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Blackberry App World Goes Live


Well Blackberry fans, your time has finally come. You no longer have to look at the iPhone App Store with envy as now, you to, have your very own official place to buy apps. Installation is simple, just download the App Store from your desktop or phone, hook up with a paypal account and voila, app store lovin!

Your selection may be limited for now with alot of the same apps appearing from the past, but expect a slew of developers to come in and go all app development crazy. Truthfully, all that matters for now is that Shazam is available and that is without question the best app in the world for whatever platform, bar none. Sorry personal opinion moment. There is plenty to look forward to as Blackberry developers are sure to work tirelessly to play catchup to Apple and once again showcase Blackberry as the powerhouse device it really is. We’re looking forward to seeing whats developed!

Blackberry App Store

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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