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T-mobile 3rd quarter results are in!


T-mobile USA reported 3rd quarter numbers this morning and while they are up from last quarter, T-mobile is still riding a little bit of a churn wave. T-mobile USA gained 670,000 new customers, up (barely) from the previous quarter but growth is down year over year. T-mobile attributes this decrease to the maturity of customers who were among the first to sign two year agreements when they are introduced back in April of 2006. Some key highlights follow:

In Robert Dostons own words:

“In the quarter, T-Mobile took giant steps forward in driving new innovations to meet the pressing needs of our customers,” said Robert Dotson, President and CEO, T-Mobile USA. “We introduced our customers to the T-Mobile @Home(R) landline replacement service at a time when saving money is a top priority for American households. We also established our new nationwide high-speed 3G services, which will cover 120 cities by the end of November. This network introduction was accompanied by the unveiling of the T-Mobile G1 with Google, the world’s first device built on the fully open Android operating platform giving consumers access to some of the most innovative mobile applications to ever come to market. These and other innovations are helping us aggressively compete as we debut new and craved-for services that truly meet customer needs and inspire greater long term loyalty to our brand.”

With these competitive offerings and those exciting devices on the launching block T-mobile is working hard to take the market by storm this holiday season and into the next year. Help support your favorite carrier, friends don’t let friends buy Sprint!

If you want to read a whole bunch of facts and figures that will eventually make you dizzy, you can read the entire press release here.

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