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Mission Pre-sale = Success


I know from reading the comments and the forums so many of you are among the lucky pre-sale buyers for the G1. Apparently there are quite a few more of you than we previously thought as is reporting that over 1.5 million G1’s were sold during the pre-sale. The better news, more than that number are marked for availability in the retail channel. About 10 days ago there were reports that T-mobile had hopes to sell 2 million phones before the end of 2009, and now we could be looking at that number being eclipsed before the end of 2008.

This is all amazing news because everybody is buying into Android basically on faith, with the truth being that almost nobody who has ordered via pre-sale has actually touched the phone. This phone needs to be a success right from the gate, the iPhone needs a rival and T-mobile needs a win. I know that loyal T-mobile fans want nothing more than to shove the G1 into the faces of iPhone lovers everywhere and say “haha, I have a bar code scanner,” or something like that.

Motley Fool via Engadgetmobile

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