• Gordon

    it’s almost 2009. who uses a carrying case anymore???

  • gmoney

    it’s almost 2009, why are there still overweight americans when all fast food menus have nutrition facts??

  • james gore

    The American Dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shizzle izzle

    ummm… i don’t see how american obesity has anything to do with the carrying case… gmoney is kind of covered himself in lame sauce if you ask me… however, the g1 looks amazing…

  • Shizzle, please stop analyzing the obvious. Gmoney’s comment in reference to obesity was obviously a sarcastic remark to the above statement saying no one uses a case now that its almost 2009. Laugh a little; it will make everyone around you more pleasant.

  • gmoney

    you nailed it rockit, just pointing out no one uses carrying cases like no one uses nutrition facts at fast food restaurants. saw news blurb bout taco bell putting nutrition facts on menus now. 2 volcano tacos please!!

  • Jonyandroid

    Looks like there is a usb cable, which I was worried about. It is now perfect in my mind. Send me my unit already. It should be against the law making us wait till the 22nd.

  • eclecticb

    Too bad the USB cable is some random proprietary end (ExtUSB) so you can’t use the same cables as your other stuff….