Google Blames T-Mobile 3G Network For Nexus One 3G Issues

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Earlier this morning a Google employee over at the Google Support Forums updated us on the Nexus One 3G issue that had been plaguing a good amount of Nexus One owners. The Google employee claims that after some investigation in the matter, the  3G issue was apparently the cause of poor T-Mobile 3G coverage. But wait, its not entirely T-Mobile’s fault. The employee also states that there’s a software component that also is a key factor causing the 3G issues, and the company says that it’s already testing a fix. The Google employee says to expect an OTA (Over-the-Air Update) “in the next week or so.” What I still can’t understand is how T-Mobile’s 3G network is at fault here when other T-Mobile handsets (such as the G1) work perfectly fine in the same locations? Why is Google blaming our beloved Magenta for their mistakes? T-Mobile might not have the largest 3G network, but it’s definitely more reliable than other 3G networks (ahem cough AT&T). There’s something fishy going on here! Stay tuned and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • kershon

    Something is fishy is right. There have been people with full 3G bars on other devices that have had no problems and their N1 could not get or hold a 3G signal. It’s called pass the buck and cover up. Kiss off Google. Glad I never bit on the N1 hype.

    • mmaxsooner

      Wonder who google will blame when the other carriers have problems as well? The fact is all carriers run most all phones through testing phases to make sure that the phones work with their network. Problem in this case points directly at google, they are the ones setting up the terms on this one. I personally think this is the big problem with unlocks etc. When the carrier cannot control the product issues can and will occur.

  • fort

    Nothing fishy for me. I had the mytouch 3g and had the same problem. Ive always thought it was poor signal. I call t-mobile yesterday and was told there is an upgrade coming this month.

  • Marvin

    Google should have turned the phone over to TMO and let them sell it/support it. I’m sure they would have had less problems in the short and long term!

  • coco

    Yeah where I live is supposed to be excellent coverage but my phone (cliq) is always floating in and out between 3g and edge.

  • Patrick

    This makes perfect sense, actually. When there is “spotty” 3G coverage, different handsets deal with when to drop the signal and switch to EDGE differently. If you are in an area where you do not always have a consistent perfect 3G signal, it is likely that your phone will experience more “edge cases” where it will be difficult to maintain a solid connection.

    The software aspect of this is how to phone deals with the edge cases, and when it switches to EDGE. There are also other issues that a fix to this will rectify, such as longer battery life. (It uses much more battery to constantly search for 3G networks, or to transition between 3G and EDGE, than it does to maintain a solid connection.)

    • pfmiller

      Yeah, that sounds about right. I’m going to withhold criticism until after the OTA update comes around.

  • zazou

    That is bullsh*t… Here in my office I have a n900 and a Nexus one. Speed tests show the N900 getting much better speeds than the Nexus one… It has to be either a cheap antenna or bad code…

  • Galen20K

    No this IS all BULLSHIT! My G1 had FULL 3G Everywhere in my House as much as I love my Nexus One, the 3G on it in my House Fluctuates SOOOO much and my G1 NEVER did that!

    I seriously cannot believe that Google cant just fully own up to its OWN screw ups in the firmware.

    *shakes head*** I love Google also, I really cannot believe this.

  • Yea my 3g is uber slow in my area leave my house and go 3 miles anywhere and its gone, weak. Tmo/google is all hype just like anything else.

  • EGO

    This doesn’t surprise me, i’ve traveled to many large cities with t-mobile mytouch 3g across the US and i have to say their in-building penetration isn’t the best and it defintiely needs refinement and driving along alot of different highways i go in and out all the time and spend most time on EDGE which is expected but not a huge deal because i dont use it while im driving, but it’s still disappointing when my coworkers iphones and vzw berries work flawless. This is not a complaint, nor a bash it’s simply stating that t-mobile is very new to the 3G game and may not have the experience to accomodate all devices quite yet and may not have all their odd 3g frequencies perfected.

    Also we all know most people are really stupid. I guarantee thousands of new customers never even checked their coverage to see if they had 3G and ordered the phone anywata and assumed that our coverage was larger than verizon and att’s

    @ Kickstar13, you may keep talking about att like that but it’s really embaressing when a t-mobile loyalist like myself whom always talks good about T-mobile and defends it against vzw and att fanboy co-workers has to use a co-workers att iphone or vzw blackberry in buildings and hotels to simply check webpages where wi-fi is not always available and EDGE is barely creeping in (which surprisingly happens alot in this day and age). Yes i can believe there are issues with it but it’s normal considering how much newer we are to 3G. And you know what, people are going to listen to google on this issue and not t-mobile. hopefully it gets corrected because thats my next phone but really, don’t act that surprised in these early 3g days of t-mobile.

