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Behold2 Def Going The Way Of Google


The Behold is one of those phones whose mere presence in my hand gives me joy. I believe it is truly the most size friendly phone I have ever held, just perfection. That being said, Touchwiz needs some help, an overhaul if you will in its current state. I like it, don’t get me wrong and perhaps Samsung’s upcoming app store will bring a much-needed influx of apps and shortcuts. In the meantime, courtesy of my boy over at DroidDeveloper we get another hint of the next gen Behold, the Behold2 going the way of the Android samurai. Truthfully, pairing Android with the Behold just tickles me the right way, I love seeing those words in the same sentence. Obviously, this is all still a little short on evidence but it’s certainly convincing enough to warrant a post coupled with the past hint of the T939 with Google offerings. Not sure other than Android what a Google offering could mean. Thoughts? Does a Behold with Android on it offer the same spark to anyone else as it does to me? Tell me I am not alone!

DroidDeveloper via Phandroid

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