guess since other carriers offer one then T-mobile had to offer it for the few that actually want one.

  • Love Android & BlackBerry… got the demo for the HD2 in my TMo store today, can NOT WAIT for it ! Its sickk

  • FILA

    Looks like this might have the TV tuner in it, can tell by the little hole on the left hand side to the right of the USB port, in first picture. Thats usually where they place the antenna hole in the previous gen, and there also suppose to have it in this gen of Mini in the same spot. be nice if it does, then you have the ultimate little netbook, no other netbook has a tv tuner, that i kno of

    • Kevin

      The only thing that I can see that would change that possibility is that this is supposed to come with windows 7 starter, which I believe does not have media center with built in tuner software. I could be wrong on that though, plus that wouldnt keep you from installing tv tuner software

  • Why would I buy a netbook with a contract when I could just get the one I want that is probably better and have it conneced to any network I would like, if any at all??

    I’m curious to see the deal T-Mo has to offer. Though I’ve never cared for Dell. Or netbooks for that matter.

    • Double U Dee

      I agree. I’m not seeing the point of a netbook tied to a carrier just for web access. I might buy a netbook during graduate school just so I don’t need to carry my regular laptop on campus. The campus already has free Wi-Fi as many places do. I already pay a monthly fee for web services at home and refuse to pay another (and more expensive) monthly fee.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Anybody know if the Dell Mini 5 is coming to Tmobile? If so, what’s the release date and how much is it going to cost? Sorry, I haven’t been keeping up with it.

  • rushmore

    How is it sub $200? Tack on the required data plan and it is more like $920 (24 months times $30, PLUS the $200 for the Mini).

    Heck, I paid $900 for an m11x with better screen, 4gb of memory, 335m gpu, 550gb HD and I tether with my current $30 plan. Works great too!

    M11x is a MUCH better buy, when considering it is actually cheaper in the long run and MUUUUCH better system.

    • rushmore

      500gb- not 550gb. Typo.

  • The Hammer

    I say get the Mini 10v and put snow leopard on it and have a mini mac. Hell dell has em on sale for 250 right now.

    • rushmore

      Anything is better than paying $200 for this and then forced into a two year data plan. My point is if you are willing to spend that much money, why not but the M11x instead? Waaaaay better system for about $20 less total cost.

  • GA

    took training today for the HD2

    its soooo bad ass

  • 18.4009

    Why not just buy the netbook of your choice then use your nice Android phone and tether it for net access?
    No extending your contract and no additional data plan then.

    • rushmore

      Windows 7 is better for netbook and above. Tons more games/ apps and all video codecs work, not to mention Flash available now rather than wait.

      Android is better for pocket-type devices.

  • johnkzin

    If they had something other than a windows version, I might be interested.
    Especially if it was a convertible tablet/swivel screen format.

    An Android + Convertible Tablet version of the Mini-10? 1GB RAM option, 8-32GB RAM options? I’d totally be there.

  • Noel

    who cares? might as well get the web connect rocket

  • Eliver

    This phone is gonna truly change the game. My store got their live HD2 on march 9th . I stayed an extra hour after my shift because I couldnt stop playing with it. The screen clarity in this phone is unmatched by any device i have seen. the live tv (MobiTv) has over 100 channels. It has a good majority running live but it also has a certain amount of channels where the shows pop up and you just click on the episodes you wanna watch. It can get slightly choppy at times if you are watching something live with really fast moving objects like Nascar, but by choppy i mean like at 25 frames per second. The speaker volume was loud enough that one of my coworkers could hear exactly was going on while I was watching Transformers 2 from about 25-30 feet away. The camera works very well. Didnt get a chance to try it in low light but i did photograph cars driving by and the shutter speed was very very good. You can take pictures of objects up to about 1-2 inches away without any blurriness in case you want to get really upclose. In case it hasnt been mentioned retail is $449 and $199 under a new 2 yr contract. I was expecting a higher price tag since other phones like the Iphone 3g and the Nexus ONE gor for so much and this phone is better than those.

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