    • Kickstar13

      I have both AT&T and T-Mobile, for me, AT&T has caused me nothing but problems (and this is the case for many people). Yes AT&T has superior coverage in areas where T-Mobile doesn’t (and vice versa), but I was simply stating my experiences. I’ve had T-Mobile since 2003 and in that time period I have incurred 4 dropped calls, whereas I drop calls 3-4 times each week on AT&T. It might be my area for all I know, but like I said, its not the same for everyone.

      Yes T-Mobile’s network is still “young”, but unlike AT&T, T-Mobile is building their network (with the various 3G network upgrades) so that they don’t experience the problems AT&T is experiencing.

      • EGO


        Well i think after all these years i just want a little more, i go back to the voice stream days. I love t-mo and all i just think they have such potential and are stuck in the #4 rut.

        Does it disappoint me that they were this late in the game? yes it does, but i’ve always believed in t-mo. Its weird, its as if i’m a fan of t-mobiles,but i’m just tired of feeling like they lost the world series, more than once. but it is what it is i suppose and i’ll just keep waiting for them to hit that mark. We need to kill sprint lol. jk

      • Richard

        While it’s perfectly acceptable to talk about YOUR experiences, they are not everyone’s and to be quite honest overall AT$T’s network is far superior to T-Mobile’s and most of their problems are caused by the drastic drain by the iPhone more than anything else.

        I live in Kansas City and have a G1 with T-Mobile while my brother has an iPhone with AT$T. Now, obviously I’m not with him 24 hours a day as we’re both older and married and live seperate lives, but we do talk about our phones and networks and I can attest that here in Kansas City he says he drops calls ‘every once in a while’ – meaning maybe a few times a month and has excellent 3G coverage all over this city.

        While I drop calls on the T-Mo network 3-4 times a week and has extremely spotty coverage (dropping 3G to edge back and forth) all over town.

        As has been said 100 times before, one needs to look at where they live to determine sometimes the BEST coverage for them.

        But to pretend that T-Mo’s network OVERALL is better than AT$T’s… is extremely misleading and could actually be interpreted as a lie. Since it is not.

        And I HATE AT$T… but facts are facts.

      • Otto

        Have a G1 in KC, live in Northlands and work on the Kansas side, since I’ve owned my G1 I’ve dropped at the most 50 calls and have had since release and that’s honest. Was AT&T before signing up with T-mo and lived in downtown OP and dropped calls like crazy. The simple fact is that everyone’s experience is going to be different.

  • mike

    cats are not innocent, they are mischievous

    • Madprofessor

      That is the best comment to this article. You win sir.

  • I don’t read it that way. They don’t blame T-Mobile – they say a software fix is coming, but oh by the way some people’s problems might be plain old weak signals and no amount of software can fix that.

    • branon

      I agree. Unfortunately tmonews has chosen to sensationalize the minor part of the statement from google.

  • anonynous

    Google sucks get a blackberry

    • john

      With all the bis outages, i’ll get right on that rim bandwagon that left a year ago….hmmm, nah nvm I’ll stay android thanks.

  • money mo

    I dont think its t mobile, its the nexus one, this phone never stays on 3g, NEVER EVER!!!!!!!

  • phonegeek

    Oooooooooooooo (little kids voice and points finger) u did it u did it!!!!

  • Todd


    • Wilma Flintstone

      Best Post in this comment section. As far as taking responsibility that is. I hope the Motorola Shadow comes to Tmobile soon. I REALLY like that phone.

  • Eric

    I do have to be honest….I do have this problem on my 9700. While sitting on my desk everyday it will switch from 3G to EDGE for no reason. I know it does this because of the lovely sound it makes on my speakers as it switches.

    • kershon

      I have the same problem with my 9700. Always alternating from EDGE to 3G. I was right next to a tower this morning and could only get 325 kbps average down on 3 different speed tests. I called customer care a couple days ago and talked with a bb tech and was told to give them 72 hours to check out the towers and if they all checked out ok then they are going to replace my phone. I had problems with two curve 8900’s in 6 months prior to getting this 9700. If a replacement doesn’t cure the problem then I am done with blackberries and I’m going to the HD2 for sure. All the RIM outages are the schitz too.

