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Touch Pro2 Coming to T-mobile?


I’ve been working on this for a few days now, ever since the very same tipster who has been passing this around brought it to my attention via this xda-developer thread. Apparently, a ROM has surfaced and with the above picture as evidence, offers proof that the HTC Touch Pro2 is headed to our beloved magenta. Now I have to ask and wonder if this is a variant of, or a separate device from the Rhodium, AKA Tungsten which we already believe is headed to T-mobile sometime this summer.

The guys over at Pocketnow have kindly explained that the part circled in red, with a focus on “T-MOB010” is identification for T-mobile and its country code. Also, on the following line, the language is identified as “USA” giving further credence to the theory that this is heading to T-mobile sometime in the future. 

Now, I’m usually one to remain skeptical about things like this, especially since I understand ROM’s about as much as I understand the Large Hadron Collider. That being said, perhaps some of the Wing aficionados familiar with ROM’s and their inner workings would like to take a stab at this xda-developer thread and see if they n make any more sense out of the above picture. 

Head over to AllShadow for a run down on specs for the Touch Pro2.


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