T-Mobile G1 Update Rolling Out


Let me  just start off by saying that this is NOT the update G1 owners have been patiently waiting for.  Instead, it’s a minor update exactly like the one the original myTouch 3G received earlier this month.  The Android 1.6 update (DMD64) OTA is rolling out starting today, February 26th, and will gradually make it to the masses by March 15th.  The update improves G1 user’s call performance and does not include any additional feature enhancements.  To receive the update, G1 owners must have the required Android data plan added.  G1 owners will receive a notification on their device giving them to choice to “Install Now” or “Install Later”.  After you install the update, the handset will reboot and you’re done! Enjoy the improved call quality!

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  • Quasar

    Today is the 26th hehe.

  • It may not be the update we want, but if nothing else this shows that T-Mobile hasn’t forgotten about us G1 owners. Guess we’ll keep hoping for Eclair until we hear otherwise. :-)

  • LipGloss712

    Can’t wait to upgrade my damn phone!!! Gotta wait ’till September. :(

  • Boxhead

    Ummm I already have the 1.6 update got a few weeks ago? Does anyone else have a G1 with the 1.6 firmware

    • Kickstar13

      It’s a minor update to Android 1.6 for the G1.

    • Alex

      umm, everyone has a g1 with 1.6 firmware

  • davidohio

    I was not aware there was anything wrong with my call performance. Oh well.

  • Felix Repleon

    i wonder if this will fix that annoying echoing i get when making calls. what i mean by echoing is hearing myself a second after i talk to the point i talk over myself.

  • Trill

    I’ve noticed the mic is super sensitive, the market has a bug that requires you to open and close the screen in order for it to refresh the just in section and some other little things but the N1 is looking good right now but I can’t live without a keyboard. I might cave and get the mytouch slide regardless if I will hate myself.

    P.S. 3G has been sucking for the pass 3 weeks in my town and I’ve heard anywhere fom congestion to there isn’t a problem so please Tmobile speed it up.

  • Snapples

    I got the g1 but I got the g1 unlimited web & text plan would I get this minor update as well?

    • Kickstar13

      You should get the update if you have the G1 plan added.

      • BronxBebe

        Uh like heh heh dude would this like fix my sis’s dead G1 cos she’s been without like hers..and Tmobile CS in Bronx are being total buttwipes..heh heh she said butt..

        Oh forgive me its the tired giddy taking over me..lol..

  • Snapples

    Ok Kool. I wasn’t too sure for a second. Thanks.

  • Boxhead

    So even though the firmware say 1.6 that’s just minor not offical donut? Then what will official donut bring to G1

  • Jeremy Mueller

    I’ve already had this update for a while. Weird.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I bought a used G1 off Craig’s List for $100, to tide me over until the HD2 arrives.

    It is like new. First thing I did was check to see what version Android is on it. It said 1.6

    Being rusty on Android, since I gave my girlfriend my G1 last March-April, I went on YouTube to check out what 1.6 is. Well first, the below video calls it “Donut.” So I guess it replaced Cupcake.

    Anyway, the video was posted in October 2009. Everything they mention in the video (including Marketplace’s new look and format) is on my new/used G1. And in the settings, where there is the “Battery Use” feature, I have that. That is a cool feature, saying what is using up the phone’s battery.

    And my “About Phone” says:

    Firmware Version: 1.6

    Build Number: DRC83

    Just FYI, I am totally in the dark on what Android is all about now, just wanted to mention what I found out.


    • Dalton

      I don’t understand the point of that post…? All G1’s can run 1.6. It’s 2.x nobody really knows about yet. If that’s what you were saying. I’m confused. :P

  • JBLmobileG1

    This might be a well needed update. I’ve noticed that the sound isn’t as good as it use to be not to mention my 3G singal has been crap…. one minute its full bars the next its only 2 (like right now). Its actually been pretty bad too. At my work I always have full except for no reason it’ll just bump down to 2 for no reason. Also I wonder if the ones to signed up for the Voice Beta Plus will be getting it soon after this update. Its taking forever… heck by th time it does roll around either it won’t be much of a beta anymore or I might end up with a newer phone like the Cliq XT.

    • tiera

      From my understanding this 1.6 update is a minore fix for call problems just like the crc1 update for 1.5 was a security fix,nothing majors happening just fixes is all

  • shootingblue

    If the G1 and Mytouch are set to get 2.1 why send this update out now. This tells me that 2.1 for the G1 and Mytouch is still a ways out. Otherwise they would have just include this into 2.1 and waited.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Shotingblue….. Maybe its that the g1 update to 2.1 will be a manual download and more of option

  • Jill

    Can those with WiFi receive update?

    • dan

      Nope. It is sent over your carriers network

    • Granger

      Yes. I personally have a G1 that does NOT have a data plan (has been that way for almost a year now). But I just unlocked my phone a little while ago and was presented with a message about a new, downloaded update for the phone. After updating, I now have the DMD64 build.

      I have never updated via OTA before. Previous to this, I didn’t wait and see if OTA would work, but manually upgraded to Android 1.6 myself (downloaded the official update package, put it on my SD card, and did the reboot-update thing).

      Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes, the ONLY thing that doesn’t work on the G1 without a data plan is MMS.

  • dan

    I have2.1 its fun. Rooted yes. Works fine

  • dan

    Noo update does not get sent via wifi.

  • jill

    Previous updates were able to be sent over wifi. Why not now?

  • tiera

    I can’t wait for this little fix because my calls get distorded and echoey{spell check} so this will be a relief for me.

