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Take 24: iPhone Headed To T-Mobile This Summer?


Here we go again… Rumor has it that Apple will be ending AT&T exclusivity soon. According to some rumors “soon” is considered Wednesday January 27th, or tomorrow. Bloomberg is reporting that T-Mobile USA will get the iPhone this summer, followed by Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel Corp. in the fall, and Clearwire Corp. in 2011, Horan wrote in a note yesterday. As you probably already know, AT&T has had a tight grip on the iPhone exclusivity since June of 2007, when the iPhone first debuted. Even though there is absolutely no confirmation of this, it could very well be possible. There has been a lot of rumors regarding a Verizon Wireless iPhone (or iTablet), but would Apple really make a brand new iPhone (because of Verizon’s CDMA network [Andrew – Let me add that there is a chip out there that does cover CDMA and GSM frequencies and Apple could add it to future iDevices]) just so they could sell it on one network in the US? On the other hand, Apple does what is wants, and anything is possible. Both Apple and T-Mobile declined to comment on the matter. Although our beloved Magenta has claimed in the past that it’s network is ready to take on the iPhone.

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