  • Omar

    I have a nexus and my wife has a g1 in Tampa Florida and we both get great 3g coverage no flux. Upload 450k download 1.3 could be faster but my signal is fine

    • Nageki

      This is the problem right here, which points more towards hardware. I live in Tampa as well and I could never get over .50k down and lucky to get .20k up with full 3G and full bars.

  • Freddy2Fred

    Google blaming T-Mobile for the 3G service… Thats bullshit. They should blame themselves. I own a G1, Touch Pro2 and the Blackberry Bold 9700. I never had any 3G problems. Specially with the G1 and I live in NY. So Google, suck these saggy hairy nuts because you guys suck anyways.

    • B

      Child rant over?

  • js-1

    Thats Fin straite BS right there! As you stated I’ve watched several videos where the G1 get better 3G then N1. I’m tell em that this is a software issue. where google wants to save power as 3G eat up the battery life more BUT guess what GOOGLE IS WRONG THE CONSTANT SWITCHING IS EATING UP THE BATTERY LIFE!

    I’m having this problem along with touch screen calibration.

  • shawn224

    Let’s hold off on the Google bashing stick just yet. There is some truth to their claims. When I’m sitting in my office on the Behold II, my connection jumps around from 3G to Edge to GPRS and then back to 3G if I so much as lean the wrong way. I live in Houston, TX and from my understanding, TMO has invested well over $260 million in infrastructure to bolster 3G service in the Houston market. Matter of fact Houston is considered one of TMO’s robust 3G markets, yet it’s nothing to drive in & out of 3G coverage all within a mile’s radius.

    I’ve done numerous speed tests at work and depending on where I’m standing I’ve experienced download speeds ranging from 1,400kbps to as low as 350kbps.

    Google may have their portion to shoulder as well but TMO isn’t as squeaky clean as you may think.

    • David

      Not only did you swing and miss, you completely ignored the pitch. The issue here isn’t T-Mobile’s 3G network and its infrastructure, its that the Nexus One has subpar 3G quality right now in the very same spots where other phones don’t suffer the same issues. The very same exact scenario as how 3G phones on AT&T like the BB 9700 don’t suffer from the same dropped call issues as the iPhone.

      • shawn1224

        I fully understand that but when a market is deemed to be fully 3G capable yet still has bugs in the infrastructure, it’s going to hinder your handset from reliable coverage irregardless of antenna/radio issues. I can only speak on my area (which is considered a major 3G player) and unfortunately TMO’s 3G isn’t as robust as they lead you to believe. I do think google is hiding behind their beta-ness of the N1 and rushed to deliver an unfinished product but TMO’s infrastructure could use an upgrade.

  • stephen

    Wow, I love it. This one was almost as good as AT&Ts claim that roll-over minutes are better than unlimited minutes.

  • shakarak

    Well I didn’t have many 3g problems with the g1. However on my moto cliq It would constantly drop calls and switch back and forth between 3g, edge, or gprs. I had to get it exchanged but my new one rarely runs into that problem only in some buildings like my school. I use pandora when walking to classes and from the parking lot but even on edge it still plays flawlessly. I live in Albuquerque btw.

  • T.P.

    This really upsets me, its one thing that they felt the need to do it on there own, but now when the sales are not what they expected they look for the scapegoat. This make me hope T-Mobile goes and get the IPhone. Google needs T-Mobile to sell that phone, so they sit back and let them handle it.

  • B

    “Our beloved Magenta” is right. You guys sound like Google stole your childhood innocence.

  • ShadowFoxBiH

    Ok well I have to agree major fail on Google’s part, I live in the Tampa Bay Area, FL and I have two T-Mobile phones the cliq for personal stuff because my texting habit and the N1 for work and my Cliq will only switch to EDGE when I am out in a cow pasture but the N1 switches between 3G and EDGE where my Cliq has 5 full bars of 3G.

  • jjank

    Wow, such a quick pick up on this issue. Glad to see you monitor the Google forums. This is most certainly not a TMobile problem, there are some who are on TMobile that complain about their 3G service thinking it is supposed to be like Verizons network or something. I have never had an issue with TMobile, I love their service and their plans.