  • Jill

    Will I able to be manually install this update?

  • elarella

    Has anyone received this update yet?

  • Zingo

    I received my update today (3/9/2010). I thought I was receiving 2.0 only to find 1.6 on my G1 after the update. Am kind of disappointed.

  • shyngentle

    I just received my update a few minutes ago. Just to clarify something. The firmware is not being updated. Just the build of the firmware 1.6 is.

  • fugmunkie

    got this update this morning
    caused me a lot of problems
    screen does not lock, update reset all of these putting them back the way i had them, but it still does not work
    home button does not work except to wake phone back up
    i have rebooted via power button and pulling the battery neither brought settings back

  • R.T.

    Well G1 fans the cold hard truth is that 2.x is just too feature rich for the poor, resource troubled, but great flagship Android device. I currently own a g1 that I purchased right when it came out and I knew about it months before it came out because I am a thin-client software engineer. My G1’s on board memory (which we all know is the only place you can store apps) is maxxed as far as you can take it without crippling the device (i.e. I have 25mb left) and all the apps are used on a daily basis. I have a corporate email client called Road Sync, a program called documents to go that allows you to view and edit Ms office attachments so on and so forth. If the G1 were to get 2.x it would cripple my device and anyone elses that has the same amount of space left that I do. In other words don’t hold your breath and upgrade to a newier device as soon as your plan allows. There are a lot of great phones getting ready to come out if you watch the tech forums so pick one. I personally am waiting for the Dell Mini 5. It is a tablet/phone that is going to blow the socks off of the android revolution. See the Engadget article


    I can’t wait!

    Cheers R.T.

    • not a douche

      no one is impressed that you “knew about it months before it came out”

      you know what you’re talking about.

      this message sent from a G1 running 2.1 with 66MB free with plenty of business apps

    • you’re an idiot

      If you root your g1 you can run apps2sd, with a class 6 sdhc card (required for all phones with apps2sd) plus if you don’t do anything graphic intesive you can free up 10mb of ram from the secondary video ram which is only used in 3d applications and speed up your phone significantly

  • Steve

    OMG TY this was huge for me because for 3 months now all my calls were so choppy no matter where i called from or who i called but now its perfect :)

  • I got this update this morning. I can’t tell the different before and after the update. If they said it make it better I guess it is.

    As far as my next phone, it will be Sony Ericsson Experia X10

  • 0hglory

    We are not gettin 2.0 which amazes me. I kept hope alive, arguing “if tmo still sells g1 they’ve gotta update it. Face it. We who preordered g1 got the shaft. I’m over it. I’m waiting for a better keyboard device from htc with a better camera or I’m going to iphone and adios tmo.

  • jcomputerguy

    I want to say I turned my phone on today and it said new update required and I hit install and the phone shutt off and did its thing and then reboot ,but I already have 1.6 on the g1 and I must say I had 1.5 but over the air update auto matically gave me 1.6. Just a note other day I was on my g1 and that dang echoe off my voice how annoying is that,lol.. anyhow its auto matic let your phone find the update auto unless you know how to manually do it.ps I’m still having issues with gmail tried evrything and it won’t do squat

  • Terry

    After the update, I can no longer screen lock my phone. Also when I am in the browser, the “Home” button no longer closes it. I knew I should not have applied this un-needed update. My phone is now a PIA to use.

  • Ellen

    My G1 died right after the update. First, lost connection, then totally dead after a reboot. Any bug with this update? I am so sad!

  • I was first offered this OTA update 2010-01-28, and was running 1.6 DRC83 on my G1 at the time. But I couldn’t find anything out about it so ignored it. I really wish they would tell you what the new version number was before the upgrade!

    It just asked me again, and I did it. Got build DMD64,
    Baseband version 62.50SC.20.17H_2.22.23.02
    kernel version 2.6.29-00479-g3c7df37 android-build@apa26 #19

    Still the same amount of free space, seems to work fine.

  • pauly

    Got update last night as I was going to bed.

    This morning my g1 alarm clock did not wake me up like usual! Luckly I was off today. What I have noticed now is that my mp3 ringtones are not as load as well as the speaker in general.

    I wonder if this had to do with the update

  • Devin

    Downloaded update this morning. After the device restarted after downloading the update, it has stood on the T-Mobile G1 startup screen for over an hour. Is this supposed to happen?

  • Lori

    Devon…Mine did the same thing this morning.. I ended up taking the battery out and rebooting.. no update and now i don’t know how to get the update.. It says my system is currently up to date.. still on drc83

  • eric

    help! i got the update message but hit install later cause i was doing something on my phone but when i go to check for system updates it says its up to date and wont find the update! how do i update?!

  • jess

    What does the update do?

    • Alex

      “The update improves G1 user’s call performance and does not include any additional feature enhancements”

      Right from the article above.

  • kinglink

    I just got this update too, the only problem is the 9 gig siz, is there any way to recover that space?

    • kinglink

      Sorry that’s 9 meg, still a lot for the little device, any thoughts on how to get the size back?

  • Mtinez

    Hey guys how do u manually get the update?

    I got a new g1 but it seems to lack google maps its still on v.3 does anyone know how to update to the v5???

  • Derek

    Cool. I just realized what the update does. I can talk and use Internet apps at the same time. I couldn’t do that before this update.

  • Michael Giusto

    I just got the update this morning (April, 19, 2010).

  • Andrenaw20

    What if you did not receive this update