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Motorola Morrison Hits FCC, Motorola Lives Another Day


Oh, all powerful FCC, what have you bestowed upon us today?  It seems like the Federal Communications Commission has outed an upcoming T-Mobile phone in its own special way!  Some people [s]with way too much time on their hands who know what they are doing have dug up the FCC report of the Motorola Morrison.  The Morrison has everything you would expect from an Android Phone ( you know, talking phone, speaker phone, camera, video, video player, music player, bluetooth, text messaging, html browsing, Android OS; you know, the works!) plus a little extra.  Deep inside the report uncovers that this special slider has 3G, Wifi, and apparently (wait for it….) UMA support.  Isn’t that a nifty set of features.  It seems like this phone has grown up a bit since the early pictures from a month ago.

Engadget via FCC

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