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Walmart Price Drops

Looking to get a T-Mobile phone a little bit cheaper than everyone else? Well then, Walmart is your answer. If you can’t stand the T-Mobile prices then head over to Walmart for discounted prices on the MyTouch 3G, G1, Samsung Highlight, and Blackberry 8120 (frost, white, and black). New customers willing to sign a two year-contract can pick up a MyTouch 3G for $98.88 and a G1 for $48.88. Samsung Highlight for $18.88 (which is also eligible for a FlexPay plan), and the Blackberry 8120 for $28.88 (frost, white, and black) which is also eligible for Flexpay–but unlimited messaging is required for this device. Well there you have it! Head over to your nearest Walmart store or shop online to take advantage of these offers!

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