    This issue is something with Android software and the HTC hardware.

    Also, I do not think Google (Ivar) meant to imply it is TMobiles problem, I think it was more a reference to the issue that some N1 owners are having.

    • sorandkairi

      Agreed! I reread the post buy the google employee and it doesnt sound to me that he was saying T-mobile was the to blame for the N1 lack of network stability at all actually!

      • Kickstar13

        The Google Employee edited his post.

  • RealStory

    This is not a 3G issue or T-Mobile Issu. They placed antenna at the bottom which causes this. All other phones have antenna on the top.

  • Former tmo tech…

    Remember everyone… The Nexus One is not fully tested by T-Mobile. This means that their NETWORK may not be communicating properly with this new phone. Certain things on the back end may be preventing the Nexus One from reaching its full potential for 3G coverage. Each and every phone communicates differently with each and every network. T-Mobile didn’t get to pull this one to pieces (Thank god…) in order to make sure that their NETWORK was ready for it…

    It could also be a 50/50 problem share! Maybe Google and TMO should both take responsibility. Until we are sitting in the same room as the engineers that fix the issue we cannot know…

    • Patrick

      Great point made here. This phone is not endorsed by T-Mobile, nor supported by T-Mobile. It is sold and supported by Google and HTC, and operates on T-Mobile’s network. But it has nothing to do (support-wise) with T-Mobile.

  • Inhuman

    Will this update attemp to only fix the 3g issue or the other issues that the nexus one has?
    I hope both.

  • The reason this phone has issues is because it wasn’t put through tests by tmobile themselves, that phone would fail as a subsidized release, the errors would have to be fixed first.

  • Trill

    Wow! I’m not sure what to say other than your early adapters but issues with the device will be addressed such as bugs and lags. Tmobiles in building penetration isn’t good as other carriers because of the band they use while 850mhz could easily cover a whole area 1700mhz/2100mhz would require more towers or antenna’s but relax its classic game of point the finger.

  • Derrick

    I think some of you are missing the point. The problem people are having with the N1 is in good to great 3G areas not places where the signal has always been spotty. It’s the people that had perfect 3G coverage on another phone and when they switched to the N1 it goes back and forth between edge and 3G. This isn’t a tmobile problem if in my house the mytouch gets 5 bars 3G but the N1 only gets edge. This is the main issue that is frustrating people. This isn’t about where tmobile does and doesnt have 3G coverage. Although an important issue, it’s a seperate one.

    • bryan

      Exactly, the problem with the N1 is that it is on edge in the same areas where other tmobile 3g handsets get solid 3g. If it was a network issue it would affect other 3g handsets, such as the g1 and mytouch. That is clearly not the problem. Plus the fact that Google stated that an OTA would fix some of the issues points to a software issue. I will not be purchasing a N1 because Google has not handled this issue well. If they simply aditted the problem and addressed it there would not be a problem, but they are blaiming everyone but themselves.

  • JLowe

    Some people are reading WAY too much into this very on-the-surface article.

  • tmogeek

    Look at the kitty!

  • Peter

    I don’t think it’s T-Mobile problem. More likely it is Goolge Nexus One and perhaps Android problem. Because My Touch Pro 2 has a perfect 3G with no drop but friend of mine with Nexus One in same area has this problem all the time. I think He is going to return his N1 and instead get Touch Pro 2 this week.

    • Usman

      It’s not an Android problem, per se… my G1 gets great coverage, but my Nexus One switches from 3G to Edge at times where my G1 won’t. I think it’s just a software issue.

      • Peter

        Software Issue = Android Problem


      • sorandkairi

        @ Peter

        I think/hope that Usman was tryin to imply that the problem wasnt a flaw in the Android software as a whole but rather a problem with the software installed only in the N1 device, not “android”.

  • I didn’t see anywhere where Google was blaming T-Mobile’s 3G network at all, just the extenuating circumstances which the 3G issues is presenting itself potentially for some.

    There are always going to be pockets of spotty 3G coverage for some on the outskirts and this may be some issue to the problem, though no one will deny that a software update needs to be processed out for the radio in the N1.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Google better face the facts and stop pointing fingers at Tmobile for their OWN screw ups. If they are going to play this game I may just switch to Windows Mobiles when the HD2 comes out. I love the Android o/s but if I am going to be backed up by a company who won’t support their product and blame others for their mistakes… well I WILL take my business elsewhere. Is it worth it to get tied up with something if your not going to get the support that you deserve and pay for? NO. I think Google needs to rethink what they say before they lose their support group… and they can start by appologizing to Tmobile. If it wasn’t for them the Android o/s wouldn’t be where it is today because Tmobile was the ones who risked it and took a chance at the first Android based phone. If it wasn’t for them they probably wouldn’t be having Android phones coming to most major carriers. STOP with the finger pointing Google before you screw yourself!

  • chris

    i think you guys misread what the google employee said. He posted

    “Hello Folks,

    I wanted to post an update to the Nexus One Help Forum to let you know what we’ve been working on to help address the 3G issues some of you have been facing. I also wanted to thank you for being patient as we work to investigate the problem, an effort which has included our hardware partners.

    Our engineers have uncovered specific cases for which a software fix should improve connectivity to 3G for some users. We are testing this fix now, initial results are positive, and if everything progresses as planned, we will provide an over-the-air software update to your phone in the next week or so. It may be, however, that users are experiencing problems as a result of being on the edge or outside of 3G coverage, which a product fix cannot address.

    Thanks again for your patience and for your feedback, and we will continue to keep you informed.


    from what i’ve read, Google is saying that they are working on a fix and after that fix, if u are still experiencing bad tmo 3g coverage, that it is highly likely you are out of 3g coverage…

    I didn’t see on his post, stating that they are blaming t-mobile…

    • Usman

      I was thinking exactly the same thing when I saw this story last night! Looks like Tmonews is either, really off its game and poor Kickstar13 just has a tough time with English… or they’re trying to start drama where there is none.

  • TmoUser

    At the google forums, there are a number of people complaining about the edge/3g switching and these people are people that purchases the fone for overseas usage ie.. Asia and Europe, so this is not isolated to the tmobile network.

  • hector

    Stop distorting the reality. Google employee Ravi NEVER blamed T-Mobile. Please, there’s a difference between “you may be in a weak signal area” and “your provider’s network sucks”. Sometimes I wonder how english native speakers don’t understand their own language.

  • domiiniicano

    I’m not really sure what all of you’ll are experiencing but I live in Southfield, MI (Detroit Metro Area) and all my friends including myself have T-Mobile and we never ever see EDGE on our phones and I’m constantly driving all around South-East Michigan. The only time I ever seen EDGE is when I was in my basement and that was back in 2008 now I have full bars down there too. So in my opinion T-Mobile is the best and Sprint is Second. VZW and AT&T are horrible as far as price and network speed besides only people 40 and up has them anyway so they don’t care LOL

  • J

    This is a simple attempt by Google to pass some blame. Of course there will be areas where TMobiles 3G coverage is spotty. The same holds true for the other carriers too. However, this is by the problem causing the Nexus customers to complain. Tmobile customers know the coverage limitations. Man up and take the heat for your phones failures. Don’t try to tell customers that it is a coverage problem when other devices work fine.

  • Poor Coverage??? Between my self and about 20 other colleagues across the country whom I have spoken with in the past couple of weeks, the problem has nothing to do with coverage, at least for us. We all were rockin’ the G1/MyTouch 3G/Hero etc… with full 3G coverage in our respective parts of the country. Once we switched to the Nexus one, that is when the 3G signal was all over the place. So if I have perfect 3G coverage at home with my G1 and shoddy 3G coverage at home with the Nexus one, does that constitute a coverage issue? It doesn’t sound like it.
    Granted that this may be the issue for some as T-Mo is still expanding it’s 3G footprint, but from reading blogs, posts, and interacting with Nexus One owners, I am seeing a Much larger trend suggesting a software issue to blame as opposed to a coverage issue. (Don’t try to pass the buck GOOG!) I guess we will see pretty soon as it seems a patch is right around the corner. I can’t wait!

  • Some of you are downright insane. They said, a software fix is coming…but if your coverage sucks, it won’t matter! The has only been out THREE weeks!

    It’s hilarious that some people still pissed that they can’t afford an N1, and thus take out all their anger on google. We don’t need to hear about your saggy nuts or how you love blackberry.

  • Let me just say this….I’m really starting to hate google guys.(sorry just being truthfull). First the openly LIE about not getting into the handset market( in fact they furiously regected the idea). Then they screw up the nexus one launch without a subsidy, and purchasing options discounts( including upgrade discounts for eligible costumers). They figured they could sell out of the devices without any subsidy help from t- mobile. And then they sell a WHOPPING 20,000 Now they want to blame a carrier that had hardly any hand in testing and supporting their overhyped device( and it is just a tad overhyped considering what’s coming a month later;x-10 ,hd2). I have had the chance to use the device and it’s good but, not mindblowing. I just think it sets a bad presidence to accuse a carrier so openly when in fact that carrier gave you your mobile software and hardware start. It’s just not right. As many problems apple has had wiht AT&T, even they wouldn’t stoop to that low so openly. Google needs to get their heads out of the clouds and bring it down a little with their self- righthousness. It’s sad at what they are becoming. Oh well.. HD2 please!!!!!

    • rossi

      1. Company denies a rumor, weird? When has that happened before?

      Answer: It happens all the time.

      2. Purchasing options may suck, but it is a new business model. It may tank for them, and they may actually start a trend. I hope it’s the latter.

      3. Tmobile’s 3G is spotty. Period. However, I am not taking the blame entirely off the hardware/software. Although, my Nexus One get’s exactly the same 3G reception as my TP2. Yep, you guessed it, terrible in big brick buildings, and great everywhere else as long as I am in a 3G area (aka, in large cities) I don’t experience the edge/3g flip flopping, so I don’t know who to blame for the problem that other people are experiencing in different areas. This is probably a combo of radio firmware and network switching protocols not matching up correctly in different regions.

      4. I am not sure how this device was over-hyped by Google. Controlled leaks, perhaps. Otherwise, you didn’t see any droid-esque advertising campaigns on TV talking about how it dominates the competition, etc. Rather I have seen subtle ads on webpages urging you to buy their new phone with some cool new features. They are not, and have not, pushed this device as the God phone. In fact, they have billed it as having a great set of features found all in one place. Nothing new or revolutionary, but they believe they have brought the nexus (pun intended) of current cellphone technology to us. That said, it compares favorably to the HD2 and X10 (only minor differences between them), so I don’t really know why you think those two phones are going to be so much better and finally give you a phone to blow your mind.

      5. First of all, it’s precedence. Secondly, I don’t see them blaming T-mobile’s network for any shortcoming other than the simple facts that Tmobile’s 3G coverage is not available everywhere. It MAY be true that the nexus one’s antenna is weak by comparison to other tmobile phones, but I have not had that experience with mine. Like I said, exact same performance as my TP2.

      6. I am going to check out the HD2 also, but I doubt you’re going to see any major improvements unless you really like the larger (non-AMOLED) screen and Windows Mobile 6.5. From EU-user reports, the HD2 also does some strange network toggling, and you may notice less battery life as compared to the Nexus with the HD2 because of that bigger/less efficient screen and smaller battery. Good luck.

  • EGO

    I just really still think it comes to most people being totally retarded and not realizing or checking they don’t have t-mobile 3G in their area. I’e met a few co-workers throughout the week asking me why their nexus ones don’t have 3g and only E. After i explained there was no t-mo 3g in their part of western Massachusetts, they were perplexed and didn’t understand. I think google anticipated selling this primarily to smart geeks like us that know better. Because half the people i’ve seen buy them are geeks or are just common users who wanted a cool new phone and didn’t konw what adnroid was and asked me also why it wouldn’t syn to itunes. yeah….

  • And Nathan, I am eligible for an upgrade and can pick one up if I wanted to. I just feel the way they handled the release of the device just sounded.. Shady to me.If you’ve got yours I hope you enjoy it. I personally don’t feel like it’s the right device for me. I’ve had a chance to use it and I just feel like there is a better phone in the HD 2.

  • Chris

    -1 on article for lack of facts.

    Tmo lacks 3G at my workplace even though data maps claim saturation of tmo 3g.
    All my iphone buddies have plenty of att 3g while at work. The 3g data maps lie, tmo customer service makes lame excuses and I’m going to Verizon on N1 when my contract ends if things don’t get better. End of story.

    • Otto

      Directly from ToC which people never seem to read.

      7. Service Availability. Coverage maps only approximate our anticipated wireless coverage area outdoors; actual Service area, coverage and quality may vary and change without notice depending on a variety of factors including network capacity, terrain and weather.

      Sorry to hear you have poor coverage at work, let’s hope it does get better for ya.

  • Lino

    I don’t have AT&T, but I do know they have better 3G than T-Mobile in the State of California, and T-Mobile is concerned about upgrading to faster speeds instead of increasing 3G coverage areas.

  • janey

    Google is doing what it does best – throwing their hands up and saying “Not mine!” even though the N1 is their flagship device, they’re backing off when it comes to supporting it and are just blaming everything else. It’s HTC’s fault, or it’s T-Mobile’s fault. They are unwilling to admit that when it boils down to it, Android is a perpetually unfinished shareware project. :|

    • Peter

      Agree! It’s unfinish OS with lots of problems and lack of features and they can’t even have support for it. When you can’t compete or fix problems blame it on others or trash others so you look good. Excatly what Apple does all these years and seems like Google joined Apple…

      It just remind of Blu-Ray which after 2 years they kind of claim we are where HD-DVD was 2 years ago and still not as complete as HD-DVD.

      • rossi

        I’ll agree with the Apple comment. The rest is gibberish.

    • rossi

      Word for word:

      “Our engineers have uncovered specific cases for which a software fix should improve connectivity to 3G for some users. We are testing this fix now, initial results are positive, and if everything progresses as planned, we will provide an over-the-air software update to your phone in the next week or so. It may be, however, that users are experiencing problems as a result of being on the edge or outside of 3G coverage, which a product fix cannot address.”

      Explain to me where you see passing the blame? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not there. The last sentence is not passing the blame in this situation because they are simply saying that this phone will not make 3G towers sprout where ever you happen to be using the phone. If you have had T-mobile 3G before you will know that it is not a particularly widespread network. When you have coverage it works great. The OTA update will hopefully fix the 3G/edge toggling problem for people who happen to be in well covered 3G areas.

  • brian

    Google would be correct. Tmo’s 3g sucks. I am in one of the top ten cities (that had 3G for awhile) and I have to switch my bb 9700 to 2g edge mode for better speed (lol) and to stop the phone from dropping calls. The 3g is spotty and it doesn’t transition to 2g (edge) very well…so you end up being slower than edge sometimes (and dropping calls when it tries transitioning). On 2g mode? never drop calls….

  • mndave

    I saw a post from a guy 30 miles south of Nashville who was complaining that he couldn’t get 3g. T-Mobile doesn’t have coverage there? Did Google even show people a coverage map a checkout? When I got my G1, they showed me a coverage map and I still had to check off a box that said I understood I might not have coverage, even if the map showed coverage.

  • Willie Singleton

    Tmobiles 3g connection is very unreliable. it Fluctuates and is never constant. However today i noticed 3g connection a lil bit stronger than normal. Though At&t network is still faster. Heres the speeds i got on my nexus.

    est Date: Jan 27, 2010 7:24:55 pm
    Connection Type: Cell

    Download: 1941 kbps
    Upload: 396 kbps
    Ping: 148 ms

    A detailed image for this result can be found here:

  • Mega G

    Did you guys think maybe it’s your asshat phones? I’m in the freakin sticks and I have a rock-solid 3G connection.

  • ejaydroid

    I have an mytouch and a n1 and the mytouch and gets 3g everywhere the n1 dosent. Google is just trying to save face….. however their phone is awsome.

  • Droidlvr

    My wife works for Tmo and when people come in to her store to complain about bad 3g on their N1 it is painfully obvious that it is the phone not the network because my wifes G1 gets full 3g while N1 goes edge. Been pretty disappointed with the whole N1 thing….Google get your head out of your ass already.

  • Thasatelliteguy

    tmobile’s 3G coverage map is is exaggerated at best and at worst straight up fraud. I live in an area that is 3G as far as the eye can see on their map, and no one I know, on multiple phones, gets 3G anywhere near here. I travel extensively all over and between several coverage areas, and am so routinely PISSED when I should be in a 3G area and not only cant get 3G, but I have to wait on buffering on Slacker radio. If you cant stream audio in a so-called 3G area, something is dreadfully wrong. First of the year, I’m switching to a EVO. My boss can stream live video from his slingbox all the way to Florida and back with few glitches as long as he doesnt leave the interstate. I’m so sick of having Tmobile, and having totally crappy data service, even as they begin charging for things like tethering. They should spend more energy making their crap work than trying to figure out how to get in deeper in my pocket.